Swasan…yuvhani…raglak (Episode 5)


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The episode starts with the sun shine falling on suhani she wakes up and sees yuvraaj holding her hand and slowly takes her hand away and goes to have a shower when she comes out she says yuvraaj is still sleeping let me wake him up
She gets her wet hair and outs it all over his face he grabs her by the waist and says good morning and kisses her in her cheek she says go get ready

Swara is in the kitchen making breakfast and sanskaar comes from behind and kisses her in her cheek she says sanskaar:have some shame what if someone comes
Sasnkaar:so what
Swara: we need to tell them about us
Sanskaar: I was thinking of telling them today

Ragini goes to laksh room and sees him still sleeping
She goes by him and calls him Mr lazy
Laksh is awake but is faking he is sleeping in his mind he says Mr lazy really ill show you
Laksh turns to his side and grabs ragini he says I’m Mr lazy really he gives her a soft kiss and she blushes she runs but he grabs her he says I’m not gonna leave you today
She says let me go someone might come
Laksh:no you have to give say something
Laksh:the three words
Ragini:no way
Laksh :then you can’t go
Ragini: I love you
She runs off

It’s evening
Sanslak and yuvraaj come back from work
They freshen up
Yuvhani are leaving for Goa they say to sanskaar and laksh good luck in telling everyone
Yuvhani say bye to everyone
They go

Laksh:erm Papa maa aunty uncle we wanted to tell you something
DP and shekkar:yes tell us
Laksh:say it sanskaar I’m scared
Sumi:come in tell us
Swara:mom me and sanskaar love each other
Everyone shocked
Laksh:and me and ragini also love each other
Everyone shocked
Sumi and ap smile
Shekkar and dp says sanskaar laksh come here they hug them and say this is good news
Everyone get happy

Dp we should get them engaged soon
Shekkar yh after suhani and yuvraaj come back

Yuvhani reach the resort
Suhani: wow it’s sooo beautiful
Yuvraaj:well I chose it
Suhani laughs
They reach their room
Yuvraaj closes the door
The room is decorated with candles and flowers
Suhani:wow yuvraaj did you do this
Yuvraaj gives her a rose and says I love you
Suhani says thanks
He goes up to her and kisses her forehead and then her eyes and then her lips
They go to sleep

Next day:
Swara:mom me and sanskaar are going to go out today in the evening is that OK
Sumi:yes but don’t come back too late

Yuvhani are in the resort walking around
Yuvraaj:what do you want to do
Suhani:I don’t know
They are by the pool when a girl comes out she says hi yuvraaj Ive missed you sooo much
Yuvraaj:gets shocked erm Tina what are you
doing here
Suhani: who is she
Tina:I’m his ex girlfriend
Suhani:yuvraaj what is she doing here
Yuvraaj: I don’t know
Tina: yuvraaj darling I missed you sooo much
Suhani gets angry and walks off she starts
crying in the room
Yuvraaj comes he says suhani I don’t know what she was doing here I don’t love her anymore I love you
Suhani starts to cry more he wipes her tears he
says believe I don’t like her I
I love you

Scene shifts to swasan
Sanskaar is driving
He looks at swara and they have an eyelock dheere dheere SE meri zindagi mein aana plays
Swara :sanskaar concentrate on the road
Sanskaar:looks on the road and sees a truck comming his way
The truck is comming with speed sanslaar tries to turn the car into thw other lane but its too late and the truck hits the car
Sanskaar is bleeding a lot and is unconscious swara is OK she is bleeding from her arms and her head but she is awake she gets out the car and tries to get sanskaar out she tries to wake him up and cries
Some people come and help her they take her and sanskaar to the hospital
Sanskaar is in the ICU

Swara informs the family

Scene shifts to yuvhani
Suhani:it’s okk yuvraaj
Yuvraaj:I’m sorry our honeymoon got ruined because of me
Suhani:no it’s not your fault it doesn’t matter we can still enjoy
They are enjoying themselves
Suhani gets a phone call she gets shocked and drops the phone
Yuvraaj: suhani what happened
Suhani:(crying) swara and sanskaar had an accident and sanskaar is serious
Yuvraaj shocked.what sanskaar and swara
Suhani:we need to go back
Yuvraaj: come on let’s go

Precap: everyone is sad….doctor says sanskaar is very critical

Hope you liked it

Credit to: Cutiepie

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