Swasan’s love (one shot)

Heyaaaa guys myself angel this was my 1st os

Screen starts
Madap is shown in the centre of a big mansion a couple are doing phreas without any happiness in their faces he put sindoor on her forehead marriage got complete soon they both reveled as swasan
Both of them took blessing from the elders
Soon swara gurhapravesh has done
Uttara Sanskar sister took swara to Sanskar room
Uttara left the place swara was alone in the room she sat on the bed thinking how her life got changed in min.

Swara: maa Kay hua Dadi ko
Sumi: shona Dadi was not feeling well she was in last days doctors said there less chances of survival(teary eyes)
Swara: maa can I see dadi (controlling her tears)
Shekar: u can shona dadi is waiting for u come he took her with him
In wards
Already Sanskar and ap dp are present
Dadi: swara I have will u fulfill it think it has my last wish
Swara:dadi wt r u plzzz dont say like that(crying) dadi
Dadi: promise me swara Sanskar
Swasan: okie
Dadi: I want to see ur marriage before I die
All r shocked to dadi wish
Character sketch
Sanskar: only son of dp and ap, he loves his family he never disobeyed his parents in any situation, he also has sister he was 8 yrs elder than swara,he has bitter past but no one knows that even swara

Swara: only daughter of shemish, she loves his family, she was lovely and bubbly girl

Ap and shekar are brother and sister (guys in south we can Marry bua daughter or son)

Both got married bcoz its Dadi last wish

Swara was in deep thoughts soon Sanskar enters into the room seeing swara in deep thinking he called her she came into senses
Sanskar: swara I know without ur agreement they did our marriage
Swara I want to tell u this even I forced to do this marriage I don’t my parents to see sad
Swara Im in relationship in my college but she was back of my money when I got to know I left her. If u want to continue ur studies u can study swara
Swara: thank u Sanskar I thought I have to stop my studies so ur business and my college at sane place no worries na Sanskar okie from now we r frnds not cousins okie
Sanskar smiles both shake their hands
Soon both changed their dresses into night clothes they went near the bed and both slept on the bed with pillows in between
Next day
Sunrays falls on our cute swasan both opens and the seeing their position both are shocked Sanskar was holding swara waist and her head was on his chest pillow place they are on the floor
Soon both composes themselves and went to freshen up
Whole day filled with rituals
Few days later both reached Delhi in this days even dadi kicked the bucket
SM mansion
Sanskar shows whole mansion to swara even there r some workers for in the mansion swara and Sanskar stays in different room soon swara filled the room with full with her teadies
Sanskar: arey swara ur room will be love by ur kids u know(guys I told u Sanskar is 8ys elder than her so he was thinking that she spoiled her life by marrying him) see how u made ur room with all teady bears and all
Swara: listening she felt some pain in her bcoz he mentioned ur kids soon. She comes back and angrly glares at Sanskar
Sanky: ohhhh madam got angry okie madam sry now chalo we will have dinner and tomorrow u have to college
Swara made faces and nodded her head
Both went down and had dinner next
Next wt will happen both slept in their respective rooms
Next Day
Swasan got ready for the college/office they did their bf and left Sanskar dropped swara at ABC college
Sanskar: swara even I will only come to pick u so don’t alone wait for me if I’m late
Swara: smiles seeing his care towards her okie Sanskar bye
Sanky: bye
Sanky left to office Sanskar and swara entered into college she went near her frnds she told them how she got married to her frnds raglak and arjun radhika
Ragini: so guys wt’s say treat the bantha hai
Laksh: yes ragu u r right treat must be given
Swara: okie guys we ever u want u can take from canteen I will pay the bill
All 4 at a tym no we want treat in ur home
Swara: wt??? Soon okie I will but not today it will take tym
This all conversation was listen by sahil he loved swara he was crazy about her but she don’t have any feelings on him
Sahil: (went near swara) how can u do this to me swara u know I love u right then how can u marry someone else he held her shoulder tightly
Swara: ahhh sahil it’s paining leave me I told that I don’t love u
Before her frnds react to his gesture Sahil got a tight punch on his face
All looked towards that direction swara went and hugged him tightly due fear even he hugged tightly caressing her back to relax her
Swara: Sanskar how u came here u known this..
Sanky:shh relax swara I have seen everything I came here to give u phone u forget in car
And u Sahil right u have that dare to harm Sanskar maheswari wife
Swara: don’t no but she felt very when he said SM’s wife she released the hug
Sanskar: I’m giving u last warning Sahil dont do this cheap work with my wife or else u will see worst side of Sanskar
Sahil left the place in anger
All 4went near Sanskar
Ragrad:hello jiju I’m raging and radhika
Lakarj also introduced themselves to him
Sanskar: hello guys okie u all want party so let’s do party
Sanskar pov
I don’t know y when I saw tears and pain in swara eyes I can’t control myself and beat that bastard but y even I didt feel likethis when I’m I. Relation with kavitha we’s happening to me
End of pov
Swara pov
When I saw Sanskar beat Sahil I really don’t know y I hugged I felt so protective in his arms when I heard the word wife I felt so happy y this s happening to me
End pov
At night
All present in Sanskar home for party they all enjoyed alot soon all dossed of in the hall itself Swasan slept on the couch raglak on floor and radarj on another couch
All shocked to see their position
Swara fully on Sanskar both are holding eachother tightly radhika slept on the arjun shoulder hold his hand tightly raglak raging was also full on laksh soon all composes themselves
Sanky: go all get I will drop u ppl In college it’s last yr u all have to study properly go
All nodded went to rooms raglakarjrad they got a pair of dress
All got ready Sanky left them in college
After 1 month
All are in canteen by this swara fell completely for Sanky but Sanky also fell for dear but he was in state that he was elder than her she can’t accept as his husband (he don’t know when angel is how come swara can’t accept Sanskar ?) she was playing the food bcoz she was Sanskar from 3days he was coming home at late night due work leaving early in the morning so she was dull
Ragini: swara u missing Sanskar right
Swara: haaa soon came to senses wt, wt r u saying ragini I’m not missing Sanskar
All laughed seeing her expressions
Laksh: acha then y r u dull
Swara: she no words bcoz her frnds were right (silent)
Radhika: okie swara I have an idea take lunch for Sanskar he will be happy and u will also happy bcoz u were missing him na
Swara: (with bright smile on her face) thank u sir much radu she bids bye to everyone and left the place
SM industries
Swara: hello I want to meet Sanskar where is his cabin
Receptionist: sry sir was very busy do u have any appointment to meet him
Swara: no I don’t have any appointment bcoz I’m his wife
Rec: laughs wt u r his wife loll good joke
Swara: (confusingly) wt joke in dis
Rec: we joke the one who hates women’s (after kavitha incident he started hating all the girls thinking that all r same) how can he marry someone she mummers khadoos sir
Swara: now she angry on rec bcoz she called her husband has kadoos how can she call him like that only I have right on him to call by any name which I want she went near rec. And gave a slap
Rec: who was laughing she stopped and kept her hands on his cheek bcoz of sudden reaction now she got clear that she was his wife
Swara: how can u call my husband has khadoos u idiot only I have right to call him by any name which I want listent carefully only I have the right okie now say where is his cabin
Receptionist showed the direction soon she turned she Sanskar watching all this with shocking xpression
Swara: (smiles and went near him) Sanky no response she shouted loudly sankyyyyyyyy
Sanskar: (came to senses) swara y u have slapped her
Swara: haa slapped bcoz she u has khadoos listen only I have right to call u with any name (innocently)
Sanky: u r impossible girl okie say y u came u don’t have any classes know
Swara: I came here to give Lunch chalo we will eat lunch today u are not coming home properly from 3 days (sad pout)
Sanky: acha okie madam sry I was busy In work now chalo we will eat laugh together today they left to cabin
All staff r shocked to see sweet gesture towards her
They both did Lunch and swara left the office and went to home
3months latter
Farewell party in swara college Sahil has planned to get swara anyhow smiles evily
Swara and all r very excited for the party
Swara: guys I will even call Sanskar we will have more fun if Sanskar is there
All said has u r right it will very fun with Sanskar (Sahil is unaware of Sanskar also will come to the party)
She went to home said to Sanskar that tomorrow is farewell party u have come sanskar
Sanky: with no option he said okie bcoz he know she will never leave if she fix something in her little brain

Screen freezes
To be continued……..

Wt u guys think
Will Sanskar able to save swara???
Or Sahil plan will succeed??

Don’t forget to comment plzzz if u like or dont like also plzzz comment so that I can improve myself guys
Bye bye
Keep smiling ?…..

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