SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 7)


Precap : Swasan dance. Laksh sends Anshuman to police.

Kolkata : The same day somewhere at 4 pm

Ragini was upset and sat near her bed on the floor. “Why this happened with me? I don’t care about myself. But god why did you hurt Laksh. He doesn’t deserve this. Why you always hurt the people near me.”
She gets a paper wrapped in a smiley ball.
“Keep smiling like this ball! And come down to spread sunshine right away.”
Ragini rushed out and sees Laksh. Laksh notices her puffy red eyes and she runs to hug him. They embrace to each other and Laksh wipes off her tears. “I know you didn’t have lunch.”says Laksh. He drags yet down the lane near a Pani Puri Shop and both have Pani Puri.
Laksh : How do you eat this! So spicy.

Ragini : I wonder you are a real Marwadi? So much naunces….

Laksh : Stop pulling my leg like Sansky bhai.

Ragini : By the way what is he doing there in Mumbai. Looks like he forgot us.
She says this gulping another Puri. They pay and leave. “Nothing like that. You know na how he is.. Totally Sanskari.

Ragini laughs aloud and slowly it starts drizzling which turns out into rain. Ragini thinks “This is a sign of us being soul mates. See the first train brings two lovers closer.”
Laksh runs inside a shop. Ragini follows him and drags him in the park. She starts singing “Tum hi ho.” Laksh also sings with her. They dance with each other not caring about the people who surrounded them. Moreover the kids join them..
Ragini : Thank you Laksh! For always being with me. Promise me you will never leave me alone. Because the fear of loneliness is my greatest fear which I think I can never overcome

Laksh : Promise Ragini. I will never..

Swara jumps on the bike. Sanskar wonders whether this girl has any patience or not. He asks Swara “Wont you let me ride the bike?”

Swara : Oh sorry.

Swara gets down. Sanskar gets on the bike followed by Swara.

Sanskar : Take care Swara.

Swara unknowingly wraps her hands around Sanskar’s back. Sanskar is great at her touch. He looks back to see if she is okay. They both stare each other.
Another man who was taking his car out tells them “Stop your romance guys. Let us allow to take our vehicle outside.”
Sanskar immediately starts his bike. He smiles at his words.
While going he looks at the middle aged driver ” We were not romancing!!”
He drives away while Swara smirks. She had made his tire puncture. They both laugh.
Sanskar : I never did such a prank in Kolkata. It was always my brother Lucky.

Swara : Oh I remember I saw his photo that day. I would like to meet him personally..

Sanskar : You would definitely like his company. He is not at all boring like me..

Swara : You might be boring but I bet i love your company a lot.

Sanskar stops his bike as soon as he heard this. Swara’s chest bangs on his back. “Sorry I guess a boulder. Keep your hands on my shoulder otherwise I fear you may fall.”
Swara keeps her hands on his shoulder. Swara’s hair starts fluttering in the breeze. They drive for a whole and then Swara notices the ice cream shop.
“I want ice cream!!!!!” Swara shouted.

Sanskar : At this hour of night? You cant be serious.

Swara : I m serious. I want ice cream right now!

Sanskar : You are impossible and mad totally.

Swara : Yep. That’s me… Mad … Impossible.
She gets off the cara nd runs to the parlour.
“One chocolate milk shake and a chocolate ice cream”ordered swara.

Sanskar : I also want ice cream not a milkshake.

Swara glared at him “That’s my order. You order for yourself.”

Sanskar : I need a mango crush.

Swara : Be quick.

Waiter : Sure mam. Here it comes in a minute.
Swara empties her milk shake and takes the ice cream outside. “Try chocolate?”

Sanskar : I don’t like chocolates.

Swara : You mist be kidding right? Man who the hell does not like chocolates..

Sanskar : Nope. I don’t like it.

Swara gushes her ice cream in his mouth. He tastes it. “Why didn’t i like chocolates in my life? It’s delicious.”

Swara : My choice..
Sanskar gets a call. He gets angry and Swara gets scared seeing his anger.
Same night in Kolkata.
Ragini thinks about Laksh.. “When he will realise my love?”

Ragini’s friend Yashika tells her that there is this guy who like her a lot. His name is Ishan. He might be proposing you.
Ragini : You know that I m interested. I only love Laksh!

Yashika : Just say him a yes. Then see Laksh burning in jealousy.. It would he so fun…

Ragini : I ll think about it..
She remembers how Laksh and She met for the first time in school. A boy was teasing her when Laksh confronted her being a macho man since school days.

They become friends.

Laksh always used to date girls and whenever had a break up he used to cry and the shoulder upon which he leaned was always Laksh.
Sanskar was always studious guy longing to fulfil his parents every wish.
Laksh always used to face taunts and only Ragini understood him.

She started developing feelings for jim but feared he might reject her proposal so never dared to ask him out.

She sees his photos and starts laughing seeing her memories with her. Her life had always revolved around him. He always made happy when she was sad thinking about her lost sister.(Swara aka Mishti) she always thought that it was her fault. Had she not asked her to fetch something in the sea she would have never drowned.

Sanjana worries why is Swara late. She remembers how she got Swara. “I found Swara at that point of my life when my marriage was falling. She was apple of my and Prithvi’s eyes
(ex-husband ). They adopted her. Things got more worse between them when she realised Prithvi was cheating her. She asks for divorce which he granted. I never told you Swara that you are not my daughter. I mean you are not my biological daughter. I fear you will leave me just like Prithvi.”

Precap : Rahil proposes Ragini. Laksh is shocked.

Thinking about taking a leap and making Swaragini meet? What do you think????……

Credit to: Shelly

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