SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 5)

Piya dear yes I m like a big big fan of BFF so I kept Swara’s step parents as their name. And there is a small love story about Sanvi too. M glad all you guys loved my story

Recap : Swara saves Sanskar from ragging. Laksh gives up on girls. Sanlak cute convo on girls.

Swasan were doing their assignment together. Swara sees a picture of Sanlak and asks if he is your brother.
Swara : (jokingly) You brother is much hotter than you.
Sanskar : Yes indeed! After all he is my bro.
Swara : I was just kidding. Don’t take me seriously you always do that ! Huh.
Sanskar : So you mean I m hot right ?
Swara : Sanskar . You are impossible. Lets continue with our assignment. We don’t have so much of free time.

Sanskar gazed at her with his heavy eyes. Swara realises he was tired. So she tells him “Sanskar. I m really tired. I want to sleep. Bye!”
Sanskar : Thank you. I mean bye. Take care.
He says in mind “Thank you for understanding me Swara.” And smiles.
Ragini was getting ready for the fresher’s party. She came down wearing a gorgeous off shoulder Emerald green dress. Her mom sees her and couldn’t speak a word. She was speechless looking at her beautiful daughter.
Dadi : Sumi. Cant you tell my Laado that she’s looking flawless. Always behind my Ragu. Jealousy??

Ragini laughed. She knew Dadi was joking. Dadi so far always made her believe that her taunts were not serious. But only Sumi knew she was damn serious about every single word she spoke.
Sumi : Ragu. You are looking beautiful! Now come to the hall . Laksh is waiting for you.
Dadi : Uh oh. Not that guy again! This boy I wonder when he will stop being lazy and do some work like his brother.
Ragini glares at her Dadi and leaves. Laksh was awestruck looking at her beautiful best friend. Both go hand in hand smilingly. Dadi gets irked seeing them together.
They reach the grand fresher’s party. All boys notice Ragini and start complimenting her. Laksh gets jealous as he hardly got any girls attention.
Ragini : Don’t worry. You are looking okay.
Laksh tickles her and both start playing. Anshuman comes with his gang. He signals his friend and points towards Ragini. The other guy shows him thumbs up. Raglak unaware of the conspiracy planned by Anshuman start dancing when a romantic song plays. Laksh gets uncomfortable but still continues. He lays his right hand on her bare waist and clutched his left hand. Both swirl each other distancing themselves and suddenly coming close to each other with their chests hitting each other. Ragini was about to fall but Laksh holds her back holding her waist tighter and was about to brush his lips on hers
Ragini : Leave me Laksh. What are you doing ?

Laksh : Sorry. I got carried away.
He immediately leaves her. Ragini thinks what the hell she did “He was going to kiss me and I stopped him. How mad I am!”
She calls out the waiter and asks for a drink. “One drink would do me no harm!” She drinks it. Anshuman smiles. Laksh thinks that he should ignore Ragini as he had already crossed her limits. Ragini’s head starts feeling heavy and she feels very dizzy. She decides to take a stroll in the campus and goes out. Anshuman quietly follows her and holds her hand. Ragini tries to revolt but now the drink was impossible for her to handle. She surrenders. Anshuman drags her to a classroom and tries to kiss her forcibly and tears her clothes.
Laksh could not find Ragini and gets worried and foes out. He hears Ragini’s voice “Leave her! You jerk.” He immediately shouts as soon as he sees Anshuman with her. He again tries kissing her this time on lips. Laksh goes bear to him and punches him on his face. He thrashes a bench on him and kicks him hard. This time the duel was severe and Laksh gets injured though he had overpowered Anshuman.

He sees Ragini in a barmy state with her torn clothes. He gives wraps his jacket around her. “I cant take her home in this state.”he thinks.
He decides to call Sumi and says her “Aunty Ragini is going out with her friend Diya. She told me tell you as you might get worried.” Sumi says “okay.” Laksh then calls AP and tells her that he will be with his friend Rishab.
Laksh goes to a hotel and lays her. He sees her unconscious and says “I m sorry. I was not there to protect you. That ugly guy spiked your drink and I couldn’t stop him. How dare he .. He tried to kiss you .”
Ragini wakes up and sees her torn clothes and remembers her struggling when she had the drink.
Laksh gets a call and leaves in anger. Ragini tries to stop him but in vain. She wonders what happened last night.
He sees Anshuman in the police station. He shows her evidence against him when he tried to molest Ragini and beat him. He had clicked a picture as he knew he would require it to get rid of him permanently.
“Happy that Anshuman chapter is over forever.” thinks Laksh.

No precap today

! Sorry.

Sorry for Few Swasan scenes. I m trying to balance it but its really difficult. Some times its more Swasan or sometimes more Raglak. I hope you all don’t mind this.

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  3. I’m not able to understand the concept of the story like iz swara was lost in her childhood something like that happened can u plzz explain a bit in ur next episode nd can you please add something like swara’s accident nd sanskar is worry about it

    1. Okay dear. I ll poet a small story so far asap.

  4. Nice..bt pls nxt time more swasan scene

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