SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 8)

Precap : Raglak dance. Ragini comes to know about a guy proposing her. She is confused. Swasan go on a bike ride. Sanskar gets a calls which angers him a lot.

Swara : What happened ? All cool?

Sanskar immediately starts his bike and heads to the police station.
Sanskar : Swara you stay out of this!

Sanskar gets inside and the police inspector tells him. “This guy had hit the old man and run away. It’s a clear and hit and run case.”

Sanskar : I want him to get punished. The maximum punishment. Tour fault is not that you had hit him but it is leaving that poor man alone in the road. Don’t you have brains to think how his family would feel seeing him on the verge of dying.

The man apologise and tells them to forgive him he will never repeat his mistake. He is taken inside the lock up. Sanskar talks to the inspector about the formalities.
Meanwhile Swara asks the constable
“What’s the matter?”
Constable : That young guy. He found an old man who had an accident. He admitted him to the hospital and payed all his expenses and medical fees and even filed an FIR. Now the man is caught who had done the accident and is guilty.

Swara thinks “Sanskar has a beautiful heart!”
Sanskar goes with Swara.
Sanskar to Swara : Sorry for taking you to such a place where all the murderers thieves rapists are kept. I m really sorry.

Swara : I know everything Sanskar. I cant believe that there are still so many people in this world who are so selfless and sacrificing. I m lucky to be your friend.

Sanskar : I m lucky to be yours.

Swara : Oh please!
They both get on the bike and drive to their home.

Ragini as soon as entered the college gets a bouquet of roses. She looks at them in disbelief.
She gets in to the hall way. A handsome guy named Rahil comes and proposes
“I love you Ragini. Will you be mine forever?”
Ragini’s ears start echoing all the words. “I think this is the only way to make Laksh realise his love.” thinks Ragini. Laksh enters and is shocked. He goes to the guy and holds him by collar. “How dare you ask my friend out?”

Ragini shouts “Laksh leave him!”

Laksh : Why Ragini? He already embarrassed you so much.

Ragini : You are embarrassing me not him. I also love him.

Laksh leaves his collar as soon as he hears it. He leaves in anger. Ragini smiles “Possessive Laksh I love it!”

The next few days Swasan continue their more than friendship stance not realising they were falling in love.

Ragini was worried as Laksh had not come to college since that day and neither he was picking up his call.
She goes to Maheshwari Mansion.

Dp : Come beta!

Ragini : Aunty where is Laksh? He had not come to college since a week. I hope he is okay. He is neither picking up my call.

Dp : Oh he didn’t tell you. He flied to London last week and he will study law there. It’s a five years course over there. We will definitely miss him alot. Sanky is also not here. And I was shocked seeing Laksh getting so serious about his studies and job.

Ragini : I m also very happy for him. Okay aunty I will leave.
She leaves teary eyed. “Why Laksh? How could you do this! I did this all because of you but you..”
Ragini continues her relationship with Rahil as she was scared to break his heart.
Its almost three years and SwasanRag have completed their course.

Swara was wandering in her home when her eyes fall on the newspaper.
“Business tycoon Prithvi Sanyal got engaged to his girlfriend in slow jey affair in Kolkata.”

Swara thinks “How could he do this? O don’t believe it! My mom here has given up on love and there he is enjoying his new love life. Papa I will come there and open your eyes!”

She calls Sanskar and tells everything.
Sanskar tells that “she will also go with him to Kolkata.”

Swara agrees right away and tells her mom. Her mom is happy “My daughter is growing up.” thinks she.

Precap : Swasan are in the airport. Sanskar sees Ragini and shows Swara her friend since school days. Swaragini meet for the first time.

I know this episode may not be liked by Raglak fans but guys this is how the story goes. Even if you don’t like it I will change the plot soon. Just wanted to tell you story needed this.

Credit to: Shelly


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