SWASN FF. I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U (CHARACTER SKETCH)

SWASAN FF. I Hate U & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U (CHARACTER SKETCH)
Hai friends I’m back. Thank u soooo much for ur love & comments. Truly I didn’t expect this much response.
Coming to the story, today I will give u a character sketch.
Maheswary family
DP MAHESWARY: Business man, head of Maheswary family, father of adarsh, sanskar & uttara. Loves his family a lot.
AP MAHESWARY: wife of DP, A dutiful wife, loving mother & A friendly SIL
Adarsh: eldest son of DP & AP. handles family business loving brother for his siblings, and a caring husband
Parinetha Adarsh Maheswary: eldest bahu of Maheswary family. A dutiful DIL, friendly babhi and a caring wife
Sanskar Maheswary: An IPS Officer. Dy. Commissioner of Police Special Branch Kolkata
Uttara Maheswary: MBBS student.
RP Maheswary: brother of DP& AP Maheswary loving &caring parents of Laksh Maheswary
Sujatha Maheswary: wife of RP. Also a loving mother
Laksh Maheswary: elder to sanskar & a professor by profession
Ragini Laksh Maheswary: wife of Laksh, elder sister of Swara, a professor by profession

Shekar Gadodia: business man, father of Ragini, Swara & Aditya
Sharmishta Gadodia: wife of Shekar, mother of Swara & Aditya & step mother of Ragini. Loves her three children equally but gives a little bit consideration more to Ragini
Aditya Gadodia: son of Shekar Gadodia, younger brother of Ragini, elder brother of Swara. A loving brother, dutiful son, caring husband. Handles his family business along with his father
Pankhuri Aditya Gadodia : wife of Aditya, loving wife, caring SIL, responsible DIL
Swara Gadodia: daughter of Shekar Gadodia, IPS officer, Asstt. Commissioner of Police (Women) Special branch Kolkata
Done with the main characters. Others will be reveled as the story progresses . Aditya & Pankhuri will be Nakkul Mehta & Disha Parmar form Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara. Others will be same as serial. Adarsh & Parinetha will be positive
Now I want some suggestions
Shall I continue the story from the into and reveal the past as the story progress
Shall I start from the past

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  1. Bhavana

    Wow di character sketch is awesome both swasan are in same profession N U continue the story N reveal the past in present ?

  2. nice..start from intro..

  3. Rosey

    coninue from intro plz i wanna see from present u can add past when it is needed and plz post next soonr

    1. Mariyajap

      sure & thank u for the comment

  4. Abirsha

    Awesome….. Continue with intro and reveal past as story proceeds

  5. Arshaanya

    Nyc… continue wid intro n reveal d past in present

  6. Rabia

    awesome and start with present 🙂

  7. Kakali

    Wwoohhoo !!! nice intro.. awww thnk u soo much for adding Adi n Pankhuri.. i love them a lot..
    I think u should start d story n with time n phase u can reveal d past .. then it will be more curious to know n interesting also..
    Rest is in ur hand…
    Thnk u Dear *new sis..

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank u Di & me too love adi& pankuri a lot

  8. Deeksha

    Continue with the Intro dear….. And show Aditya and pankhuri parallely……

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank u and will try for sure

  9. Nice and continue from past

  10. Pooja26

    continue with d story dear. 😉 🙂

    otherwise ur choice……

    post asap……..

  11. Shreeyu


  12. Nice dear continue as u like

  13. Nice wat u like go with that

  14. Khushiii

    Amazing write the story as you like

    1. Mariyajap

      Thank you khushi di

  15. Very interesting

  16. Radhika..

    interesting concept and intro also. thanks for adding pankhuri and aditya i love their couple very much and about the story as u wanna continue but if u continue with present and reveal past in some parts like the girl is sitting alone and reminding the things happen with her and some other like the bridegroom thinking how all the things happen and he take that step………….. and the rest is in ur hand how u want to continue that’s ur wish. continue soon loved it??

    1. Mariyajap

      THANK U SOO MUCH not only for reading but for commenting and the suggestion also

  17. Vyshu10

    nice….reveal past as present proceeds

    1. Mariyajap

      sure, thank u

  18. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …. and 1st option is better ….

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