The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 1)


Location : Sayyam and Krishnas room

(Krishna speaks to Soumyas pic )
Krishna : Mama I miss u a lot . (She cries as she speaks )
(Sayyam enters the room with a cup of tea and hands it to her )
Krishna :(looking surprised ) what’s this for ?
Sayyam: It’s tea for u
Krishna :since when do u care for me ?
Sayyam:I don’t care about u( he leaves )
(Krishna smiles as she drinks the cup of tea )
At night
(Sayyam drinks when Krishna enters the room
She looks throuh her closet but couldn’t find any of her clothes . Her dress was wet .And she accidently gave all her clothes for laundry. She had to get something to wear. Yuvani was sleeping so she couldn’t ask her . Everyone else was sleeping . She didn’t want to wake anyone up . The only dress left was a really short blue dress . Krishna felt uncomfortable in these kind of clothes . But she had no choice . She goes to the bathroom and changes)
Krishna : Don’t look at me (she comes out looking really nervous )
Sayyam: I have no interest in looking at you (he drinks more and apparently looks at Krishna )
Krishna :(starts feeling awkward )
Sayyam:( countinues starting at her head to toe )
( Krishna quickly tries to get to the her sofa and cover herself but sayyam grabs her by the arms . )
Sayyam: u look pretty today (he was so drunk that he was almost senseless)
Krishna: Leave my hand
Sayyam: (he pulls her closer and holds her by the waist . )
(Krishna closes her eyes as he kisses her neck smoothly to her cheeks)
Krishna :(realizes what was going on ) Stop sayyam
Sayyam:Krishna I … love u

Ye tere sang yaara plays in the backround

Krishna :(smiles ) I love u too (she hugs him )

The music gets louder

Sayyam: (he holds her cheeks)
Krishna :(closes her eyes )
(He kisses her softly on the lips . He hugs her and opens the back chain of her dress . He puts his hand on her back . Krishna closes her eyes tighter .He picks her up and lays her down on the bed . He turns off the lamp .
  (Sayyam wakes up confused . He holds his his head . It was spinning . He felt dizzy . He realizes he wasn’t wearing a shirt . He picks up the shirt quickly and puts it on . That’s when he noticed that Krishna was sleeping next to him . Her clothes were on the floor . She was covered by a blanket . His eyes get wide when he realizes what happened last night . He gets up and leaves .)
At breakfast table
Yubani:pass me the salt plz
(Krishna and Sayyam hold it at the same time . They don’t look at each other)
Krishna :I’ll give it to her
Bhavna : (smiles ) what happened ? You guys are behaving weird ? (Raises her eyebrows )
Krishna :(starts blushing and leaves )
sayyam: (gets up and leaves )
(They both enter the room )
Sayyam: Krishna
(Krishna turns around )
Sayyam:whatever happened last night and whatever I said is not true . I was drunk . That’s why I had no clue what I was doing

Krishna :you can’t take back what u did
Sayyam :but u were in sense
Krishna :I…..
Sayyam: Wait don’t tell me u starting to have feelings for me because I have no such feelings for u
Krishna : when a person drinks they let out everything in mind
Sayyam:come on Krishna just forget it . It was an accident .

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