Wow guys i m super happy seeing ur comments….. Thanks for loving my ff guys…. Guys Nadanalaya means dance school….. πŸ˜ƒ


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Maheswari family all went to restaurant as its their little princess wish to eat outside….. Sanskar was quiet through out the journey….. Even in the restaurant all talked and teased each other but Sanskar was in another world…. Kavitha noticed sanskar was busy…. So she asked him, “what happened sanskar??? U r soo silent today…. Any pblm??? ”

“Ha ha no kavitha…. I m fine…. Little headache….. U know right i wont talk much when i am not fine…. ”

“U didn’t lie right??? Only headache right??? ”

“Uff mrs.maheshwari will u stop questioning me…. I m saying the truth only dr…. Its just a headache…. ”

“K k but dont dare to call me mrs.maheshwari…. I m warning you…. ”

“K meri ma…. I wont call u k…. “after saying this he started to eat…. All were convinced with his answer but his two bhais were not convinced with his answer…. They both saw each other and talked with eyes that some pblm is there to him…. And both decided to talk to him afterwards…..

After finishing their supper all went to maheswari mansion…. Then everyone went to their respective rooms…. After sometime adarsh and laksh came to sanskar room and called him out…. Then all 3 went to terrace….

“Sanskar whats bothering you??? ”

“Me…. No bhai nothing is bothering me…. ”

“Bhai dont lie to us… We know something is bothering u…. ”

“Its not something bothering me…. Its something different…. A pleasant feeling lucky…. ”

“Pleasant feeling??? Sanskar dont say me u love someone…. ”

“Bhai i do no whether i fallen in love….. I m confused with it…. ”

“Bhai r u mad??? U are already married….. ”

“Ha ha i know that lucky…. I just told i like her… I didn’t say i love her….. But i fallen for her in the first sight itself…. I am in confused state…. ”

“Who is that Sanskar??? ”

“The girl who danced lastly in the show bhai…. ”

“Oh…. I havent seen that performance….. No pblm dont forget u r married….. ”

“Bhai u know my marriage status…. Then y u r remaining me about my marriage??? ”

“K sanskar i just want ur happiness….. I will be with you everytime…. ”

“Ha ha s bhai even i m with you…. “then all 3 brothers hug each other….. After that all went to their room…. Sanskar went to his room and took his camera and saw swara’s performance once again…. He was immersed in her performance…. After watching the video for n number of times he went to sleep….


There swara after finishing her performance she changed her dress fastly and went to the orphanage….. Listening her scooty sound all went out and welcomed her….. Ashwant didnt eat his supper as he dont want his mom to eat alone….. Knowing this she went to her room and changed herself into comfortable clothes and came down and took supper while feeding ashwant….. After that she sang a song and made everyone to sleep…. She also took ashwant with her and went to her room and made him lie with her….. Then she slept in tiredness…..


Next day morning all were again indulged in their works….. Sanskar came down…. He saw parineeta making shwetha ready for her school….. He went to her and asked, “bhabhi whether shwetha will go to her dance school today??? ”

“Ya Sanskar…. What happened??? ”

“No bhabhi nothing happened…. At what time she will go??? ”

“Afternoon 3 sanskar…. ”

“Oh k bhabhi then today i will take her to her dance school…. ”

“Wow chachu u r taking me to the school…. U r superb chachu…. ”

“Sanskar whats this??? Its very new that u want to drop shweta??? ”

“Kavitha just a change…. Want to drop shwetha in her dance school….. “knowing y sanskar saying like this adarsh and laksh came to save him from parineeta and kavitha…. “let it be parineeta and kavitha…. He just wants to drop her in dance school…. Let him do it….. ”

“Mm k i dont have any pblm sanskar…. U can drop her…. “saying this parineeta make shwetha ready…. Sanskar was very happy…. Kavitha saw sanskar happy and she had a doubt regarding sanskar’s behaviour as he is behaving weirdly since yesterday…. But she brushed it off thinking she is thinking too much….. Then all got ready and went to their office… sanskar went to his office after dropping kavitha in her office….. But his thoughts were fully revolved around swara…. He didnt do his work at all…. He just wants to see swara again….. He is just watching the time when it will show 3…..

The time passed but for sanskar it was like a many hours….. After the clock strike 2:30 he took his car key and ran out of the office and took his car and came to mm…. Then he went inside and took shwetha with him and went to Nadanalaya…..


Here swara is teaching every kids dance…. She loves to dance…. If she start to dance she will forget her surroundings….. After finishing teaching for students she will dance for herself….. Even dance will give her peace…. She was dancing beautifully….. At that time sanskar came there and saw her dancing…. He was awestruck again in her performance…. He went with shwetha…. For his luck shwetha is swara’s student… he and shwetha went to swara class….. Shwetha went inside and sat with her frnds…. Sanskar was standing from a distance and enjoying her performance….. After her performance is finished she realised that sanskar is starring her…. Seeing her sanskar went near her…., “hello i m shwetha’s chacha…. Ur performance is very nice…. Yesterday too u performed well….. No words to describe ur performance…. I loved it a lot…. ”

“Thanks…. “she said normally….

“My name is sanskar…. Would u dont mind shall we be frnds??? “Swara is shocked as she didn’t expect sanskar will ask her suddenly…. Actually she doesnt get close with or mingle with anyone…. Seeing her in thoughts sanskar snapped his fingers before her face and said, “dont worry u can trust me….. I will be a good frnd to you…. ”

“Oh no nothing like that but i am…. K lets be frnds…. ”

“Ha ha good…. Then i will take leave now…. I will come at 5 to pick up shwetha…. ”

“Sure…. Bye… “saying this she went to her students…. Sanskar after watching her for few minutes he too went to from there….


How is the episode???
Hope i didn’t bore you….

Now what marraige status does adarsh, laksh and sanskar were talking???
Is he cheating kavitha???
Whether kavitha and sanskar has some pblm in their married life???
Now swasan become frnds…. How this frndship will turn into love…. Lets c…. πŸ˜ƒ

Bye bye…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


  1. Kakali

    Today’s generation na!!!! soo desperate for everything… … look our Sanskar… he tooo same *shooking head*..

    awwww Sanskar u like her… but don’t worry like will replaceed with LOVE…just trust ur destiny((obviously u Shan di))

    thnk u di for ur sweet sweet chappy… loved it…

  2. Anniya


    |Registered Member

    Sry, not commenting on previous part. I had read both part now itself.
    Both parts are really awsm one…
    Now my swasan are became frnds..
    Desperately waiting for know how their friendship turn into love

  3. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Wow..amzing..Sanskaar fallen fr Swara πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™..n Story is really Interesting..Suspense..hmm nyc..continue soon. .n reveal the suspense asap..

  4. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Yeyy they became friendsπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Now let’s see what happens in next…Loved the chappy… Keep it up. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

  5. Pramudi

    Amazing part dear.😘 Now they have become friends. Let’s see how this friendship turns in to love..😍😍 Thnks shan for the meaning.. I didn’t understand that word. Dear, is this kavita’s character negetive in here?
    Update the nxt part soon.

  6. Simin

    I just loved it and about marriage status may be bcoz of their parents sanskar and kavita got married may be he doesnt love kavita i feel kavita also loves someone else

  7. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Aww its interesting and awesome shan. Finger crossed for their nxt step. Thn trio bonding suprb.. u said kavi as positive bt y is she hiding sumthng here sanskar is having feeling for swara. May b forced marriage full of emotional blackmail. Since kavi is sanskar friend he acceoted for marriage.. anyways post nxt part soon.. lovly shan

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