The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 14)

Sayyam:(sits down to eat next to Krishna )
Krishna :(doesn’t look at him)
Sayyam:sorry..(whispers )
Krishna:(smiles )
Sayyam thinks :she accepted my apology
Suhani:come on let’s eat now (she puts the kichidi in her mouth but starts coughing )
Sayyam:(looks worried )maa r u OK ?
Krishna:(takes water gives it to Suhani. )Drink this aunty
Sayyam:(pats her on the back )

(Everyone looks worried )
Suhani:yes I’m fine now . I’m feeling tensed since morning . I hope something bad doesn’t happen .
(Krishna goes to pray infront of the idol she turns around to return but her mangalsutra falls and breaks )
Krishna :(quickly picks it up )oh god . This is a bad omen . God plz keep everyone safe.
(A flower falls from the ganpathi idols hand )
“Ganpathi bappa song plays ”

“In the Children’s room ”
Shadow :sad……. ur gonna b separated from ur parents right after birth . But wht can I do . I don’t like the love between ur parents . And after ur death there won’t be any problems with the properties in the future
(The baby girl looks while the boy sleeps deeply . The shadow picks the boy up .But the girls hand touches the boys hand )
Shadow:(smiles but entire face isn’t revealed ) How cute . Sorry beta but ur brother will have to leave u .(leaves wid the baby )
(Krishna comes in and looks @ the crib she goes closer and notices her son was missing )
Krishna :Sayyam!!!!Aunty!!!!
(They rush in quickly )
Krishna:where’s my son ? He was right here when I left him . Where is he
Sayyam:I didn’t take him I was wid maa
Suhani:Ha beta . Sayyam and I were at dining room
Yuvaani:(comes in running) what happened why was Krishna screaming ?
Krishna :Yuvaani  did u c my son
Yuvaani:(looks confused )no I didn’t c him y wht happened
Krishna :he is missing

Yuvaani:o shit
(Everyone gathers in the living room )
Sharad:don’t worry beta I called the police
Krishna :(cries) he will b OK right ?
Yuvraaj:yes he will b OK
Sayyam:(hugs his daughter )don’t worry I’ll bring ur brother
Yuvaani:(pats Sayyam’s shoulder ) it OK
(Suddenly the phone rings . Krishna picks it up wid her shaking hands n puts it on speaker )
Krishna :hello….
Voice:how r u my sweet daughter in law

Yuvaani:daughter in law ?
Suhani:(eyes get wide )Sam….Sambhav?
Sambhav:wow Suhani . U know me so well
Yuvraaj:Sambhav!! I’ll kill u
Sambhav:right now u don’t have the power to say that
Sayyam:shut up Sambhav!
Sambhav:chill beta. Or else u n Krishna will be left with only one child
(Everyone stand shocked )
Suhani:where’s my grandson ?

Sambhav:don’t worry about him . I’ve kept him really nicely
Krishna:don’t do anything to him please . I beg u
Sambhav:Sayyam… can u hear ur lovely wife . Ur son is wid me . If u want him safe and alive then do wht I say or else…..
Krishna:no… … we will do as u say
Sambhav:(smiles ) good beta. Very good .
(Krishna hugs Sayyam tightly )
(Screen freezes on Suhani wid a shocked face , Krishna Sayyam hugging , and Sambhav smiling

Precap:Sambhav:good job Sayyam u have chosen the right path . Sayyam:where’s my child ? Sambhav:not so soon beta. You will have to choose between Suhani or Ur son . Sayyam gets shocked

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  1. Aarti32

    Dis Sambhav is so cruel!! I’m vry scared now

  2. Ohhh bc sambhav?poor sayyam and krishna?

  3. Whom will he choose baby ya suhani??? I hate this Sambhav(monster)…. plzz update ASAP…desperate to know his answer…

  4. Hope sayyam turns out to be the hero and saves them both…can’t wait!!!

  5. Omg precap
    Plzz update soon❤️?

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