The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 3)

(Sayyam helps Krishna drink water as everyone leaves . He is unable to look at her in the eyes .)
Sayyam:I’m …..sorry
Krishna :Sayyam (she laughs ) u said srry to me ? For the first time .
Sayyam: and I mean it
Krishna :Sayyam why r u saying srry?
Sayyam:all this is my fault . U being pregnant and …..
Krishna :Sayyam r u crazy ? U gave me the happiest thing in world . The right to be a mother . Every woman wishes to be a mother and u have given me that happiness .
Sayyam:(he hugs her)
Krishna:( gets shocked . She hugs him back )
Sayyam:I know that whatever happened that night was an accident . But I also know that it was bound to happen . Krishna we might not share the type of relation other couples share . But we share a special relation that can’t be name
(Kohi tere khatir hai jeeraha plays )
( Sayyam breaks from the hug . )
Sayyam thinks as he leaves : Krishna I know u hate me . And that u still luv yuvaan . I’ll make sure that u get the luv of ur life .
Krishna thinks: Sayyam I know that u think I luv Yuvan . But feelings change .
(The music gets louder and then fades.)

(At the breakfast table in the morning)
(Baby drops water on the floor to make Krishna fall . Krishna walks and slips Sayyam holds her by the arms and helps her stand back fully. )
Sayyam:Krishna r u OK ?
Krishna :yes I’m OK (she breathes)
Sayyam:u should’ve been more careful. What if something happened to our child .
(Suhani smiles seeing how concerned Sayyam is about Krishna and the child )
Krishna :Chill sayyam
Sayyam:sit down and eat  u r not serving no more
Krishna :but…
Sayyam:if u don’t sit I’m a make u sit
(Krishna sits down. Sayyam sits next to her . Sayyam glares at Baby )
Sayyam:Baby I know that u r the one who tried to make Krishna fall .
Yuvaan:Sayyam! U can’t blame my wife for everything
Baby Baby:(smiles ) it’s OK yuvan (she starts acting) What can u do . Some people just likes to blame others
Yuvaan:no Baby . I won’t tolerate anything against u.
Sayyam:Biviki chamcha
Yuvani :(laughs ) Yuvan u should control ur wife before saying anything to others .
(Baby gets up and leaves angrily . Yuvaan follows her )
(In Kriyams room)
Krishna :Sayyam
Krishna :y r so concerned about me if u don’t care for me
Sayyam:(holds her hands tight ) I’m not concerned about u .I’m only  concerned about my child . I don’t care about anyone in this place other than my child .
Krishna :Suhani Aunty? What about her ?
Sayyam:I hate Suhani Birla . (he let’s go of her hand )
(Krishna tries to get the dress on top of the closet . But is unable to reach it . She gets a tool and gets up on it )
Sayyam:what r u doing?
Krishna :I’m trying to get a dress
Sayyam:get down
(Krishna doesn’t listen and fall from the stool but Sayyam catches her )
Sanam re plays
“Bhegi bhegi tere intizar karu mai
Deere deere dilke zameen ko teri hi naam karoon
Khood ko main yoon kho du ke phir na khabi paw
Haule haule zindeghi ko ae tere hawale karun”
Sayyam:Something will happen because of ur stupidity
(He takes her and lays her down on the bed but her mangulsutra gets stuck to the button of his shirt )
“Sanam re , sanam re , tu mera sanam huare
Sanam re , sanam re , tu mera sanam huare”
Karam re karam re tere mujpe karam hua re
(The beat of the music gets loud )
(Sayyam tries to take the managlsutra of but it doesn’t work . He goes closer to krishnas chest and tries to take it of with his teeth . She closes her eyes feeling awkward. He finally takes it of . )
 Precap:sayyam puts krishnas hand in Yuvaans hand(yuvan smiles ) and says “u r free from our relationship Krishna ” everyone gets shocked

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