Hii !! lovely readers n writers.. This is my first ever attempt to write something , specially on our heavenly couple SWASAN… Really sorry for grammatical mistakes n spelling errors.. Hope i’ll not bore u all..

So let’s go inside d story πŸ™‚

Hey Kiddo!!(kiddo is her diary’s name) , tomorrow is my last day here , at Delhi University.. m going back to my home after 3 years .. 3 yeeaarrs(giving stress)
Look now m totally change ,, Swara Bose (yoo she is our Shona) who never went for a walk only without her parents, is now living all alone in hostel that too in a different city.. I know i know u must b shocked ,even me too (saying this she laughed at her own thoughts)

But u know na this place only has given me my life’s best gift n d most important person of my life .. My love ,, my Sanskar <3…She remembered her 1st day of college..

Flashback – 3 years ago..

Swara's monologue( Ohh God ji m soo nervous , today is my first day at college.. Don't know what will happen )

Taking a deep breath she took her 1st step in college(her new life,her new journey) n a cool breeze touched her face … she felt happy n smiled brightly…

As Swara was hell nervous , she didn't noticed someone coming towards her & as a result both dashed n fall down … Ouucchhh !!!!

Without looking at the person she said ,"sorry woo i didn't do it intentionally…"(she was scared n nervous)

The other person get up in said,"Hey don't be sorry , actually i was in hurry so didn't notice u"..

They both looked at each other n passed a smile..

The other person extended her hands n said, "Hii !!!! m Ragini Gadodia,, 1st year engineering student… n u ??"

Swara shake her hands n introduced herself "Hii m Swara Gadodia also 1st year engineering student.."
Ragini- That means we can be friends… can we ???
Swara- ofcourse πŸ™‚
Both together- soo friends !!!!
Again together- Yess !!!! πŸ˜‰ (they both burst out into laugh)

Meanwhile Ragini checked her watch n widened her eyes n murmured,"Todayy m dead !!! how can i be so late ?ΒΏ?
Swara was not getting anything so she asked,"Ragini what happen ΒΏ anything wrong ??
Ragini- Swara !!! today m dead !! u know my bhai(bro) called me n informed me to come fast as he wanted to introduce me to his friends…but look ! i totally forget about that ( she sleped her forehead)
Swara- ohhooo !!! this is d reason ….
anyway u go ,,, i'll meet u later..
Ragini- No noo nooo Swara !!!!! u r also coming with me .. I wanna introduce u to my bhai ,, afterall u r my 1st ever collage friend…
Swara- Ragini u go na i'll meet him later….
Ragini- Swaraaa !! u r coming with me n that's finall.. (with fake anger n pout)
Swara- Haaa !!! meri maa challo… finish ur introduction session fast fast or else we will be late for our class…

They both went to bike stand ,,, where a group of boys were chit chatting n laughing…

Ragini- Uuhhuu Uuhhuu (clearing her throat) Bhaii !!!!!!
The boy turned around as she was facing his back….

The boy- Ragini ki bacchhiii !!!! where were u?? i called u to come fast ,, but instead of coming fast u got more late ….
Wait !Wait !!! waittt !!! …. Did someone rag u ?? R u all rit ?? tell me his/her name..

He was shooting back to back question on her … Ragini got irritated n said ,"Arreeeyyy !!!! Bhai (almost shouting) calm down !! calm down !! nothing happened to me… m perfectly fit n fine…
No one dared to rag Sanskar Gagodia's sister (yooyoo he is our Sanskar) ,,, i was just busy in making new friends…

Sanskar-(narrow eyed) friends ??? who ??
Ragini- ohhooo !!! i forget to introduce u ,, she is Swara ,,, Swara Bose(she dragged Swara n kept her in front of him)

He was mesmerized to see her,,, his heart skipped a bit n a unknown smile appeared on his lips (actually you all know what ,, he was lost in her,, afterall our shona is too beautiful na:-)

Ragini- Bhaii(shaking him) Bhaiii !!! r u listening what m saying ?ΒΏ?

Sanskar- Haa…. wo ..h h..a i heard what u said….

By d way nice meeting u Swara ,,, m Sanskar …(interrupted)
Ragini to Swara – Swara he is my parent's one n only son Sanskar Gadodia n my bhai too….

Swara n Sanskar both looks on shocked…..

Ragini- what ??? why r u looking at me like that ?? i said rit u r my parent's one n only son ,, coz according to me i m a girl (saying this she chuckled)

Swara looked at her amused n laugh….

Now Sanskar is totally lost in her smile,, her smile took his heart away ( awwwww love at first sight)

Sanskar comes back to sence n shake his hand ,, introduced himself as d third year engineering student…

While shaking hand , Swara felt a current passing through her body… she liked d feeling n passed a cute smile to him….

Both were starting at each other n had a short n cutee eyelock whichbwas broken by Ragini …

Ragini- Eheem !! Eheemmm !!! if u both have done , then Swara we should go to class…
Sanskar was embarrassed n Swara smiled a little…
She drag Swara to their class..

Sanskar- yeeh ladki bhi naa (this girl na)… i called her here to introduce her to my friends but look !!! what she has done …!…(shooking head)

Swaragini conversation -(after finishing d class)
Ragini- Swara(no response) Swarraa (still unaffected) now Sswwaarraa( shouting near her ear)
Swara jumped in fear n said," Ahhhh !!! Ragini … why r u shouting ?? m not deaf … i have God gifted ear .. soo..(interrupted)
Ragini- Ohhhh hello !!! madam from last (checking her watch) 2 mint 39 seconds m calling u ,,, but u r busy in ur own worlds n smiling like a mad…
Waise Swara why r u smilingΒΏΒΏ?? Kahiin Love at first sight …. (giggles)

Swara- shut up yaar Ragini !!! kuch bhi(anything haa),,,nothing like that … she blushed a little.(awww soo cute)
Her blushing smile was not unnoticed by Ragini,,, she thought something n smiled….

At d same time Sanskar's condition was also same… He was just smiling ear to ear n little bit blushing too(ufffff!!)…. when his friends asked about it he said nothing n continue his smiling session…

Days were passing like that & Swaragini's bond was becoming strong day by day… Swara Sanskar also cime close… they are now very good friends… everyone adored their friendship… specially our SWASAN… they now can understand each other like they have known each other from ages..

Both felt different from each other ,,, their bonding was beyond friendship… n they both knew it.. their heart knows that they had fallen for each other but never tried to confess as they feared to loose their precious friendship..

Now it's been one year since their friendship started… SWASAN bond was out of d world ,,, they cared for each other,, they miss each other ,, they fight with each other n uskee baad ruthna mannana… Both were super happy…

One day Ragsan conversation πŸ™‚
Ragini- Bhaii wohh i wanna talk to u…
Sanskar- yeah ,,, Ragu tell me…!
Ragini- Bhai it's about Swara(in a serious tone)…
Sanskar- Swara…about Swara… haa tell me Ragu .. is she all rit ?? what happened to her?? neither she come to class nor she is attending my calls… (worried)…
Ragini- Bhai hold on hold on… stop ur express!!! ur Shona is perfectly okk.(awww my Sanskar's Shona)..

Sanskar-(shocked) wha..t whattt … w.h.a.t u sai.d m.y S.hona…(stammered)
What do u mean by that ?? (avoiding eye contact)…
Ragini- Look at me bhai… bhai i said look at me (Sanskar looked at her) Do u love Swara ??( Direct question)…

Sanskar-( hell shocked) whhatt !! wh haat??

Ragini- answer me honestly bhai. !!! i really wanna know d truth… how u feel when u see her ??what feelings u have towards her?? is this really love or just an attraction ???

Now Sanskar was hell shocked… he doesn't know what too say …

Precap- Sanskar's confession n much more….

Hope i didn't bore u all… i just tried to pen down my thoughts… n d story will be based on a true story… minimum 40% scenes are real… but d rest part is my own thoughts… Thnk u…

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    1. Kakali

      Thnk u dear.. πŸ™‚

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u dear… πŸ™‚

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