Sweet spice love story YUVANI- FF epic- 8

next morning suhani went to yuvraj’s house to cheek if he is alright as she enters In some one stared to hit her from the cushion suhani screamed and looked back and saw yuvraj who was hitting her suhani- yuvraj u I won’t leave you she toke the pillow and she started to hit him yuvraj ran and suhani chased him they were like tom and jerry throwing things on each other surabh came running out to see what happened surabh – yuvraj!!! Suhani!! What is this !!!
They both stopped and looked at surabh how was angry

suhani- bhayai yuvraj started it
yuvraj – u stared it
suhani- u liar
surad – shut up u both clean the whole mess in five minute okk guys I am serious now I don’t want to see this room like this you both tom and jerry clean it
And he went

suhani looked shocked at yuvraj and yuvraj at suhani and then they started to laugh
suhani- hhahah what happened to suradh bhayai why is he becoming sadu like you
yuvraj – haha I don’t know……. One minute what did you tell sadu to me I won’t leave u suhani
suhani – wait time please as suradh bhayai told we have to clean the room first then we will carry one with over fight yuvraj- yaa will see you
As the clean the room suhani goes home to get change for collage as she comes out of her house to go to college she sees yuvraj waiting for her

yuvraj – so much time suhani what where you doing
suhani- yuvraj u you should rest na why are u coming to college
yuvraj- suhani I am all fine come and sit he sits on his Bick and suhani also sits behind him suhani- yuvraj why where you hitting me
yuvraj – acha why was I hitting you I told you yesterday to have food and then go with surabh bhayai why didn’t you have food and why the hell do you went alone at 11 could you tell me please
suhani- yuvraj surabh bahiya had not came home and I didn’t eat because mummy had made my diner she would have shouted on me

yuvraj- okk live the food you could have token sharad with u
suhani- anuj and sharad had seeped by the time so I didn’t disturbed them
yuvraj- suahni you are impossible now get down we reached
suhani- yaa don’t shout now she gets down as well as he yuvraj- u do the things like that that’s why I have to sought on u .
suhani- okkk my sadu now don’t make you’re nose more bigger, kabi kabi tum itna sad jataho na ki mere kasar bhi puri kardata ho sadu . and she makes sad face and yuvraj looks away and goes at the opposite side as he goes away some 3 steep away from suhani. Sambhav – haa suhani
yuvraj turuns and looks on

suhani – sambhav hii hearing sambhav yuvraj understands how it is
sambhav- just wanted to meet your bf yuvraj looked up shocked but happy
yuvraj pov
she told him that I am her bf but y and if she told I am her bf then why the hell I am getting happy

end of pov
sambhav – I mean your best friend where is he
yuvraj thinking – what best friend yuvraj he was telling bf means best friend and not something else yaa she is my bf
suhani – yaa yuvraj, yuvraj comes to them
suhani- sambhav he is yuvraj and yuvraj he is sambhav my school mate
sambhav – friend right
suhani- yaa and smiles at him yuvraj looks on
sambhav – okk guys the lecture will start lets go

sambhav and suhani moves ahead talking and yuvraj follows them in angry
as they reach suhani goes in and sits and sambhav sits beside her yuvraj feels really sad and gets angry on suhani as he thinks she forgot him as her love came suhani to sambhav– yuvraj is sitting here you sit somewhere else yuvraj- no its okk I will sit somewhere else looking at suhani in angry suhani understands that he is felling bad yuvraj goes at back bench

precap – yuvraj- you where asking me to rest because you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend na you hate me so much suhani I can’t thing you will be so mean. suhani – it’s not like that yuvraj what are you saying I can’t understand

sorry sorry everyone am really sorry it was my exams so didn’t post from days but will complete this ff I am not shur of PTKK I will try to complet it but will defiantly complete this ff but will not be able to post for a day’s sorry guys really I am LOVE U YUVANI’S

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