SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Intro)

Hello everyone. I m new here and I don’t know many people around. I m going yo write a story which I thought matches with the characters of my fav serial Swaragini. I cant promise you a great story or awesome romance between my couples . Oh. I forgot to tell you its about Swasan and Raglak. A big sorry for Swalak and Ragsan fans but don’t wore I m sure there would be many ff which would have them as a couple and I m triple sure their ff must be much cooler than mine. I know its a very ordinary story and i don’t promise you anything new but still if you like it do respond by commenting. Not wasting much time lets start the introduction.

Sanskar Maheshwari and Laksh Maheshwari are best friends and brothers who love each other a lot. They have a common best friend Ragini Gadodia with whom they have played since childhood.

Ragini wears a masquerade all the time. U don’t mean she is a negative person but she feels guilty for her sister’s death Mishti (Swara). They were small and they had hone to the Bay of Bengal for some Pooja.
Ragini then a five year old kid asks her elder sister to have some fun. She disapproves but seeing her puppy face she agrees reluctantly.
Both the girls fo near the beach. Ragini sees a star fish a little ahead and Mishti gets scared of the strong lashing waves so tells Ragini to come back but she does not agree. So she goes to escort her there but herself gets caught in the middle of the waves. She is carried by the high currents.

Then Mishti now Swara lives a middle class life in Mumbai. She is happy but unaware of her roots. She has her bracelet which Ragini had gifted her on her birthday.

The story starts when all four become 18 years old and start going to college and they cross each other’s path.

Precap : Sanskar gets an admission in Mumbai’s top most college and Raglak also get admission together but in kolkata .

Credit to: Shelly


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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..