SwasanRaglak A Dream Love Story (Episode 1)


Maheshwari Mansion.

Sujata : Sanskar! Beta stay away from Mumbai’s girls. I have heard a lot about them. They don’t have any manners, respect for elders and always run behind rich boys.
Annapurna (AP) and Durga Prasad (DP) enter.

DP : Sujata. I think you should trust your son a little. After all he made us feel so proud.

AP : Exactly! He got admission in the best college. Otherwise look at Laksh. Useless boy! We had to pay a lot for his admission procedure.

Sanskar : Badi ma. I know Laksh is a very bright student. Don’t worry much about him. I can see a great future for him.

Laksh enters and hugs his elder brother.
Laksh : Thank you so much bro! I hope bow they will understand how good I am. See na now the prime minister is also saying “Duniya ka ek hi Laksh hai.” And you all know na its me.
He lifts his collar and others laugh.

Uttara enters.
Uttara : Sure bro. After all god does not make the same mistake twice.
Laksh gets angry on her and runs behind her.
AP : I don’t know when they will stop their tom and jerry fight. Okay Sanskar you get ready otherwise you will miss your flight.

All go to the airport to see him off. Both his mothers have tears in their eyes. Sanskar signals them not to cry and turns back but he himself has tears in his eyes.

Ragini is hopping everywhere.
Ragini : Yay ma ! I got admission in the same college as Laksh. I m so happy ma yay!

Dadi enters.
Dadi : Ragini. You should not be happy for that. That Laksh is a nikamma. God only knows what he has stored for him. Look at Sanskar. Whoever girl marries him would be the most luckiest girl on this earth.

Ragini : Dadi. All can not be perfect. Saying this She goes to the bed and lies. She thinks ” Laksh whatever I feel for you I hope you also feel the same for me. I can never see anyone speaking ill about you. Not even my Dadi. Love you Laksh.”

Sanskar has reached Mumbai. He takes a cab and gives him the address. He has taken a flat on rent as his parents were scared of the hostel boys and their bad image.

The driver stops the cab in middle and tells him “Sorry sir. The cab is not working. You address is nearby. I hope you can go by walking.”
Sanskar : Its okay kaka. He pays him and leaves with his two heavy suitcases.

On his way he is attacked by an army of wild street dogs. He does not know what to do and starts running. The dogs follow him. His heart beat starts racing like a rocket. Suddenly from nowhere a girl comes and stands before him facing the dogs.

Sanskar : Are you mad? They can harm you. You stay away. They are wild dogs.

The signals her hand in no . He sees her bracelet but still cant see her face. The dogs come and stop near the girl.
The girl says ” I knew you would not harm your Swara!” The dogs start wagging their tails and sniffing in her bag. she hands them some biscuits.

Sanskar : That was cool!

Swara turns away. Sanskar stares at her beautiful charming face.
Swara : Next time don’t try to run away from dogs or else they run and follow you thinking you to be a thief.
Sanskar gets angry hearing thief but later smiles seeing her pretty face and selfless intentions.
Sanskar : Okay!
They share an eye lock.
Swara : You were going somewhere na.
Sanskar : Oh yes! I totally forgot about it. Anyways thank you so much for saving my life today.
He again lifts his suitcases. Swara sees it and offers to help.
Swara : I m also going the same way. I could help you.
Sanskar : No actually I have to go to Neel Apartments.
Swara : Oh what a coincidence i also stay there ! Now I will have to help my new neighbour.
Now she understood who was going to stay in the vacant flat opposite to theirs. Sanskar gets happy thinking Swara would be her new neighbour.

Precap : Swara helps Sanskar. Both get to know about being in the same college.

I know its a bit too dramatic or a hit too ordinary but I write whatever comes to my heart so a big sorry to those whom I have disappointed with this ff.

Credit to: Shelly

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