Swasan~Zindagi: Episode 1

Swasan~Zindagi: Epidode 1

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Episode 1

-Gadodia House-

(A girl is shown.. Sleeping on her large bed covered from a comforter from head to toe, hugging a big teddy bear tightly.. Suddenly alarm rings.. Girl huffs and turns it off and then removes the comforter from her face.. We can see her Rosy lips, Her perfectly shaped nose, Her big doe eyes.. And her face is shown.. Its our Princess SWARA)

Swara(to herself): Abey Yar! This stupid Alarm is my enemy! Never let me sleep peacefully! Chal beta Swara Uth ja ab! Aj tera interview hai (widens her eyes) Oh Shit! Its my interview today!

(Gets up immediately and runs to freshen up)


(Swara comes downstairs wearing a simple light pink kurti and white leggings with minimal makeup looking simply beautiful.. She sees a girl sitting on dining table doing breakfast)

Swara: Good Morning!

(She sits beside a girl who is busy munching her food)

Swara: Ragini! Eat slowly.. Your food is not running anywhere

(Yes, the girl is Ragini, Swara’s Sister)

Ragini: Haww Di! You are so bad! And call me Rags.. Ragini is too old fashioned (makes faces)

Swara(rolls her eyes): Whatever!

(Suddenly an old woman came and sat.. She is Dadi)

Dadi: Swaraaa! Dont eye my Ragu food

Rags: Exactly!

Swara: Dadiii! Why you always-

(She was interrupted as she got hit on back of her head)

Swara: Ouch! (Rubs her head) Bhaiyu!!

(The man is Rohan, Swara’s elder bro)

Rohan: Oye Moti! Kha bhi le ab! Ragu ko baad mai dekh lena! Phr tu bole gi interview k liye late hgyi!

Swara(makes faces): Huh!

(Everyone start doing breakfast.. Swara eats fastly, takes blessing from Dadi and bids bye and leaves hurriedly as she don’t wanna be late)


(Swara is driving her scooty which she calls Pom Pom?)

Swara: Pom Pom! Be fast sweety or else we will be late and we don’t want that right??

(She drove with full speed and finally reached HER DESTINATION! It was MAHESHWARI ENTERPRISES! )

(She parked her scooty.. It was a huge, Beautiful and magnificent 25 story building)

Swara(mouth wide opened?): Baap re! This is soooooo big! Chal Swara! All the Best!

(She closed her eyes, crossed her fingers and started murmuring.. A handsome young man came out of his car and looked here and there, his gaze fell on Swara and he was amused but then smiled seeing how cutely she was praying)

Swara(praying): God ji! Please help me today! I want this job at any cost! If you helped me na, then i’ll give you my favourite chocolate.. I’ll even give you a laddu.. And two candies and five biscuits and chocolate chip and vanilla icecream.. Please gimme this job!

Man(smiles): Cute ?

(He wears his goggles and moved inside the building)

(Swara after praying went inside hoping for the best)

(The same man was moving inside when everyone greeted him.. He nodded his head and was moving towards his cabin when somebody called him)

Voice: Sanskar Sir!

(The man turns and smiles.. Its our Hero Sanskar Maheshwari ??.. Screen freezes on his smiling face)

Episode ends..


Okay , So i know this is short! Its first episode.. Maybe its a bit boring, But trust me further epis would be more interesting and full of fun?I’ll give further story if you like or else just tell me to stop ? I hope i’ll get a good response! Its my first time here!
Please peeps, Do comment! It matters alot!
Thank you! ❤️❤️

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