Swasan’s love (one shot)

Hello guys I’m back with swasan love is I’m sry I’didt complete in one shot I thought swasan separation I going on current track so I thought to give u swasan secenes

Let’s start
Swasan got ready for party Sanky was mesmerized to see swara in red long frock
Swara: sanky chalo let’s go but he was not In his senses
She moved her hands she came near his ? and shouted Sankyyyyy
Snaky: ahhh swara y r u shouting
Swara: wt happened to u we r u deep thinking where u lost
Sanky: ntg chalo let’s go
Both reached at venue
When they were about enter Sanky got a call he ask her to get in I will join u afterwards
She nodded her head and left the place he was talking on the ?
Swara went to her frnds soon a waiter gives her drink (Sahil added some powder on the drink and ask waiter to give her and given money to the waiter)
Sahil: smirks now I will see who will save u Not even Sanskar can save u swara
She drank the juice few later she started behaving childish she went on dance floor and doing dance like crazy
Sanky and her frnds who were watching this all r confused for her behavior soon Sanky went near her (Sahil got shocked to see him bcoz he thought Sanky won’t come to the party he can enjoy with swara today but his all plan got wasted for him but not for swasan)
Sanky: swara wet happen to u y r u behaving like this now chalo we will leave
Swara: no I want to dance Sanku darling
Sanskar: darling swara u r out of senses now come on saying this he dragged her out ragrad helped him for getting her out of the venue
Sanky made her sit on the sit on the carche bids bye to raglakradarj no need to worry she will be fine
Soon he reached home she started running in whole mansion asking Sanky to catch her Sanky was frustrated for her behavior and forcefully catched her and lifted her in arms he went inside the room he locked all the doors and made her sleep on the bed so that now she can’t go out of the house he give tablet so that she can come into senses
But soon she dosed off in his arms he smiles seeing her cute face and her childish behaviour
At mid night
Swara woke up and seen Sanskar was hugging her tightly she woke him up and ask why happen to me y u r here Sanky
Sanky: (tells everything to her) chalo u sleep now I will go to my room But swara hold his hand
Swara:sanky don’t go plz don’t leave me I need u I. I.. I love u Sanky I really love u I don’t even it’s correct run or not but I love so much
Sanky:(shocked for her sudden confusion he felt happy in his heart) Swara u r child I’m elder than u it’s just an attraction swa…
Swara:(intrepted) bcoz she got to know that he was thinking about age) see Sanskar we r u thinking its attraction then also it okie Sanskar I’m noT attracted to other na I’m attracted to only my husband if u don’t want to accept don’t accept u r love but don’t say my lovlois attraction And sleep now I want my husband now
Without uttering a word he slept beside swara bcoz we swara said was true I was thinking about age not love
He came out of thoughts and seen swara u was pretending that she slept he smiles and moved towards her ear and (huskily) I love u too swara
Listening this swara was on cloud nine and hugged very tightly I love more Mr maheswari saying this she removed one button of his shirt and bitter hardly on the chest this s for realising our love this late she again hugged him
Sanskar rubbed the bitten area pagal go tum swara but I love u pagal she looked at him both had cute eye lock but soon swara break and kissed him on his lips
Swara: will u make me urs today Sanskar
Sanskar: shocked to listen this but soon he smashed his lips on hers and sucking her lips Hard she moaned in pain taking this an opportunity he entered into her mouth and started tasting the sweet essense of her both of their tongue were playing soon it broken Due to lack of oxygen
Sanky: swara are u sure u want me to do this I mean It will pain a lot Still u want
Swara: overvelled seeing his care towards her plzzz Sanky make ur the pain which will be given by u is pleasure to me plzzz make me complete
Sanky started his work he nuzzled his head onher neck and started giving open mouth kisses Soon he unzipped his dress he removed her dresses now he can clearly seen her full body seeing his gaze she felt shy and hugged him soon he kissed on one of the br***t he sucking it hardly and other hand is caressing other one she pulling him more on her Soon he kissed all over the body
Swara: Sanskar stop teasing me I can’t wait make me ur
He smiles and slowly enters into hers she screamed loudly due to pain seeing her he was about to remove but swara stoped him to remove and shout plz Sanskar not know make me complete He again enters into her before she screams he placed his lips on him to divert her soon it turn into pleasure
He smiles naughty and moved from her she ask wt happen Sanskar plzzz I want to u more
Sanskar: smirks acha then wt about punishment swara if u want more than beg me
Swara: wt punishment sanky
Sanky:u bitter me so hardly so now u have to beg me then I will give more pleasure saying he started teasing her
Swara:wt no way I won’t beg u But I want u
Sanskar again started teasing her now she was out of control acha okie Sanky I beg u plzzz I want u more
Sanky more loud shona
Swara: I beg u Mr. Sanskar maheswari plz love me more I ca.. Before she completes he enters into her with more intense now both became one Sanky falls on her br***t
Swara: I love u sansakar
Sanky: I love more shona
Both soon dosed of in each other embrace

It was beautiful morning for our heavenly couple both r sleeping peacefully in each other embrace sunrays falls on our cute couple Sanky opened his eyes and shocked to see swara but soon hits reality of his confession
Sanky pov
I don’t know that my life will again filled with colour thank so much swara for coming into my life
I love u swara saying this he pecked her forehead
He saw her she was wearing his shirt
End pov
Sanky smirks and kissed on her lips feeling his touch she smiled in sleep he started giving love bites to her still she was sleeping he took her In his arms and went to washroom he took her near the shower he made her stand but still she hugging him and sleeping smiles seeing how she was hugging him
He opened the ? now she opened her eyes and shocked to see herself in bathroom Sanky y u get me her I want to sleep plz but our hero started remove her shirt button
He was shocked for his act Sanky it r u doing leave me na plzzz
Sanky: no way Shona today I want to freshen up with u come let’s do bath together and I know u will be having pain so let me help u (winks at her)
Swara: (she opened her mouth in shock) no Sanky Im fine now leave me but he didn’t listen now she has option she gave up
Soon both got freshen up and came out of the washroom
Dinning table
Swara:Sanky wait she tied a cloth on his eyes she whispers today I will feed u and u want to say the dish name okie And if I loose I will do we ever u say and if u loose u have to do wit I say
R u ready for challenge
Sanky: okie shona ready to loose
Swara: let’s see who will win
1st she kept Some sweets fruits dishes and all at last without She took mirchi and feed to Sanskar
But he didn’t know that it was mirchi he ate that started shouting swaraaaaaaaa pani he removed the cloth to drink he drank one glass but he was about to drink another but swara stopped
Swara: not so soon my husband yesterday we did u do u made me beg na now it’s ur turn beg then only I will give u water
Sanky: swara plzzz give water dek it was very spicy yar give me water.
Swara: yesterday how I begged u like that u have to do
Sanky: (with no option) okie swara I beg give me water plz
Swara: now don’t dare to mess up with me take it she handed over water and sugar so that he will get cure soon
He took he ate sugar now he was feeling better he looked towards who was enjoying seeing his state
He holded her wrist and pulled her with force she land and on her chest he held tightly her through waist
Sanky: u made me beg right now see wt I will do saying this he smashed his lips on her he was sucking her lips very hard (they even forget that now they are in dinning area not in their room) they broke the kiss lack of oxygen
Both are staring each other lovingly so how was my punishment Mrs. Maheswari
Swara: if u give this type of punishment na then I will irritate u daily Mr. Maheswari (winks at him)
Sanky:Swara u know we ur impossible girl
Swara: I know that tell another thing
Sanky: swar…… ( he stopped in between and immediately removed his hands from her waist )
Seen raglakarjrad was observing and laksh was taking photos of them
Sanky: laksh Wt r u doing
Laksh: ntg bhai we were just keeping the memory in sake of pics hai guys
Swasan are embraced listen him she was blushing hard but her question made every one shock
Swara: the pics u have taken is clear or not show me I will see
SanKy: swara wt r u saying I thought u are little crack but no ur completely crack person
Swara: arey Sanky these are memories when we become old by seeing this pic we can cherish our movement we will remember these and all And haaa laksh do one thing u Na always stand back of us when ever we will do romance na u take pictures of it (winks at him)
And haa then u won’t have tym to romance with ragini so breakup today only it will helpful So raglak from onwards they r not in relationship
Laksh: stop it swara I thought I can tease u but u r teasing me
Ragini chuckles seeing his xpression
Swara: very fun now don’t even try to tease me okie
All laughed seeing this
All spent some quality tym and left to their houses
Both are sleeping peacefully hugging each other
Swara: thanks for coming into my life Sanskar
I love u
Sanskar:I love u to Mrs maheswari And I even got to know love has no age difference it can happen to any age saying this he hugged her more tightly
Soon both dosed off

They happily leaved Ever after

Finally guys I have completed my os I happy and thank u very much for all ur response and guys if u ppl free plz read my ff “u r my angel”

Bye bye
Keep smiling always ?

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