Sweet spice love story YUVANI- FF epic- 9

Suhani’s pov

As the class ends yuvraj gets up and got out angrily yaa I can tell he is angry on me what shall I do now I got up immediately and ran behind him he was there in basketball court, showing all his angry on the ball

suhani- I know I will find u here

he didn’t look at me and continued

suhani – oooo… so my sadu is angry and i went to him to touch his hair when he suddenly caught my both arms and pulled me closer he where a few inches apart and told as rudely as possible

yuvraj- you where asking me to rest because you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend na you hate me so much suhani I can’t thing you will be so mean.

suhani – it’s not like that yuvraj what are you saying I can’t understand one Minuit did u read my book

yuvraj- ya I read it and saw that photo too  he is the same guy na ur love, u didn’t told me na I know u don’t consider me your friend then y did  u lie that u are my best friend

me- yuvraj just stop it. what are u telling, yaa I had loved him but now no more, I don’t like him at all I didn’t told u because I just wanted him to go away from my life but god know how he came again

yuvraj- lie again lie y is it so easy for u to lie.

me- yuvraj just stop it u don’t have rights to tell I am lying or not it’s all true .

yuvraj- yaa who I am to tell u, good carry on and he want away

suhani- yuvraj wait ! I said yuvraj

yuvraj pov

I can’t control further so I just went out of there and went home I knew she was coming running behind me god knows what is happening with me but I can’t stand it for more as I went home and ma opened the door and asked me y I came so early I didn’t lessened anything and went to my room and closed it and stayed in my room whole day thinking what is going wrong with me y I can’t see someone else with her and I came to the thing that she is my best friend may be because of it but y didnt she told me about it I whent to flashback ….

Yuvraj – suhani where are u suhani

Suhani – yuvraj I am in washroom sit till then I am coming

Yuvraj- okk,  I went an sate on her study table there I found a book  I knew it was the same book which suhani use to not let me touched I picked it up but thought it will be not right to open it but I  couldn’t help and I opened it there where dates on every page and something written and a photo as well it was a boy and it was written my love I got broken In hundred pieces but I dont know y but I was sad I read it full and I got to know what was it, it was suhani’s crush ya :[

As I heard the bathroom door opening I kept it aside and removed my tears from my face and smiled at her

Fb ends

It was 10 clock in night when my door bell rang I didn’t  went out I stayed in my room when ma came and banged on my door asking if I know where is suhani I came to door

Yuvraj – what ma what are u saying? suhani ?

Ma – suhanis parents has came suhani has not came home still.

 I really got tensed and opened the door

Me– what suhani is not home still where has she gone

Ma – how will I know, she always comes with u na where is she ?

Yuvraj- ma we had a fight so didn’t picked her and I came, I was angry on myself now and ma and her parents too where angry on me for doing this thing

her parent was also there they looked dame scared  and I was also.

 god know what what I had not imagined but I was praying for her safety I tried to call her but it was off I got frustrated

saurabh – yuvraj we will do one thing lets find her

yuvraj- ya ur right bhayai  me sauabh bhyaiya and anuj when to find her I called sharad to but he was busy

it was like 11;15 now still i didn’t get her, hope she must be fine ganesha please take care of her

yuvraj- suhani!! Suhani! Where are u please come back I am sorry please

anuj- bhiya contol we will find suhani di don’t cry the screen freezes on yuvraj crying face

precape –  surprise!!!!

Hey guys I am back after a long sorry for that here is the next epic of sweet spice love story :]

Link of pervious epic- http://www.tellyupdates.com/sweet-spice-love-story-yuvani-ff-epic-8/

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  1. Yuvani_saraj

    nice episode…

    1. Lovingirl

      thanks 🙂

  2. ItsmePrabha

    it is nice…

  3. Yuvani

    Happy to see you back dear, amazing part. loved it.
    Thank you

    1. Lovingirl

      thank you so much dear 🙂

  4. Sarafacebook

    Hey dear Lovingirl ?, I’m a huge fan of YUVRAJ & SUHANI. I started watching Suhani si ek ladki just two years back, I believe, when I accidently came across this series. Out of curosity I downloaded hotstar to watch from episode 1, that’s when I fell in love wth SSEL, YuvAni & it’s beautiful story of a love triangle…?

    1. Lovingirl

      i too love yuvani a lottt..! 🙂

  5. Sarafacebook

    I really love reading YuvAni fan fictions. I came across Your FF for the very first time just a few weeks back with ‘Pyar tune kya kiya’. I loved it and so I would like that FF too to be completed after this one, if possible ☺

    1. Lovingirl

      yaa i will thank u so much 🙂

  6. Sarafacebook

    Well, I want to give my reviews on ‘ Sweet Spice Love Story ‘…..?
    Episode 1:
    As the title is been given, the story too shows about a sweet relation of a college best friends who then became forever life partners. Wow sis!… this was really a sugar sweet beginning. ? ❤

    1. Lovingirl

      thanks dear 🙂

  7. Sarafacebook

    Episode 2:
    ? The second chapter itself began with a really spicy scenes?? with the moments of love ?. I liked that flashback scene too. Really enjoyed reading this chapter! ?

  8. Sarafacebook

    Epi 3:
    Omg. Their second ?!…. ? It was also pretty interesting to see how Yuvraj misunderstood Suhani’s good news. Hahaha ? he was so shocked to know that they were expecting a baby & thought how was it possible to happen the very next day after their consummation! ? He took it in a wrong way ?….Wonderful episode ? ?

  9. Sarafacebook

    Epi 4
    Wow. So many flashbacks of YuvAni with background song of Zehnaseeb.. ???

    1. Lovingirl

      really thank u so much dear it means a lot too me 🙂

  10. Sarafacebook

    Epi 5
    I loved how Yuvraj desired for Suhani right from class 13. I love whenever anyone introduces young Yuvraj & Suhani in the story. This gets more center of attraction. Great job. ? ?.?.

  11. Sarafacebook

    Epi 6
    So Suhan seemed to be envious of Soumya being with Yuvraj. And then Yuvraj taking her to to the tower building just to fulfil her desire to fly in the air was much interesting to read. Was thrilled to see Yuvraj singing for her and then theri hug! It was exciting to read. ???

  12. Sarafacebook

    – 7
    Seventh episode was another sweetest episode. I could actually feel how Suhani was very concerned for her best friend, Yuvraj, who was having fever. Lovingirl, I really loved the sentence which you used, when Sambhav asked Questions and she answered him half heartily as “her half heart was with yuvraj” ?. Even I loved when Yuvraj was desperate to see Suhani at his place ?. Wow he also was able to recognize Suhani with just a touch of her hand, that to in an unconcious state of fever ? ! This scene was very lovely, when she kept her hand on his head & took his hand in her hand ?. Being still a college girl, she gave him a medical aid, cooked food, took great care of him just like a wife does ?. And then their warm hug which Yuvraj really desired for. She comforted him with love! These were the extreme magical moments. ???

  13. Sarafacebook

    – 8
    Oh yes!..Now that Suhani’s long lost love, Sambhav is back, it seems Yuvraj is getting feelings of envy to see him with her. In movies, we often hear that there is no true love without jealousy. And so is Yuvraj afraid to lose Suhani…

    Hi Lovingirl ?, Well I haven’t read shot 9 yet. While I was giving these reviews of the previous episodes, I read all those FFs all again. And now I’m quite eager to read this new episode which is updated after 9 months! I want to thank you so much for continuing this FF for us. Thanks a lot. Really grateful to you sis! ??? ☺

  14. Sarafacebook

    EPISODE 9:
    This very episode was certainly a heart touching one! There was a great feeling while reading the whole chapter line by line. I was moved to see how Yuvraj was completely into her, feeling hurt to see Suhani with Sambhav and the flashback where Yuvraj comes to know about Suhani’s love. And now he, suddenly appearing before Suhani after long time. Yuvraj should now definitely realise that he was already long ago deep in love with her. It was sad to see how Yuvraj was so much affected to learn about Suhani being gone missing. He is really shattered to lose her because of he, himself. Hey Lovingirl, what a brilliant chapter dear! What a great comeback!! ?? ?????

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