The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 13)

Krishna:(puts her hands around Sayyams neck )
Sayyam:hmm(they look into each others eyes )
Krishna:I was thinking we won’t need any more children’s since I gave birth to twins
Krishna :why
Sayyam:cuss …
Krishna:cuss wht
Sayyam:the more the merrier
Sayyam:(nods )
Krishna:why don’t u just admit wht u want
Sayyam:(eyes get wide he swallows) what u mean ? I’m not that type
Krishna:which type ? I didn’t say anything like that
Krishna :(laughs then Sayyam laughs too )
Krishna :Sayyam I love u
Sayyam:I love u too (they both hug tight )
“sab teraaaa , sab tera” music plays
(A shadow watches them)
Shadow :enjoy as much as u want . The game begins now …..

Krishna :(wakes up , kisses Sayyam on cheeks and smiles . She turns around he smiles with close eyes and pulls her close . She falls on him )
Sayyam:good morning baby . And I saw tht
Krishna :(stammering) wht did u c
Sayyam:(he points to his cheeks )that
Krishna:it means u were faking
Sayyam:well if it means ur love for me then I’ll do it every day
Krishna :let me go now
Krishna:come on plz
Sayyam:(sighs ) fine

Suhani:o man I forgot the “kichudi”
Krishna :it’s OK I’ll get it
Yuvaan:hurry up I’m mad hungry
Krishna:(Goes to kitchen )
Sayyam:I’ll just wash my hands (follows Krishna )
Krishna :(gets the kichidi but sayyam grabs her by the waist)
Krishna :(whispers ) sayyam wht r u doing this is kitchen not bedroom
Sayyam:(he puts his face on her shoulder and kisses her neck to cheeks )
Krishna :u love me
Sayyam: yes a lot
Yuvaani:(comes and clears her throat ) Sayyam and Krishna if u guys r done romancing then can we eat
Sayyam:Yuvaani u ruined the moment
Krishna:(gets rid of Sayyams grip ) yea it’s ready come on yuvaani:wait I’m telling everyone
Sayyam:wait …
Yuvaani:(runs out , sayyam chases her )
Krishna :(holds the kichidi and slaps her head )o god
Suhani:y r u screaming and wht took u so long
Sayyam:nun mom
Yuvaani:liar . Mom ur son and daughter in law were romancing in the kitchen
Krishna:(turns red ) no aunty it’s nun like tht(she glares at sayyam)
Sharad:are hamari Sayyam tho bohot romantic nikli
Suhani: he’s my son after all
(Everyone laughs )

Precap:suhani chokes on the kichidi while someone takes the baby

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  1. Shaani

    Woow…nice…serious to know who is this shadow … Waiting for the next part..

  2. Aarti32

    Cute episode..But worried reading d precap..

  3. Wow good update. ?

  4. And that shadow will surely be sayyam?

  5. And that shadow will surely be sambhav

  6. Avnish mishra

    woow goood but waiting for th enext update plzzz update …

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