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Hey guyzz!!! This is the last episode..
many of you are asking me not to end this ss..bt the truth is that it is NOT a ff it’s a SS as I told in beginning, it’s a 6 shot..so this is the last episode..moreover , I have given my words to start season 2 of teenage love , have to prepare for that also…then next month are my exams so cant handle 2 stories at once…also , only n only happy scenes will make the story boring…I hope u all will try to think with my POV.

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In the evening swara get ready in blue saree which sanskar had sent for her. She was looking like an angel. She came out of the car and go towards the reception of the hotel but suddenly she got sanskar’s message asking her to come to room no 604. She went there and as she opened the door there was darkness in the room and soon she felt that someone has locked the door. She got scared and was about to shout but she felt a hand on her mouth. She felt that touch familiar and immediately recognized that it was sanskar. Sanskar remove his hand from her mouth and switch on the light. She was mesmerized to see the beautiful sight in front of her. Whole room was decorated with flowers and candles and filled with swara’s pictures. And sanskar,love of her life was on his knees with a ring in his hand.

Sanskar: swara mujhe nhi pata kab mujhe tumse pyar ho gaya..kab mere liye tumse door rehna mushkil ho gya…pata nhi kab tumse itna pyar ho gya ki tumhare bina meri jindagi soch bhi nhi sakta mein..shayad tab jab tumne pari ke liye mujhse shadi karne ka faisla kiya tha…ya fir tab jab tum mere liye pareshan hoti thi…ya fir tab jab tum mujh pr gussa hoti thi aur ek chocolate dene pr maan jati thi…pata nhi kab par ho gaya tumse pyar…shayad bhoth phele hi ho gya tha par mene abhi ja kr smjha …ha swara mujhe tumse pyar ho gya…I love you swara…I love you… kya tum mrs swara sanskar maheshwari banogi ?(swara I didn’t know when I fell in love with you..when it became difficult for me to live without you..i didn’t realize that I love soo much that I cant imagine my life without you..i think it happened may be when u sacrificed your happiness and married me for our pari..may be when you were concerned for me..may be when you fought with me n used to agree when I gave you one chocolate..i don’t know when but I fell for you,,may be long b4 but its today when I realised it..yes swara I fell for you..I LOVE YOU… will you become mrs. Swara sanskar maheshwari?)

Swara who was now almost in tears was unable to say anything. She cannot believe that the love of her life was there in front of her waiting for her answer. Stupid, he did not know from the past 4 years swara has only love him,every minute,every second it was only him. She wants to say so many things but words were not coming out from her mouth. She just nods her in a yes and next moment she was in the arms of sanskar, who was hugging her like his life depends on this. She just hugged and send millions thank you to god for giving her sanskar.


Credit to: kritika

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