SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 4)


Very few Raglak moments today sorry Raglak fans

Maheshwari mansion
Laksh was startled at the ominous silence at his home.
Laksh : Common! How can you all miss Sanskar bhai so much. I m so happy now his room and all its stuff is mine. And after all aren’t we both brothers enough for you all!
He pointed at Adarsh and Adarsh gives him a fake smile seriously not interested in his childish chap.
Adarsh looks at his wife and he hurriedly goes to kitchen to bring the dinner. The Maheshwari family have their dinner with Laksh trying to make them happy with the help of her sister Uttara but all in vain.
In his room he calls Sanskar.
Sanlak convo.
Laksh : Bhai you had dinner?
Sanskar reminisces his dinner with her new friend Swara.
Sanskar : Swa..
Laksh : What swa bhai .
Sanskar : (banging his head)Swadisht . The dinner was awesome you see because I made it.
Laksh : Anyways we all are missing you and no one has talked sce you left. Everyone is missing you badly.
Sanskar : (lifting his collar but realises there is no one) of course you all should miss me! Ma had dinner na?
Laksh : Do you think I would let both our ma have sleep without their dinner . Not even in my dreams I cam do that!
Sanskar : And what about Adarsh bhaiyya and Bhabhi. Are they all good?
Laksh : Yes.
Sanskar : And how was your college day?
Laksh tells him everything and Sanskar is horrified to hear all that.
Sanskar : If this all ever happens with me I will never react the way you did! You should respond.
Laksh : Yeah right. Show my left cheek after they slap my right one. Right bhai that will be your response na! You are Impossible ! I m sleeping now as I m really exhausted. bye!
Sanskar keeps his phone and starts thinking what he would have done.
The next morning.
At IIM, Mumbai.
Sanskar had just entered and he faces the wrath of ragging. He keeps on saying to himself “Sanskar don’t react just respond!”
Boy 1 : Here comes our new target. Come with us.
He lifts Sanskar by his collar. Sanskar quietly follows him.
Boy 2 : Strip strip strip!
Sanskar : Forget it i will never do it.
Boy 1 : Are you sure you are denying us?
Sanskar: Yes you heard right.
The boy punches Sanskar hard on his face but Sanskar thinks “RESPOND”
Another one was going to come straight on his stomach but another hand stops it. Sanskar was amazed as he gathers courage to look up he sees his new bright sunshine Swara!
Sanskar : Swara
Swara : Sanskar come with me.
The boy holds her wrist. This time Sanskar slaps him hard. Swara looks on. The other guy meanwhile tries to hit Sanskar on the back of his head but Swara holds his hand and pushes him away.
She takes sanskar to the Dean’s cabin and they complain about the boys and also tell him about the ragging incident.
The dean promises to expel the boys and does whatever he had promised.
Swasan attend the lectures together and head home. Both give each other a smile and Sanskar says to Swara
” Thank you so much for whatever you did today. I wonder from where you brought all this bravery from your dad or mom. I seriously wonder.”
Swara had tears in her eyes which she she hides by closing her eyes and turning back. She quickly wipes them off. Sanskar still notices but thinks not to hit on her privacy as she was just a casual friend.
Law college, Kolkata.
Laksh gave up the idea of getting a girlfriend and quietly sticks around Ragini and Ragini is happy about it.
She thinks “Allas! Laksh had forgone the idea of a new girlfriend! Yay!”
Laksh was surprised to see the Anshuman and his gang not hitting him back in anger.

Precap : Raglak Fresher’s party. Swasan do their assignment together.

Hope you all are not bored with all those fight but don’t worry the further parts will be peaceful only showing friendship and hidden love. Do comment before leaving the page.
I love reading your comments and I m greedy so I love reading the longer ones. ? Anyways I m NT at all forcing you to write a letter or something because two words or only emoticons are enough to show your pleasure or displeasure. And yes about lengthy updates actually m in 11th so theres hardly get any time but I like updating daily except weekends sometime. So updates maybe short.
I hope you understand..
Love you all……

Credit to: Shelly

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