swasan+raglak…. unique love ss

Hi guy.i am new here.i am a big fan of swasan raglak.i want ur support. Plz support me.

Shekar a gangster of india. he has 4 daughter he love them very much.his daughter’s r swara ,ragini,easha and shumi.swara is 28.ragini is 18.easha and shumi is twins.their age is 13.
Dp is also a gangster. He has 4 son .sanskar, laksh,sanjay,adity. Sanskar is 29,laksh is 20,sanjay is15,adity is 14.
Sanskar is a gangster and swara is also a gangster. They both r very dangerous for world .but very kind for family.swara can do anything for her sister and dad.
And sanskar also love his family dearly.any one can’t thing bad for their family.swara’s mom die in an accident. And sanskar mom is in coma.
1)how will swara sanskar meet
2)how will they both fall for each other?

Credit :zara Khan.

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  1. interesting..

  2. waiting for next

  3. Interesting dear and please continue

  4. Plzz try to give equal importance to both the pairs

  5. Sanjana(sara)

    Superb, awesome. Its very interesting.

  6. Thanks all and I will give important to both couples. …?

  7. Thanks all.and I will try to give importance to both couples

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