A Sweet Story (episode 1)


A blissful morning. . a gorgeous girl is sitting infront of the dressing table.. she was wearing a pink dress which reaches up to her knees. . her milky legs are visible . she is looking super hot in that dress. her long shiny hair is curled up at its bottom.. kajol and lip gloss are only make up of her.. a pearl studded earrings and long chain with pearl pendant along with a gorgeous wrist watch made her look more stylish and elegant. . she looks like models.. she is our gorgeous swara..

“oyee beauty queen get ready fast.. we gave to reach there before 9:30 am. and it is almost 9 now.. ” a girl said in hurry.. she came near swara.. she was wearing a blue jeans and red crop top.. with red stoned long earrings and dark red lipstic on her lips.. she was looking absolutely stunning. . she is our ragini..
” arree madom.. looking super hot ha.. I know annu anuty have 2 handsome sons and her nephew also staying there.. so 3 hot guys. . “swara teased ragini..

” achaa.. somone didn’t slept yesterday because of excitement .. and today looking very s*xy and hot.. and teasing me haa.. ” ragini too teased swara..
” what you are saying ragu? I’m very innocent and sanskari.. I can’t think of any guys even in my dreams. . and you are saying I’m exited for seeing those boys? god will punish you haa..” swara said in fake anger..
” you both are very sanskari.. but I’m not.. ha..” it was voice of ishaana. swaragini’s friend. she was wearing a mini skirt and shoulder less top.. looking very s*xy..
” ish.. is this skirt too short? look annu aunty also there.. and her daughter uttara too.. ” ragini said
“come on yaar.. I don’t care what others think about me.. and it is my dress code.. I’m comfortable in it” ish said with attitude. .
“its ik ragu.. our ish na.. annu aunty is not a reserved person. . she is very open minded. and doesn’t judge someone by their dress code.. ” swara said .
“ok dearie. . so let us go” ragini asked..
” yeh.. from this nest like hostel room we are shifting to annu aunty’s lavish mansion.. ” ish said in excitement. .
“yeh. . and annu aunty and family waiting for us” swara said with a big smile. .
” before leaving a selfie please?” ragini asked by taking her mobile..
trio had a selfie. and they say bye bye to that hostel room..

screen shifts..
A large mansion.. it is our maheswari mansion. annapoorna maheswari is the soul of that big mansion. . she is a widow and a great business women.. she has 2 spoilt sons. . sanskar and laksh. and her brother’s son omkara also living with them as his parents died in childhood. she has a little daughter also uttara. swaragini are daughter of annapoorna’s best friend shomi. swaragini is studying in mumbai. but their house is in kolkatta. and they hate hostal . so annapoorna said shomi to accommodate swaragini as paying guests in her mansion.. ishaana is swaragini’s best friend and room mate.. they can’t leave her so they are taking ishaana also with them..

a boy is combing his hair in stylishly. . he is damn handsome . he is working as a RJ . he is a big flirt and naughty. he is our sanskar..
“sanskar you are looking handsome enough. . any girl will fall for your charms.. then why you are spending this whole day in front of mirror? ” it was om.. he is very sweet and adorable guy.. he has an angelic face.. he is a singer.. music is his life.. he is very gentle and polite unlike his brothers.

” my dear brother you don’t know? 3 girls are coming to live in our mansion.. we have to impress them.. you are alway boring. ” sanskar said
” hello bros.. did anyone have fair and handsome cream? mine is finished” it was laksh.. he is very very stylish and damn hot. in a day most time he will spend in gym . he finished his mba. he is intelligent too.
” lucky r u serious? last week only you buy one and it finished soon? girls are better than you.. oh god what type of brothers you gave me” om cursed his fate.
” sans.. this om bhai is being boring day by day.. we have to change him asap” laksh wishpers in sanskar’s ears. .

They heard sound of a car.. laksh peeped through the window and saw a car parking on their parking area.
“Oh god they come.. let us go and meet them” laksh said by running
“what a guy is he? didn’t see girls? come on om let us go and meet them” sanskar drags om with him..

swaragish step out from the car.. They are highly impressed by the mansion.
” is this a house or palace. omg.. ” ish said in excitement.
“our mom’s best friend’s house. so it is like our house” ragini said in pride.
“we will enjoy to the fullest. it is our world” swara said in joy..

laksh came first. he mesmerised to see 3 beauties. . he stare them in open mouth. . girls also saw them..
“look his is really hot” ish whispers to swaragini.
” ya right.. but look he is staring us.. let us give him a shock treatment” swara said with an evil smile..

laksh cames to them..
“hello pretty ladies.. Welcome to maheswari mansion” laksh said in a pride and attitude voice. .
” hello uncle ” girls wished him together. .
laksh looked them shocked.

hi guys.. This is my new ff.. this ff will be based of these 6 people. . here no one is perfect or ideal.. this will be simple story with not much suspense or drama.. I will try my best to entertain you all. Please give your love to this ff also.. and one more thing they all are leads and I will try my best to give equal importance to each of them..

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