swasan+raglak…. unique love ss (epi-2)

Hi back again with my story .guys I think u don’t want me to continue with this story but guys may itni asanise phicha churnay wali nahi hoi.akhir panjab di kuri ho?.

So lets start the story:

A big palace? is shown there is a very huge room a girl is shown inside the room. She is wearing jacket and she has a strait long hair .she is taking her gun. She is calling her sister’s ragini,shumi,easha where r u ?just then a voice came from an other direction .coming swara di.(yes guys the girl is none other than our swara).
Just then a girl come and say di plz help in combing my hair.swara ha shumi come may carday thi hu.she then comb her hair.(?ohh kitna pyaar hai dono may.mere behen meri taraf dekthi bhi nahi ? )then another girl come and say di mere Tiffin then swara give her 1000rs. (??kas swara jase meri behen hoti)say apnay dosto ko bhi kilana easha. (Yes the girl is easha .my bestie beauty.miss u beauty.)then swara call a girl and say ragini kaha hay tu Teri training ka time horaha hay. Then a girl come say di cale (Yes guys she is none other than ragini.)she is also wearing a jacket of black colour.swara then take her bmw key and ragini take her car key.and left for training. Swara than came again to house and give bike key to both easha and shumi .say enjoy ur life cuties.easha and shumi get happy and thanx her with a warm hug.swara goes.but both our two pranksters never spare any one. (guys forget to tell both easha and shumi face is same only they can identify with a mole in up of the lips.which shumi has. Guys you can imagine ruhi from yehe mohabbatein )

At road:

Shumi ,easha was riding bike respectively. One boy was mesire seeing easha while she was laughing. The boy speak to him self that: beta sanjay tuje kiya huya hai (Yes the boy is sanjay.)

Other side in an isolated swara’s bmw stop and ragini s car also.their she saw a boy practicing gun fireing (guys sorry i dont now what it is called. Sry?)He stop seeing swara.he look to ward swara while smiling .his friend shocked see him smiling .his brother come to him and ask kuch kuch horaha hai .he replied ha then he come to reality and say kiya hoga kiya hoga.his bro say Bhai why r u lying when u can’t lie .you r laughing the great gangster sanskar maheswari is laughing.(yes guys he is sanskar. He is a gangster )he say laksh shut up.(yes the other boy is laksh he is taking training )he then saw that direction where sanskar was seeing. He saw ragini beside swara and get mesired.

On the other hand in market :

Shumi was doing shopping she like a dress and gose to try that and come out .she is looking fabulous. She is wearing a gown of black colors .she ask easha how she loking easha said fabulous. Their 2 boy is who is seeing the with confusion. Then easha also buy same color dress.

On way of coming easha and shumi. Was riding bike and talking to each other then in front of them a car come and stop .shumi stop bike and ask easha to stop the bike .easha stop bike.two boy comes shumi start shouting at them but easha stop her and ask her to say sorry. Shumi say sry.and the boy say wait .shumi come to him and say what.he say name to batathi jao.he say my name is ur name.she say my name is shumi .Gangster swara ki behen or gangster shekhar ki beti. Then they saw some one is laughing loudly .they see in right side easha and sanjay talking and loughing .easha say my name is easha.sanjay say sanjay.easha invite them to their house.then they left to house.leaving the boys alone.

Precape:swasan and raglak talk

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    Fantastic,awesome, tu kamal ki writer hai bestie. Its just awesome.

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