Swasan:Second love Episode 5

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Here is Episode 5

Recap: Swara’s grahapravesh in MM.

Episode starts with Swara roaming in Swasan room. Sanskar was taking shower in washroom. Sanskar came out & saw Swara roaming and asked her.

Sanskar: What happened Swara ?

Swara : Nothing. I was just thinking how to bring Raglak’s truth out.

Sanskar: Now sleep swara you must be tired we will think about it tomorrow Swara.
With this he took a pillow & moved towards couch but swara stopped him.

Swara: Where are you going Sanskar ?

Sanskar: I am taking the couch Swara you sleep on the bed comfortably.

Swara(Loudly): No.

Sanskar was shocked.

Swara: I mean we can share the bed we are married na.

Sanskar: But Swara.

Swara: No buts I don’t want you to be uncomfortable because of me the bed is large enough to accommodate both of us. Please Sanskar(Making a puppy face).

Sanskar: Ok(seeing her cute expressions).You don’t have any problem with AC na you know I can’t sleep without it.

Swara: No but don’t keep the temperature too low.

Sanskar switched on the AC & lied on the other side of the bed.

Swara: I know Sanskar you loved kavita & I will never try to take her position in your heart but I promise you I will always be there for you & will always trust you.

Sanskar: Thanks Swara Same goes for me as well I will always trust you I promise.

Swara sleeps after sometime.

Sanskar(In mind): I don’t know what is this feeling Swara but I can’t see you Sad, Can’t see you in tears I will make sure you get all the happiness In your life.
With this he slept peacefully after 5 years.

In night swara was feeling cold & shivering so shifted a little and slept on Sanskar’s Chest.Sanskar unknowingly in sleep put his hand around her waist protectively.

Swasan Room

Both Swara & Sanskar were sleeping peacefully until the sun rays pierced the curtains & Sanskar woke up due to sun rays falling in his eyes.
Sanskar saw Swara sleeping on his chest peacefully he stayed stationery seeing her sleeping peacefully after days. He was admiring his beauty when there was door on knock he came to his senses & Swara’s sleep was broken because of the knock & saw that she was sleeping on Sanskar’s Chest she woke up quickly.

Swara: Sorry Sanskar.

Sanskar: It’s Ok swara.

Swara entered the washroom as Sanskar opened the door & saw Ragini standing outside the door.

Ragini: Sanskar where is Swara It’s her first day & she is sleeping till late.

Sanskar: What the hell is this Ragini first you woke me up & now you are giving me lecture Swara is taking shower get out from here & stay away from Swara.

Ragini: I came to give her these Marwari clothes as she wouldn’t have bought anything yesterday in hurry.

Sanskar: That is not required Ragini Mom has already given here some suits which she will wear you just leave.
Ragini left.

Swara came out of Washroom she was wearing a pink suit (the type of suits she used to wear after marriage).Sanskar was mesmerized to see her & was staring her lovingly. Swara’s words made him come back to his senses.

Swara: Who was sit Sanskar ?

Sanskar: Ragini.

Swara: What was she saying ?

Sanskar: Nothing important Swara but she was happy about something I think she took her relation forward with Laksh ignoring your words that’s why she was happy.

Swara: I warned her but she didn’t listen

Sanskar: It’s Ok Swara let me get ready I am joining office back today.

Swara: Where do you work Sanskar?

Sanskar(Chuckling): You are taking your wife job seriously. Well have you heard of Karma Group of Companies.

Swara: Yes I have they are very famous in Mumbai I have heard it’s owner MS is very khadoos & strict.

Sanskar: Well you want to know the full form of MS.

Swara: You know him.

Sanskar: Yes. ‘M’ means Maheshwari & ‘S’ means Sanskar.

Swara mouthed formed a perfect & comical ‘O’

Sanskar laughed out loudly seeing Swara.

Episode ends on Swara’s shocked face & Sanskar laughing.
Precap: A man entering MM.

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