SwaSan’s upcoming SLAP Argument


Hi guys…i m angel and I have just read a slap argument of fans….

Guys chill plz…

In,the upcoming episode u will see sanskar angry on swara for losing the bangles which he had gifted her.swara will try to talk him but he will avoid her.swara tries to hold him and he jerks her but his hand hits hard to swara unintentionally ans she is about to fall.as soon as sanskar realises what he did he immediately reacts and cares for her.swara knows he didn’t do it deliberately but family members take it as a slap and ragini and sujata scold sanskar whereas swara tries to tell them that he is innocent.

Parineeta will scold swara for being so irresponsible to lose bangles but sujata will shut her up and take swara’s side and speak for her.

Swara will be in guilt for losing bangles gifted by her husband,her love.sanskar will be in guilt as he slapped swara her love…
We will see some emotional romantic scenes between our lovely couple swasan…

I just request bashers to shut their mouths and stop talking rubbish about our swasan…

Their love is unconditional,matchless and unlimited…??

So bashers do not blabber…

Credit to: angel

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  1. I agree angel!!! 🙂 :-* B-)

  2. I cmpltly agree WD u Angel..through ds we’ll gt some Swasan intense scenes..for which we all wr craving for..sooo chill guys..enjoy..its a Swasan centric track..and PLZZZ ANYONE DONT BASH MY SANKU..???? he is sooo sweet.. and Pari bhabi was instigating Sanskar..????? What’s wrong WD her?? Sanskar and Sujju shut her up..and am happy wd ds track.. bt I won’t bear NY MISTRUST track b/w swasan..???wn dy will show ds crap I’ll surely quit..cz TRUST is d base f Swasan Relationship..till dn am fine..☺?

    1. And If we Swasan fans say like ds dn OTHER’S (?) fan will bash Sanku more..so plZzz enjoy ds track..chill..
      #Stay united Swasan fans..
      #Love u Swasan

  3. I am to agree u angel
    because we see sanskar ture love to Swara so he didn’t do that…. they are cute Jodi ya

  4. Awwwwww…i love swasan…and i know nothing can come between them

  5. U r right dr nd i loved it n also eagerly waiting to see it

  6. Angel u r 1000000•/• correct….SWASAN r the best n they will be best….u know I read that their will be some romantic scenes between our heavenly couple….I m eagerly waiting for tomorrow but. I m sure this CVS will try to drag it…..hmmm waiting for it….

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