SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 2)


Guys I want you all to be frank and tell me if this story works for You or not. If you don’t like it please tell me on my face. I wont feel bad at all. Because sometimes I also feel what shlt m I writing. But then its just that I m a big fan of Swasan and Raglak so I cant stop myself. And Ty for all your lovely comments.

Dadi : Laado . Wake up . Its already late. My future lawyer. Wake up !
Ragini wakes up and hugs her Dadi.
She holds her ears.
Ragini : Sorry Dadi. Yesterday whatever I told you in anger I really regret that.
Dadi gas tears in her eyes.
Dadi : Laado. I will never feel bad of your words.
Sarmishtha sees this from a distance.
She goes to her room and looks at Mishti’s photo.
Sarmishtha : See Shona. Ragini has become so mature. I wonder where you are! I miss you so much Shona.
Tear flows from her eyes. Ragini gets ready in black jeans and red kurta and sees her ma crying. She goes and wipes her tears.
Ragini : Ma. You know na she wont be happy seeing you sad.
The bell rings. It was Laksh .
Laksh : Rags lets go ! We are getting late.
Ragini bid adieu to everyone and leaves with Laksh.
Laksh : I m so happy. Finally we are in college. I hope there are hot girls around. In school there was hardly anyone. I couldn’t make a girl friend.
Ragini hits his biceps.
Ragini : You are seriously useless. I don’t want to talk to you.
Laksh : Wont you be happy to see your friend getting settled.
Ragini : No silly girl can handle my friend! All girls will run away from you.
Laksh : Then why you are still here.
He stares her and she fumbles saying
Be.. Becau.. Because. Okay then I ll leave you.
She unlocks the door. Laksh holds her wrist tightly and tells her “I was just kidding! You take me very seriously sometimes!”

Sanskar sees his new flat in total mess.
Sanskar : How will I do this!?
Swara enters and whispers in his ears
“With my help!”
Sanskar immediately turns around. He sees Swara standing.
Sanskar: What are you doing here Swara?
Swara : Actually I forgot to ask your name ! That’s why I came here.
Sanskar smiles and says his name in charming appeal.
Sanskar Maheshwari.
Swara : Okay cool! Now lets clean this mess.
Sanskar : Its okay Swara. I already troubled you a lot. I don’t want to trouble you more.
Swara : No way. By the way we are friends right ?
Sanskar thinks for a moment about Sujata’s words. It starts echoing his ears. But he ignores them and accepts her friendship proposal.
Swara : So now that we are friends I have every right to help you.
She picks up the broom and starts cleaning. Sanskar stares her doing this.
Swara : Sanskar i m helping you does not mean you wont do this! Now pick up that cloth and start wiping the tables.
Both clean the room quickly. Now it was the fans. Swara climbs the stool to reach the fan but her height was short. She starts getting higher on her toes and loses her balance and falls in Sanskar’s arms. They both look at each other.
Swara : Ouch!
Sanskar makes her sit on the sofa and goes to bring the ice pack. He applies it smoothly on her soft skin.
Sanskar : I told you na I will do it on my own. But it seems you don’t listen to anyone. See now what you did to yourself.
Swara : Sanskar I m okay. I think I should go now.
Sanskar : You cant walk out like this.
Swara : What?
Sanskar wipes her face as it had some dirt on it. Swara tries to walk but falls again.
Sanskar tells her “Don’t try more! Otherwise that sprain will turn to fracture” . Sanskar takes her in his arms and drops her to her home.
Swara’s mother Sanjana Roy asks her if she is okay to which she replies positively.
Sanskar : Aunty she is lying. She fell on the floor twice and her ankle got twisted.
Sanjana : Thank you Sanskar beta for helping her. Had your lunch ?
Sanskar : No aunty I have to make. I ll leave
Sanjana : No wait beta. You can have your dinner.
Sanskar first refuses but on several insistence he agrees reluctantly.
Raglak enter their law college. They somehow save themselves from the eyes of seniors and attend their lectures. They go to the canteen.
There they are seen by the seniors.

Precap : Swasan lunch. Raglak vs Seniors.
Hope u like it till date.

Credit to: Shelly

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