SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 3)


Thank you so much for the warm response. And I want it to be continued. And Sanjana is not Shekhar’s but her husbands name is Prithvi. She is now divorced due to a small misunderstanding . She finds Swara and adopts her. I hope its much clear now.

Canteen, Law college.

Raglak were having their pizza. Laksh sees all the girls around.
Laksh : Rags. What do you thinks. Will she make a perfect match for me ?

Ragini : (angry) Yeah. She will be perfect for you. Why don’t you ask her out for the fresher’s party. She will definitely agree.

Laksh : Alright my friend! I m asking you only because you asked.

Ragini hits him on his chest.
Ragini : How can you be so despo! Anyways. I don’t think she will agree to go with you. I mean just look at you Laksh. Who would fall for you! Only a mad person would. Like seriously..
She thinks “No wonder I m that Mad person!”

While she was thinking this Laksh had vanished. He was standing near the target girl. Ragini thinks “When it comes to girls he will always come first!”

Laksh flirts with the girl.
Laksh : So will you be my date for the fresher’s party. I seriously m in love with you!

Girl: Ofcourse..
Laksh gets happy. ” See Rags she has agreed! I told you . No one can stand my charm.”
Girl : Let me complete ehh.. I was saying Ofcourse not.
Ragini grins and Laksh makes a puppy face. He goes back to their table. While paying the bill the seniors come and flirt with Ragini.
Ragini : Hey beauty come with us to our room. We all will keep you happy.

Ragini ignores them. “Laksh lets go.” She gets up but the leader of the gang Anshuman holds her hand and tries to misbehave. He immediately gets a tight punch on his face. The remaining seniors come to help their leader but he stops them “He does not know who I am.” He raises his hand to punch him back but Laksh stops him by thrashing him again. This time his friends come and help him to get up. They try to follow them but their leader says “Fresher’s party. These guys must be coming. There I will show them the terror of Anshuman.”

Ragini : What was that Laksh.! You should not have fought with them. You saw he has such a big gang. I m really disappointed with your attitude.

Laksh : But Ragini they were misbehaving with you. And I cant see that happen. You know na.. I will see them later. Now lets go.
Sanskar comes to Swara’s place. He is welcomed by Sanjana.
Sanjana : Shona! Sanskar has come for lunch. Please come to the kitchen to help me.
(To Sanskar) Shona is a bit lazy. I don’t know.
Sanskar smiles

Swara hears all this.
Swara : Mom! I m lazy ? Now lets see who does all the chores for you. I m sure it wont be this Sanskar. And you how can you smile Sanskar. I helped you with all your work. And see now instead of defending me you are having a good laugh at it.
Swara frowns her face.
Sanjana : Shona! I was just kidding. (holding ears) sorry. Now sit with him here. I ll bring the lunch.
Sanskar : Aunty I ll help you.
Sanjana : Don’t be so formal. Think of me equal to your mother.
Sanskar: Okay aunty.
Swara : So where are you from.
Sanskar : Kolkata.
Swara : Are you trying to flirt seeing me as a Bengali ?
Sanskar : No . Seriously I m from Kolkata but m a Marwadi.
Swara : Yeah right Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanjana sets the dining table with all food delicacies. Paratha, Paneer butter masala, Gobi Manchurian and Rasgulla Swara’s favourite.
Swara : It looks delicious. Lets get started.
Sanskar : Sure!
They all have lunch talking about their experiences.

Sanskar : You never came Kolkata Swara. ?
Swara : No. (Points towards Rasgulla) By the way hows the sweet ?
Sanskar understood she was trying to change the topic so he didnt further mentioned about it. He admires about the food. “Sanskar. You can have your food here from now onwards. We wont mind at all!” Says Sanjana.
Sanskar : No aunty I don’t want you all to bother much about me.
Swara : Say straight away na you don’t like the food. Huh.. My mom prepared it only for you and just look at you !
Sanskar thinks be it girls at Kolkata or at Mumbai girls will always be girls!
Sanskar : Okay drama queen. I ll come but please let me go now! I have to call Lucky.
He leaves.
Swara : See ma. Inspite of being from Kolkata I cant go there.
Sanjana: You know na Shona why . I never forced you not to visit that place. But you always insist that you want to go with me there. But I don’t want to cross my paths with my past ever.
Swara : Okay! I will never ask you ever.

Are you happy with the track of Both Swasan and Raglak. I actually want to give equal importance to both so I want to know if I had disappointed any Swasan or Raglak fan.

Credit to: Shelly

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