Sweet memories ( An Avneil Love scenes collection ) by Deeyaana








Hi guys, this is Deeyaana here and I have bought this gift to all Naamkaran fans. This is not related to my NK FF.

  1. PROPOSAL : A park, midnight, no one to be seen except Avneil.

Neil: Avni, I wanna tell you something ….

Avni: (feeling happy as she knows what is he about to say) What….???

Neil: I… I..

Avni: You???

Neil : The scenery here is so nice…

Avni: (dissapointed) You wanted to tell me this??


Neil: Mmmm……

Avni: (pretending to be angry) Bye, i’m going …

Neil: (as Avni turns back to wave at him) Avni I love you….



Avni runs towards him, they hug tightly.


2. Casual fight through text

Avni: Neil, why did you meet Reeta? And you have even posted a photo in instagram!! You never post our photo?

Neil: But.. we are just friends ..

Avni: We also were friends before.

Neil:(busy typing)

Avni: Bye, I’ll never talk with you.

Neil: Hey…..

jealousy  ( JEALOUSY )

3. Engagement ( in hall )


Avni: ( holding ring ) Mr. Neil Khanna, will you marry Miss Avni Ayesha and make her yours?

Neil: Mmmm… I have to think…..

Avni: ( angry ) WHAT…..

Neil: Arrey… I love you and you are always mine.

Avni: ( hugging him ) And you are mine ….


4. Marriage


Both: ( hugging ) now we are one…

5. Sharing pregnancy news

Avni: Neil, don’t you think i need someone to stay with me when you are at office ?

Neil: Means ???

Avni: Now I will get a partner to irritate you . Our child …

Neil : ( happily ) What.. i’ll be dad ?

Avni: Yes ….


6. Baby


Neil: Finally , i got to meet my …..

Avni: Princess …

( A family hug )

7. Keeping baby’s name ..

Avni: She should be calles Diya..

Neil : No, Shanaya is best..

Avni: Diya …

Neil: Shanaya …

Avni: Diya …

Neil: Shanaya …

Avni: Diya …

Neil: Shanaya … Okay, fine Diya…


8. Forgot anniversary

Avni: You.. you… forgot our 7th anniversary.. How could you??

Neil: Sorry yaar Avni..

Avni: What sorry ??

Diya: ( closing ears ) Mom, Dad, stop fighting like child…

Avni: Okay , where is my gift?

Neil: Here it is, the necklace you wanted .

Avni: ( happily ) Aww.. thank you Neil …



This much for now, hope you liked it… And I am continuing my FF. I decided not to end it. Thanks to Prabha di, Ayesha, Hiyori di, Reji, Priyu, Aishu, Neil, PRJ, Hasinasoghra, and all others whom i missed here. And inspiration for this collection is Priyu. She updated a part of my FF so beautifully …

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  1. Avneil_adiza_fan

    really amazing…the pregnancy news and baby scene is probably something we all hoped to see in the actual series but anyways great avneil scenes

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you

  2. Lucie

    Beautiful memories.

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Lucie

  3. Kira

    This is a good one ????

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you kira dii

  4. Deeyana this ff is nice. Nd thank u decided not to end that ff. So I am waiting eagerly for that ff. U don’t how how many people reads all ur ff. whoever the writer maybe, they like this FFs more than the real show story Nd u also do a great job in representing Nd elaborating your story too that’s why people loves this ffs more than the show. Then why do you even think of ending it suddenly. We the readers are attached to your stories Nd love them. Just because you are not getting comments or likes that doesn’t mean people are not reading your stories at all. Some people must be busy that’s why they only press likes Ndsome are silent readers who don’t comment on the original or this FF pages. Because of that u tried to end such great story that made me feel bad. I don’t know what is reason u ended the story but plz do tell if u have a have problems with readers Nd share ur feelings with us instead of taking such decisions after this ok. MAny other avneil FF writer’s also shared their problems with us before Nd we helped them too so do share ur problems with us.nd I am grateful u decided not to end that FF Nd thank u so much.

    1. Deeyaana

      I have actually hidden this FF and TU id from my parents. And I’m 13 yes old so I get scared of their reaction if they come to know about this. They actually don’t like me watching serials so I just read updates and write my FF secretly. This is becoming a great burden for me to hide. I can’t share this to my parents. If I share then it will only be when I pass 12 I’m just at class 9 now….

      1. U know what I am happy u said this. I know it must be difficult for you this hiding things from parents but remember one thing u are not doing anything wrong by writing this FF or being in Tu too. You are just a kid now if u tell ur parents what u feel or what u like to do, they may accept too. This is ur passion, there’s no wrong in telling them what u like Nd what u want to do.just try to tell them once. Nd there is no need to keep a secret from parents, they wish your betterment. If u are not doing anything wrong not need to get scared too. So feel free to tell parents ok. And all here in this Tu pages people are just like u. Nd we all here are kind of like a family Nd do share when u have a problem. Nd wish u a good luck for FF.
        Can I ask u one thing I want to speak to you Nd will u send a Facebook request on my account hiyori iki,there will be a girl flying in the picture on my FB I’d.that too if u are interested.if u are not interested plz ignore.

    2. Deeyaana

      yes dii i’ll send u

    3. Deeyaana

      Can you please share the link?? I couldn’t find that.. You will get a request from Deepshikha Nepal.

      1. In my profile picture u can see a girl flying in the air with wings u can find me now.

  5. Priyu

    Hey yarr it’s awsome ??? I loved when Avni got angry as Neil fogot their anniversary ??and that’s name keeping thing ??
    So sweet of you ???????you continue it???I’m so happy ????? congratulations ????
    And ha inspiration from me ? really ? thank you so much.. I know no thank you but you have to accept this thank you .. as none had ever told me such a thing ??? happy tears ??

    1. Deeyaana

      Awe.. Love u bestie…

  6. Pavithra1616

    Wow! Such a sweet article it was.. So many memorable avneil scenes.. We haven’t introduced yourself yet Deeyana.. But, deeyana, u r awesome yaar.. I loved it.. Avneil always makes me happy.. The pictures were really superb.. U rocked.. Keep writing and sent me the link..luv u??

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Pavi 🙂

  7. Jasminerahul

    u wrote Avneil scenes so cutely n beautifully.perfect pics to picturize them.loved it

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you Jass dii

  8. ItsmePrabha

    OMG..This is so sweet and Cute..Lovely collections…And the scenes are even more cuter…Love it Deepshu and super happy that you decided to cont. the FF..Love you..

    1. Deeyaana

      Thank you dii

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