Swasan’s :Dreams will come true (Prologue)

Helly Shah as Swara Gadodia (Chirpy, independent and intelligent chemical engineering student yet the loneliest girl yearning for parent’s love that is sacrificed in the favouritism of her parents…..Her sister Neeta and Gini is her world……)

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Maheswari (Masked his realness from the world)
Namish as Laksh (Sanskar’s childhood friend and the coolest engineering student)

Tejasswi as Ragini (Swara’s cousin sister and emotionally depressed after being dumped by her first love)

Parineeta ( Swara’s supportive elder sister and her parents’ angel)

Shekar and Sharmishta (Swara and Parineeta’s parents that are blindly believes in luck)

Dadi (Sultan of Maheswari empire and attached to her only grandson Sanskar…..Judge someone based on family lineage and social status )

Durga Prasad (Sanskar’s father…He is bold and have great capablity sustaining the family business over the years)
Sujatha (Sanskar’s stepmother and generous a woman but remain unaccepted by Sanskar)
Kavitha (Sanskar’s obsessive one side lover and a far relative of Maheswari family)


~The Prologue~

~Endless love is fuelled by endless friendship~

Night falls with a blackness as thick as velvet, engulfs the country with light from a beautiful moon surrounded with sparkling stars on the sky and with the dimmed street lights. Swara is amazed with the exquisite decoration of a hotel with rose petals along the entrance……. Little boys are dressed up in black coats and playing small musical instruments like drums, guitar and violin on the left where as girls are dressed up in white gown holding red roses. Swara is in euphoric as the little girls give her red roses and she collected each from them with hugs and kisses…… The low-toned music played by the little boys is soothing her ears….. Sanskar chuckled as he walks behind her glancing over her unlimited felicity….. Sanskar comes very near her and let go off his hot breathe “May I open the door for you?” As he whispers in her ears, a visible curve sets on Swara’s lips…. She nods and terrified when all the lights are gets blacken…… Suddenly, a light beautifully shines above a table which is covered with a white cloth and rose petals scattered around it and fragrant candle is spreading good vibes in the air…..

Swara bugged out “what is happening around me? We aren’t on a date …Are we?? You hated me right for making you apologise then why all this?” Sanskar gasped and just commanded her to sit while pulling out a chair….. He whispers “ cherish this moment because may be or may not get this surreal moment in your life…… Swara smiles and kept the bunch of red roses on her table….Yet, she pursed her lips as monologue runs in her mind “What’s is he trying to do?” Sanskar again commanded “ close your eyes first and never opens till I say.” She then heard a sound of clap and it gets dissipated in the air when he sounded huskily “Open your eyes now Miss. Swara” She is startled and more amazed to look a moist chocolate cake on a plate written ”Two hearts are meant to be Friends….” Swara giggled “Wow finally after ages you answered that you are accepting my friendship… You seriously created butterflies in my stomach figuring the reasons of the preparations…I swear I am taken aback and glad that we are friends….” Sanskar chuckled “ Chill.. I have my reasons to choose you as friend and now indulge yourself in the chocolate cake.”
Swara pouted “ No way.. I needed to know why me?”

Sanskar smiles ” as far my eyes are concern…. You are extremely dignified as you never bends your self esteem for other’s will…… You are focused and independent because you works a waiter in a restaurant in the evening……You are classy in your simplicity….. You are the epitome of both annoyance and innocence….” I have been hit on by many girls for my personality…status…. appearance but only you had the courage to hit my ego and remain firm to stand up for my intolerance……You truly changed my idea that not all girls are b*t*hy attention seekers ….After all, in my life all my friends are boys and yes we always have fun like clubbing….drunk and drive….late night parties…..Yet, emotionally I am not attached to any except for Laksh which is my closest buddy and more like a brother and after him I kind of attracted to your strength so friendship is the best equation to get to know each other well… …..Truly, you are well deserved in giving a genuine friendship that is only made by heart not genders…….”

Swara blushed and she is over the moon to be praised by him especially it’s way more unexpected because she never knew he can speak a lot…quite a lot….. However, she tries to remain all calm…cool.. composed…..She purposely whispers “Such a stalker you are…” Sanskar arched his eyebrow “Whatever!!! Swara grins “It’s my dream to get a good friend but the reality turns out better than my dream…” Sanskar nodded and whispers ” OK, now you want to eat the cake or going to just look …..” Swara giggled and her taste buds are uncontrollable when it meets the chocolate cake…She is stuffing herself into it………He couldn’t stop gazing her and slowly his mind rewinds vividly to their first encounter….

~It takes moments to judge someone but a lifetime needed to understand~

Swara crushing into Sanskar suddenly in the library….She is dismayed and jerks herself away from him…She whispered” Sorry…By the way we both share same class naa but haven’t introduce to each other..”She forwards her hand “I am Swara..You?” Sanskar gasped” Do I look I care? Get away from my sight…” He walked away leaving Swara dumbfounded! She chased him and snaps her finger “Hey Mr.Grumpy! You should rather apologise than facing my wrath for being ill mannered!!? Sanskar snorted “Mind your language Miss Swara…Just dream that I would be sorry and before my rage explodes just stop drooling for my attention…..Swara giggled “Your attention??! What do you think of yourself???Mr.World to flirts on you! Sanskar walked away but Swara matched his speed and stopped him…Sanskar knit his eyebrows”What the hell you want now?” Swara rolled her eyes “An apology!” Sanskar open his arms “You are impossible so I challenge that do whatever you want but Sanskar Maheswari will never do it…..” He vanished in a glimpse of seconds and Swara cursed herself for bumping into Sanskar Maheswari yet she is all ready teach him a good behaviour before the day ends…………

Swara stalks Sanskar for hours watching his every move and she got a magic brisk when he placed his mobile on the library table and left to washroom…Swara sneaked into his things and keep his mobile into her bag…. Swara sits on the chair he used some time ago…..A victorious smile dwelling on her face…. Sanskar is taken aback when he return and he snaps his finger “Why the hell you are here now?” Swara hushed him “It’s library and yes I came to redeem your sorry…Your mobile is superb in my opinion Mr.Sanskar Maheswari?!” Sanskar frowned”Are you for real to play hide and seek now…I warn you to return my iPhone as my dadi gifted it for me….” Swara chuckled” Wow sentimentalism??! Sanskar pulled her away and pinned her to the wall “Don’t you dare to mess with me…I swear you are troubling without knowing me….”She sighed as he grasps her hand “I know well that you are plain rude and you have to apology for your ruthless rudeness and saying a sorry never lowers your dignity……” Sanskar let go of her hands and brushed his fingers into his hair “Will you return it if I say sorry….” Swara nodded “Of course…. I know you won’t spare me if I don’t?” Sanskar huffed “Sorry Miss Swara…” Swara smiled and runs off to get his mobile…She passed to him but he glared….

Swara holds her ears with a puppy eyes “I am sorry too..”For a moment he is spellbounded with her irresistible cuteness…He nodded….Swara forwards her hand with a questioning grins “Please don’t create enmity between us so friends now?” He remain inattentive but scanned her fully with his dreamy eyes and walks away hurriedly….. Sanskar is mummified in his unvanishing thought “She is impossible but should I give her a chance??! ..She is different from any common b*t*hy females I ever meet……She touched my ego yet I don’t feel to hold any grudge against her…She is too bold and her smouldering eyes is pricking my heart…. Who’s she???If it’s other girls I would made them dig their own grave but she took my Maa’s gift and I am begging her to return…Did i just say sorry to her???Is saying sorry that easy that I utter in few seconds??? He sighed angrily” Sanskar just chill and she only wants to be my friend…..She shouldn’t gets my friendship easily as her every actions are going to roam in my eyes carefully then I will decides if she can be a trusted friend….. ”

~Beauty attracts the heart, personality captures the heart ~

Swara after indulging the chocolate cake snaps her finger at Sanskar whom is not taking off his eyes from her….He is all loss recollecting their epic first meet…Everything changed…….He knew she is worthy to be a part of his life at least as a friend……Swara hits Sanskar “What’s on my face Sanskar? Why are you staring for a long time ???! Sanskar smiled “nothing…..” Swara nodded and whispers “Anyway I am happy that we became friends at least after few weeks…You are behaving completely stranger until today and till now I can’t believe you invited me for a dinner…… She grins beautifully and passed the chocolate cake to him…He refused “No, thanks… I don’t eat all these unhealthy desserts…..Swara puffed “Unbelievable…I thought you are grumpy but you are fussy…” Sanskar snorted “What else you have to taunt about me???” Swara giggled “grumpy…arrogant …..fussy. Mr. Attitude…. Sanskar rolled his eyes “Whatever!!!” Swara laughed and entwine their fingers “ You are incredibly a handsome hunk…stylish….dreamy eyes… Swara winked at Sanskar “ Not satisfy yet with the compliments…Wait I have more…”

Sanskar hushed her and Swara chuckled “Apart from that, you are truly a sweetheart….perfectionist…observant…. industrious……intelligent…….emotionally vulnerable…..You are interesting creature because you are rich but not a spoil brat…You are epitome of kindness but you masked it with arrogance…You don’t have to do all this to let me know I am your friend but you put in all your efforts to do it….You made me feel special for the first time in my life …You absolutely surprising me with two extremes of personality but I am lucky to meet your arrogance that leads to the good side of you… Not forgetting a good listener and a trustable friend…” Sanskar sarcastically grins “Wow! You stalked me too!” Swara chortled “After being Laksh’s friend without your knowledge should I miss the chance to watch you??” Sanskar laughed…… Finally they had their dinner together and most importantly it was a complete Indian cuisine as a part of impressing Swara with her favourite dishes…Poor Sanskar, he is cursed to try all these dishes that comes in abudant oil without any hesitation…………….. Swasan’s friendship is just a beginning of their endless love that will face storms and hurdles to be together….Realisation of love for each other will spark when the flame of friendship sets on fire……….

To be continued?

I am Dashni and complete stranger to all except some of them because its not my first fiction but fan fiction of the characters played by actors……….I am an addicted Swasan and Ishqbaazian fan…How’s my prologue swasanians?-. It’s a dream of a girl to have a imperfectly perfect life partner that makes us feels happy and secured…I…. This love story begins with friendship and will faced hurdles to be together….I will continue it if only you guys want to read so do comment and every chapters will be posted weekly twice if possible ???

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