A sweet love story (one shot) swasan


Hey guys its me dolly ..thanks for the comments ..I read this somewhere a and turned the story completely ………hope u all like the dolly version …

So here is the story ,
Its evening 5o’clock ..I am standing in bridge waiting for my friend who planned for a movie .
It was very pleasant and lovely climate which made my heart lite ..I started roaming on the bridge thinking anpbout my friend is he coming or not .
Suddenly I was surprised seeing a girl who crossed my sight . I turned around and watched the girl .
She was very beautiful charming and cute .

She stood a few meter away from me and looking into the water below the bridge and my eyes saw her face which face bright as the moon in full moon day and my heart raised , I suppose she waiting for someone .

I decided to check my luck …immediately I took my phone and send msg “how much time ? ” I got reply ” nearly half an hour” thank god it will be a great time for me .

What should I do now my heart beat raised …my heart says “GI and talk to her “can I ?

No I cannot …it again says “don’t miss her ..nothing will happen when u go and have a small talk ”

Its OK I decided to talk with I
I myself said “all is well”

I : hi

No response from her

I : hello

She : hello

(Thank god…)

I : hi this is sanskar …..sanskar maheshwari

She : Swara …Swara shergil ..

I : with myself ( Swara what a nice name …sanksar loves Swara )

If u mind can u say who u r waiting for ..

She : what ? ( she enlarged her eyes )

I : nothing who r u waiting for ?

She : I am waiting for my father to pick me up .

I : oh ..( looked into her eyes quite near they were clear and innocent )
Can I say something .?

She : what ?

I : ur voice is so sweet as ur face …and …

She : and ?

I : nothing

(She walked away from me )

I silently followed her

She : what ?

I : a cup of coffee

She : no

I : tea

She : no

I : at least pani puri

She : u r too crazy (she smiled and by seeing that I forgot myself it looks like an heaven )

I : please,please,please

She : its OK

I : thank u thanks u , thank u very much ….

(When I am walking beside her for the first time my heart beat raised a lot and it saying she is the one , I looked her face , her cheecks, her hair it was long and seems to be perfect ..how beautiful she is looking like an angel I never found before )

I : hey can I say u something

She : what ?(she again enlarged her eyes )

I : ( I felt afraid): nothing

I : what ur father is doing

She : doctor

I : (thank god not a police)

(Suddenly a poor boy came in front of and stretched his arms )

(I knew she was so kind also..)

She : (she looked up to me ) u wanted to say something

I : I …I …

She : ha u

(I kept silence for some seconds )

I : let’s go

She : what? R u joking?

I : no its going to happen something (run)

(I picked her hand and starting running away from the bridge )

It happens what I supposed a great killer wave stuck the bridge and the people , vehicles , shops and all drown into the water .

She : thank u

I : its my duty

She : what ?

( I watched a smile on her face it was cool and calm )

The rescue operation team and ambulance reached and started their operation to help the people ..we both stand away a few meters far away from that ….

I : hey u stay here

She : is I’ll also come with u

I : no

She : why ?

I : if something happens to u ..I ..cannot

She : u cannot
Hey listen I am also human being and I will also give an helping hand

I : (smile on my face ) : OK but careful…

She : Thank u (she again smoked I know her heart )

We both were busy helping the victims it was great disaster ..and she was little far away from me no fear in her eyes she was helping and I watched her ..

I did not believe this , tears from my eyes I started running Swara ..

(Unexpectedly a huge truck hit her hard and she fell down )

I : Swara Swara open ur eyes ….

She : sanskar u wanted to say me something (her eyes were closing )

I : oh shalu plz don’t close ur eyes ….

She : say me

I : ha … Swara I LOVE U …plz don’t leave me …..

She : if I live I will be with u forever ……

(Her eyes closed suddenly one man came there and he picked her up and I asked who was he ? )

Her father …she took away her ..I stood quiet …..

How fool I am ?……I don’t know anything about her except her name how can I find her ….


Credit to: Dolly

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  1. It’s not end…there is another part …I have read it once before….there is a second part….

    1. Whr sanky comes to the hospital and he don’t find swara in the hospital..
      And swara father came and telling sanky that swara told him that sanky will come to the hospital….she is not dead…I remember this story…anyways nice story…:D

  2. Hope there’s a second part to it

  3. Dear its irrena’a story nd it is 2 shot

    1. Yea…r u write….

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