SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 6)

Precap : Raglak fresher’s party. Laksh beats Anshuman who tries to misbehave with Ragini.
Ragini is shocked to see her state. She remembers she started feeling dizzy. Laksh enters and gives her clothes. Ragini asks ” what happened yesterday ? ”
Laksh tells him everything.
Ragini : Thanks Laksh ! I ll just change.
She sees the clothes. It was different for her a bit too revealing. But it was definitely better than the torn out clothes. Ragini takes almost half and hour. Laksh wonders what she is doing. He knocks the door. Ragini opens it. “Just five minutes Laksh.”
she says.

Laksh notices the untied lace of her dress. “You are not a demon to stretch your hands and tie them up. Ap you need my help or shall I call Anshuman?”

Ragini punches him on his stomach. She shows her bare back. Laksh ties it occasionally touching her bare back which made her shiver.

Sanskar was excited to see his new bike. He goes to Swara’s place but finds out that she already left.
He also heads to college. On his way he sees an old man meeting an accident and seemed serious. He takes him to the hospital through the cab and admits him. “Just save his life doctor! I don’t give a damn on the money. Just save his life….”
Doc : Its our duty. Don’t worry.
Sanskar leaves.

He heads to the college. Swara asks her the reason for his late arrival.
Sanskar : Sorry baba. But you too left without me.

Swara : Okay sorry! By the way Riya has kept a party and has invited you too.

Sanskar : Ohh. How sweet of her. Riya is such a nice girl.

Swara gets jealous. Sanskar looks at her face and smiles.

Sanskar started laughing at seeing her face.

Sanskar : You look so adorable when u r jealous.

Swara : Who said I m jealous? I m not jealous at all!! I m getting late for the lecture. Ma told me not to bunk for some stupid guys

Sanskar : How dramatic you are. Like really

Swara : Yep. That’s me! Now chalo…

Both go to the lecture hall. A boy throws a paper which hits Swara’s ears. She starts rubbing it. Sanskar removes her hand.
“You should not rub it. Stupid.!”
He opens her eyes a little bit and starts blowing gently over it. A cool breeze starts blowing which makes Swara’s hair fall on her face. Sanskar puts the hair gently behind her ears.
Everyone look at this awesome moment. They start singing “tum hi ho.” Swara realises this and straightens herself away from Sanskar. She goes to her seat. Meanwhile Sanskar holds the collar of the guy and warns him “Next time you do this. I ll not leave you.” He sits beside Swara. The lecturer comes. Swara and Sanskar steal the glances at each other in between the lecture. As soon as it gets over Swara reminds him of the party.
Sanskar : I’m these clothes?

Swara : What’s wrong with you. Look at me. What the hell m I wearing. A royal dress or something. Stop blabbering.

Sanskar : Common. I wont wear this at any cost. You head to the party. I ll meet you there.

Swara : Fine!

Sanskar leaves and goes to the hospital to see the old man. He is happy to see him conscious and fine. He thanks the doctor for saving him and says sorry to the old man. “Sorry grandpa. Can I call you grandpa?”

Old man : Sure beta.

Sanskar : Sorry. I couldn’t stay back. Actually, I have this crazy friend of mine who was going on giving me calls. And she must me waiting at the party. Don’t worry I ll make sure that reckless driver gets his punishment.

He leaves and heads to Riya’s place. He realises he has to change or Swara might be suspicious. He changes his route and heads to R Mall. On his way he sees Swara. She was helping the kids by making them stand over the gate and crossing the drains. Sanskar thinks “You are not only beautiful in your looks but also by heart! And my heart cant stop falling for you.”

Sanskar drives away as he doesn’t want Swara to know that he lied. He goes to mall quickly buys some clothes and comes out wearing them. He was wearing a white tee with a leather jacket and blue denims.

He reaches Riya’s place. All the girls get crazy seeing this new Handsome hunk. He gets all the girls’ attention.
Swara starts fuming in jealousy. She sits at one corner. Everyone dance and asks Sanskar’s hand.
“Despo girls!!! Give him some space.”
Swara thinks. Sanskar comes closer to her and asks her hand. All the girls are shocked. “Asking that girl who is not even properly dressed!”
“No wonder!” All the girls comment in dismay.
Swasan go on the dance floor. As soon as they step a romantic song is played. “Zehnaseeb….” Sanskar wraps his hand around her neck and they dance. After the song gets over, they chat about here and there. “Swara! Tell us something about your dad.” A girl popped out this question and gave a wild smirk.
Sanskar changes the topic by telling Riya “Wont we get any dinner?”
Riya : Sure
They have dinner. Sanskar notices traces of food on her face. He signals it. She tries to wipe but in vain. Sanskar wipes it off for her. Swara feels as if electric current flowed through her body. His touch did have some effects on her body.

Swasan leave. Sanskar offers to drop her on his bike.
Swara : Why are you screwing our friendship by being so formal. Just be yourself!
She jumps on his bike.

Precap : Swasan bike ride. Raglak enjoying in rain

Again a blunder . But this time its really bad. Forgive me. I know this update will upset u a lot…

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