A sweet challenge to all ff writers of Swaragini..by HOPE


Hai..the most wonderful ppl of mother earth.. Its me HOPE….I’m back..this tym with a challenge.. The challenge is simple.. I’m gonna give you a character introduction.. You guys have to write a plot about it.. Don’t worry..u guys don’t need to write ff out of it.. Just a beautiful story line..or a oneshot! Every one who comments can judge them..and the story with maximum good feedback will win.. Guys.. Remember this.. I’m trying dis for fun.. Not 4 any competition! So plz don’t bash me and take this lightly…for dis.. I’ll only give the intro if everyone agrees and support me!!!
There are conditions..which i will reveal later…

First i am going to give u a list of my favourite Swaragini ffs.. I’m doing dis because i don’t get any tym to comment or read all dis.. Because of the upcoming exams..n all..I’m not mentioning finished ffs or one shots..(IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)
1, childhood sweethearts By Nisha(anu)
2, Fitoor by the same author
3, You are mine! By Bushra
4, dooriyan
5, Kuch iss tarah s2 by Meher
6, accept your fate by Jasmine
7, the kiss that i hate the most by Miss.Moorthy
8, the prince or my lover by Natasha
9, Natasha’s 2nd ff( sorry yaar..4got the title)
10, MMAI By Anjali
11, pkdh by Anjali
12, Eva’s Samjhota series
13, mr.Maheshwari and his secretary
14, love or lust
15, first love is always first by Dolly
16, SWARAGINI (love happens)
17, heartless Sanskar and helpless Swara
18, kindle by Roshini
19, Love is Beautiful
20, kismat se meri dua…ss
21, rab ne bana di jodi by G_S
23, humrahi by Stoneheart
24, Angry lion and cute lioness by Mona
25, fall in love by Shreya
26, bz..i loved her
27, yellow rose by bisha
28, acceptance by Sreeharini
29, love so pure can never be….
30, Falling for you..by Sha
(last but not least)
31, D3 by Namrata

there are many more which i read..but my stupid brain is not at all good with the names… So plz write down the ffs which u guys like… There are also ones dat discontinued..
1. Kidnapper+rescue
2, from darkness to light
3, tere ishq mein and the journeys of love started from the books bx nandana
4, from reel to real
guys..plz try to continue..

Thanks gals for bearing my bakwas.. Khudos to u all…
Love u a lot.. Gonna miss u all.. See ya…

Credit to: Hope

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  1. Crystal

    Let’s give it a try …. And what about your short story
    …. Still waiting for that update

  2. Hmm…..ur suggestion is nice

  3. Yup let’s give it a try..

  4. Sry guya..I don’t know whether its correct or wrong but I want to know..swasan you are mine by bushra…is she still continuing..?? Plz..plz…guys let me know..

    1. I mean to say….correct or wrong to ask here…..sry for inconvience

      1. Sree

        Avan u r mine was copied by bushra. The story is actually written by laila. So laila has stopped uploading it.

      2. Oh…tq Sree… Is laila updating anywhere other than tellyupdates..???

      3. Sree

        She has said that she wont publish till bushra takes it from all sites. Bushra has also posted this in other sites. BTW laila’s u r mine is not in TU. Its on wattpad.

      4. Tq so much dear….. for telling.

  5. Natasha_nats

    Vaishu….my honey bunny…..i’m ready to accept the challenge….,and ty soooo much for mentioning my ff…and the second ff i discontinued due to some probs…..but u have given me courage…..i’ll continue writting that…..and i’m waiting????(for the challenge-in thuppaki style)…and what abt ur short story…..i read all those but i never commented……..sry dear…..but pls update the nxt one soon….pls…and tks again bae…luv ta???❤❤❤

  6. Woah..! That’s kinda cool.. I would love to try it.. Please update the challenge soon.. And I am glad that you added my fan fic to your favorite’s list.. Thanks a lot..! ❤

  7. Hmm…. interesting

  8. thanks hope for including my ss and I’ll try to complete ur challenge….

  9. Stoneheart

    Thanks for including Humrahi in ur list..it means a lot..

  10. Esha

    Oh god seriously ! U have included my name and ff along with the great ff’s it means a lot hope
    Thanka a lot for mentioning it …
    This challenge is kind awesome …and cool …u update the challenge asap …we will try it .
    It would be a great fun to know ..and its kinda interesting and new …looking forward !

  11. Eva

    Challenge accepted ?

  12. Sree

    Nice yaar. I am very eager to know ur challenge??. Thanks for adding my ff in ur list. I am Waiting for ur ss. When will u post that????.

  13. If this for all ff writers then di challenge accepted

  14. Jwala

    thanks hope for mentioning my ff.. and I accepted your challenge dear

  15. Nisha_Anu

    Challenge accepted ??
    And thanks for mentioning my fanfics. I am so glad u liked them! ??

  16. Ruhi

    Hi does any one here is in contact with the writer of swasan u r mine if any one please request here to continue here ff it’s one those ff for which many people wait and in fact we really want to know how does sanskar make swara understand him and himself and does swara accept him please it’s a very humble request form a regular reader of her ff please

  17. Eager to know your challenge will be waiting

  18. Aami

    nyz challenge n thnks for ur chllnge bcoz of it we can read sooo much good works…. n about ur fvrte ff…. hey r jst adorable by anu anjalai meher eva sha natasha miss murthy and so one… lve thm all….

  19. Hmmm….nyc idea yaar

  20. Neera

    Tats a cool idea 🙂

  21. Mona

    Nice challenge di. Will participate if I get time.
    Angry lion and cute lioness ??
    When did u change my ffs name?

    1. Sry..cutiepie..sissy.. I’m bad with names.. Very weak memory!

  22. Thanks for including my ff. I’ve never seen my ff name in any analysis and also I don’t expect it. I know I have very less readers so it’s obviously difficult for anyone to mention my name. Anyways thanks a lot. It means a lot to me

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