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Chapter 3
so here we go,,,

Next morning when sanskar woke up, he saw that neither swara nor pari was there. He then went downstairs in search of them. He thought swara has left with pari because of last night incident.

Sanskar: maa aapne swara ya pari ko dekha kya?(mom did u see swara or pari?)

Annapurna: ha dono garden mein hein…par hua kya?(yeah they both are in garden..bt what happened?)

Sanskar just heard that they both are in the garden. He did not listen the next sentence. He hurriedly went into garden and heard laughing sound. He saw swara playing with pari. A smile automatically came on his face.

Sanskar: (to himself)mere aur pari ke liye ne swara ne apni sari khushiya sacrifice kar di. Wo chathi thi to wo kisi aise insane se shadi kr sakti thi jo use pyar krta par usne mujh jaise idiot se shadi kri jo us pr bina vjh chilla pada kal raat ko. Mujhe swara se maafi magni hogi.(for me n pari swara sacrificed her happiness…if she wanted , she would marry a person who loved her bt she married an idiot like me who shouted at her without any reason..i need to apologise her)

sanskar(to swara)- good morning swara

Hearing his voice,swara immediately stop laughing adding more to his guilt that he is reason for her not smiling. Last night events were coming in her mind, that why she came in garden with pari to divert her mind but hearing his voice again that event start playing his mind.

Sanskar: swara tum yaha kya kr rhi ho?(what are u doing here swara?)

Swara: kuch nhi bs wo pari ke sath thodi der k liye garden mein aa gyi thi…tum batao tum yaha kyu aaye ho?kuch chaiye tumhe(nothing just came here with pari for spending some time..u say why u came here? do u want anything?)

Sanskar: ha wo …wo coffee chaiye mujhe?(yes that…that i want coffee)

Swara: thik hai me kaka ko bol deti hu wo tumhare liye le aayenge?(ok i will tell kaka to make coffee for u)

Sanskar:kyu tum nhi laogi?(u wont bring?)

Swara:no {sanskar know that why she was not bringing the coffee she was hurt by his words last night}

Sanskar: swara I am sorry. Mujhe pata hai mujhe tum par kl raat ko chillana nhi chaiye tha aur wo sab nhi kehna chaiye tha. Pls mujhe maaf kr do(swara im sry..i know i shouldnt have shouted on u last night..plzzz forgive me)

Swara:its ok sanskar and vaise bhi tumne kuch galat nhi kaha tha…mujhe tumhare liye pareshan hone ki jarurat nhi thi…mein tumhari patni thodi nah hu(its ok sanskar..n u said nothing wrong..i shouldnt have worried for u..afterall im not ur wife)

Sanskar:swara patni na sahi par tum mere dost to ho na…aurtumhe pura haq hai mere liye pareshan hone ka…aur meri ye responsibility hai ki me us ladki ko humesha khush rakhu jisne mere aur meri beti k liye sorry humari beti ke liye apni khushio ko side rakh diya.(swara not wife but ur my friend , n u have all right to worry for me..n its my responsibility to keep my the girl alwayzz happy who kept her happiness aside for my sorry our daughter..)

Swara:sanskar mein khush hu… sachi menen koi khushiya sacrifice nhi ki hai(sanskar im happy..really i havent sacrificed mmy happiness)

Sanskar:acha to tum khush ho na to tumhe mere aur pari ke sath bahar chalna hoga aaj( u r happy na so will u come out with me n pari today)

Swara:kya…suddenly ye bahar jane ka plan.(what..suddenly plan for going out n all?)

Sanskar: ha kyu nhi ja skte vaise bhi jabse pari born hui hai ya to wo humare ghr me rhi ya tumhare…kahi bahra gyi nhi hai wo …aur mein nhi chatha meri beti mujhe ek boring insane samjhe(yes why not we will go..pari never went out since her birth..n i dont want my daughter to take me as boring person)

Swara:wo tum ho sanskar…boring(that to u r sanskar.. boring)

Sanskar:acha tum chalo aaj mere sath ghumne fir batata hu ki me kya hu…chalo jao tyar ho jao(acchha so u come with me today i will tell u..go get ready)


Later swara came downstairs where sanskar was waiting for her,getting dressed in blue colour suit. When sanskar look he could not take his eyes away from her. When swara asked him ki how she is looking then he came back to his sense.


Swara:thank you

Sujata:kahi ja rhe ho kya tum dono(are u going somewhere?)

Sanskar:haa maa mein swara aur pari ko bahar ghumane le ja rha hu(yes ma im taking swara n pari out)

Sujata:ye bhoth achi baat hai(nice)

In the car

Swara:pata hai pari aaj aapke papa hum dono ko bahar ghumane le kr ja rhe hai…chalo aapko bhi pata chal jayega ki aapke papa kitne boring hai(u know pari today ur papa is taking out ..today u will know how boring ur papa is)

Sanskar:tum to aise baaten kr rhi ho jaise isse tumhare sari baat smjh aati hai(u r talking as pari understands vereything))

Swara:yeah she understands everything..yes na pari..(for which pari nodded her head in yes seeing this swara starts laughing) dekha sanskar sab smjhti hai pari..(see she understands everything)

Sanskar:ya whatever(sanskar was happy that swara is smiling and indirectly he is the reason.)

Then they went to mall and do some shopping for pari. Swara was behaving like child when she all those baby stuff. She tried all the dresses in the shop to select the best for pari. sanskar and the shopkeeper was looking at her shocked and pari was smiling at her mother antics. She purchased lots of dresses and toys for pari. And then they went buy some gifts for other family members. When they were shopping swara looked at earrings and sanskar noticed from her look that she like those earrings a lot. Then they pay there bill and left from there for having lunch.

Sanskar: swara u go i forgot my phone in the shop. Saying this he went into the shop and buy those earrings.

Then they went to the restaurant for lunch and there they talk about swara life in Australia. He was impressed knowing that swara has opened a music school there. He realized that she is a chatter box. And he was sitting there listening to her talks. After that they went to beach. There also swara was in her full energy mood and sanskar was sitting on the rock with pari who was sleeping. Then swara came and sit with sanskar.

Sanskar:tum kya kha kar paida hui thi jo itni energy hai tum mein(what do u eat that u have so much energy in u?)

Swara: wo kya hai na sanskar mera abhi budhapa nhi aya tumahri tarah(sanskar its like ki my old age hasnt come yet like u)

Sanskar: mein budha ho rha hu…ruko tum batata hu tumhe. (u think im old..wait i will tell u)

And after putting pari in cradle he start running behind swara.

precap- full of swasan moments…pari vaccination..swara’s tears n sanskar’s hanky…

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