A sweet challenge to all Swaragini ff writers- the challenge… By Hope


Guys.. Thank u for taking my challenge in its right meeting..
I have 3 golden rules…
1, the title should be “challenge accepted” and u should give another title for ur plot and ur name in bracket

eg : CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (happily ever after… Hope)

2, you can’t alter the intro i gave..but time,pair,place,type, flashbacks,story..etc..its all entirely upto you

3, you can add new characters

so lets move to the challenge…


Gadodia family
* Shekhar G.
* Sharmishta 2nd wife of Shekhar.
* Swara G. D/O of Shekhar n his first wife Janaki.. Age 20.. Passionate(u guys can choose her passion).. Modern.. Most beautiful girl in the town.. Not interested in boys..
*Laksh: Swara’s twin brother.. Well mannered,smart,cool and studious.. Mbbs student.. He likes Rags..but afraid to confess
Sinha family
*Ragini Sinha: swalak’s bff..chuddy buddies.. D/o of Shivanarayan Sinha (he’s the bro of Mishti and bff of Shekhar) she’s a motherless child.. Doing mbbs with Laksh..modern and beautiful
She has a big crush on a guy..(u guys can decide the guy too) her dad’s a doc too
Rajat- Ragini’s bro..and Uthara’s bf

The Maheshwaris

* Annapoorna M. A widow.. Loves her both child a lot.. When her husband she took over his business..and now on top
* uthara m. Classmate of Raglak
* sanskar maheshwari
a rich play boy..racer and best businessman of the year. Loves his mom and sis a lot. He respects Rags dad..bz of his honesty.. He gets what he needs.. By hook or by crook.

There should be a past for Shekhar,Janaki and Sharmishta. Janaki dead or alive..entirely upto you. Sanskar also has a past.. I don’t mind if its Ragsan or Swasan.. What i care is the story you make..
If u have any doubt please comment…

Credit to: Hope

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  1. Eva

    Hayy..how will I write about swalak bhai behen…mere liye hii yeh bada challenge baana betha hai..??thil hai still I accept the challenge..

  2. Aami

    omg… hope awesome intro……. i am sooo exited to see wht stroies our writers make from this…. how they develp the stry…… am soooooo much exitd…… hnqew sooooooo mcuh for sucha chalenge…… wytng… wytng…. wytng… ????

  3. Ammu

    Hope can I try it

  4. Challenge accepted!_
    But I need one week time cuz m going to my village for my cousin’s marriage!

  5. Serena

    Is it neccesary to give dialogues to every character….like Rajat, uttara??

    1. No..its entirely upto u..sis..

  6. Kritika

    hope…i will try to participate..but..but..but..
    dont u think its too big intro for a os..??? i mean shemish n janki has past..sanskar has past..
    oh..it will be too big na!? but still i will try..

    1. Kritika

      Is sanskars last necessary? Can’t we wrote without past?

      1. Kritika


      2. Its upto u dear..but it wud b nyc if he has one..

  7. I don’t know how to be a member of this telly update and how to post the story in telly update.Can u pls tell me

    1. Don’t worry.. I’m not a member too.. I think there’s an option in menu to submit ur article.. I’m not sure.. I googled “SUBMIT YOUR ARTICLE ON TELLY UPDATES” to update

  8. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Interesting 😉

    nd hope awsome idea lv u all

  10. Chaitali

    OS with so many people’s past?
    Ok challenge accepted

  11. Wow congratssss for all writers…. i am also exitd…….

  12. Shruthis

    dilemma should i write or not..

  13. Hey hope I am new here please help me I too want to take part but when I entered my article in the last there was “capcha” what does that mean and what I need to do ? Please help me

    1. there would be a box near that captcha you need to identify the words written in captcha and write them in that box

  14. Labdhi0507

    Challenge accepted hope……but will need some time coz my school have started……nd m gonnna give my best

  15. Sujata14

    Can I also be a part of it…. For its only for some ppl

    1. love to see your OS. i guess its for everyone 🙂

  16. Anyone can participate.. Just update ur story on telly with title “challenge accepted” more the merrier… Well u have 3 months time….

  17. Jwala

    super plot… I love it write on it.. one doubt ff or one shot?

  18. cn we decide whether th failies ar rich or poor…

  19. *families

  20. Sree

    Wow superb intro but sorry yaar i cant write my school has started and on the first day itself i got a lot work. ??? it will be interesting to read??

  21. can I also take part in this competition…..????? it should be OS or what??????

  22. Mona

    K, challenge accepted . 3 months time us thee, so no problem but u just remind sometime so that I don’t forgot about it ???
    Remember it’s I who’s gonna write so it would be really stupid …
    I will write if I get some idea…

  23. Niku

    Bcz of u hope now we shall getting new stories wid an amazing plot. ..

  24. Natasha_nats

    Challenge accepted????

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