Swasan…yuvhani…raglak (Episode 4)


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Mendhi function
All the girls are enjoying the function and suhani is getting her mendhi done
Sanslak and yuvraaj are in laksh’s room
Sanskaar :I’m getting bored here why can’t we go to the mendhi
I wanna go
Laksh:we all know why you want to go(laksh and yuvraaj know about swasan and sanskaar and yuvraaj know about raglak)
Sanskaar:no its because you guys are boring
Yuvraaj: oh so is swara interesting
Sanskaar: omg guys just shut up and think of how we can go there
Laksh thinks of something and tells them

Laksh sanskaar and yuvraaj enter wearing saris and their heads are covered
Swara says to ragini who are they who invited them
Ragini: I don’t know
Swara:let me see
Laksh opened a little bit if his veil and ragini sees him
Ragini: swara this is laksh maybe the other two is sanskaar and yuvraaj jiju
Swara:watch what I do to them
Swara whispers to ragini what to do
Swara and ragini start dancing to mendhi laga ke rakhna
Swararagini go and get laksh and sanskaar and yuvraaj and start to make them dance ragini and swara lull their veils off everyone get shocked seeing them
Ap-laksh sanskaar yuvraaj what are you doing here
Laksh:woh maa yuvraaj wanted to see suhani bhabhi so he made us come here
Sanskaar:ha maa yuvraaj made us come here
Yuvraaj: liars maa they both were getting bored so they said let’s go to the mendhi function
Ap:all if you are so naughty
Sumi:well now they are here let then be here
Everyone dance

Suhani is in her room and is looking at her mendhi yuvraaj comes and locks the door he says hello meri jaan
Suhani:how come you are here
Yuvraaj:I’ve come to find my intital in your mendhi
Suhani:don’t worry you won’t be able to find it
Yuvraaj starts too look for it he looks everywhere and doesn’t find it he says where is it
She says in my heart
Yuvraaj:aww really your soo cute suhani
They laugh

Haldi function and marriage day
First yuvraaj comes and sits down everyone puts haldi on him
Laksh :Bhai it’s my turn now he gets the haldi and spreads it all over him
Yuvraaj:laksh he gets it and puts it on him sanskaar joins in too

Suhani turn
Everyone put it on suhani

Swara is in her room sanskaar comes grabs her and pins her to the wall
Swara:sanskaar what are you doing
Sanskaar:I’ve come to put haldi on you
He gets the haldi off his face and puts it in swara
He says:I love you
She says me too

Laksh is in his room and is doing something in his wardrobe
Ragini comes from behind and rubs the haldi on his face she says your face needs to glow too
Laksh gets his face with haldi on and puts his face in ragins face and says now your face has my haldi on it so it will shine double the amount they laugh

Yuvraaj is getting ready sanslak come
Laksh:Bhai you have no more freedom now
Sanskaar:yes yuvraaj you have to spend all your time with suhani
Laksh:your going to have to listen to everything suhani bhabhi says
Sanskaar:you have to obey her otherwise she will throw tantrums
Yuvraaj :stop it guys I’m already nervouse and you guys
Laksh:I’m only joking Bhai suhani bhabhi is not like that
Yuvraaj: obviously she is very good

Yuvraaj is siting in the mandap
Suhani comes down
The wedding starts
They stand up for the nupital rounds
Everyone chuck flowers on them
Swasan and raglak chuck flowers on each other
Yuvraaj outs vermilion in suhani’s forehead
The marriage is complete
They take blessings from everyone
They go to shekkar
Shekkar says this is probarly the first time in a wedding where there is no bidaai because your not leaving us your in the same house

Swaragini take suhani to her room and close the door and stand out sanslak take yuvraaj to his room
They see swaragini their sanslak say why are you guys standing here let Bhai go in bhabhi is waiting
Swara:nope we won’t let him go in easily we are his saalis(sister in law’s) he has to give us money then he can go to his wife
Yuvraaj:OK then he gives them
Swaragini: thank you jiju they go

Suhani is in her room on her bed for the the veil over her head
Yuvraaj comes and locks the door
He comes and lifts her veil
He says suhani today you looked absolutely beautiful she said thanks he gifts her a beautiful necklace
He says come let’s go to sleep they sleep

Precap:yuvhani go on honeymoon family gets to know about swasan and raglaks relationship will they accept it?

Credit to: Cutiepie

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