Swasan:my incomplete love story ( chap-8 )

Hi guys I am back with the 8th part of my story. Hope u like it. Please comment.
Mohit, Arjun, hafeez, vinod are sanskaar’s best friends. They hang out with him most of the time.
Sanskaar’s pov:
I was sitting there dumbfound about what I saw. I was about to pinch myself when ragini said
“It’s not a dream.” I dint know what to do. “What do I have to do?” I asked with a sigh. I knew that I have to do whatever she say in order to save myself from dad and bade papa. “Good, I will say u tomorrow, gud night!!” she left with a cheerful smile. I felt like killing myself for going to pool with my friends. I regret it now. I very well remembered that day.

*******Flash Back*******
“Hey I think we should got to pool, take a bath and relax” vinod said.
“We could do it in our homes. “Mohit taunted. Everyone started laughing.
“No, I think it’s a good idea” Arjun said.
And then it was decided that we should go to pool. We went there and enjoyed and had tons of fun. We ordered soft drinks and was talking when vinod dragged me away to shown something. When I came back I sensed something fishy and asked them if they mixed something in my drinks.
They shook their heads but I still had a doubt and raised my glass to take a sip when I smelled something unusual so I asked everyone to keep their drinks on the table he shuffles everyone’s drinks and randomly chooses one and drinks it. Every one randomly picked one and drank. I felt vomitish.
My friends started crying and they said they mixed alcohol in everyone’s drink to tease me. We all were dizzy but managed to get to our respective homes. Ragini saw me first and took me quietly into my room.

I started blabbering things about bade papa and papa. I said they were bad etc… And sometime cried continuously and repeated the same thing again and again. Ragini was trying hard to suppress her laughter. I was acting like a maniac. ( you know y I added this scene Isabel plus u know this scene very well remember?)
********************* ends ****************************************
That ragini had recorded everything. Well let’s see what she makes me do tomorrow. I drifted off to sleep.
The next day:

I was getting ready to pick ragini from college. So far I had done everything she said. So let’s see. I went to college and called ragini. I was sitting in the car. She asked me to get out of the car. She said I had to do something. She asked me to hug swara. “WHAT!!!!!!!” I yelled.
“Yes do it” she said and smirked. I looked over to swara who was standing at a distance wearing a knee length top with jeans. She looked beautiful. Ugh! What’s wrong with u sanskaar?
“No ragini I can’t do it, I am sorry” I said while shaking my head continuously.
“Sorry not accepted u have to do it or else be my slave for a month.” She threatened.
I sighed and walked towards her and hugged her and murmured a happy hug day and left. I knew she was shocked by seeing ragini laugh like a maniac. I dragged her to the car and drove off.

To be continued…….

Hey guys sorry for the short update but I wrote it in a hurry, wanted to post an epi before 6 or 7th of June. And guys I won’t be posting anything for the next month because of Ramadan. If I feel bored or hungry I will try to write and post an epi ;). Hope you understand. And please please please leave your comments.

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  4. Short but yet nice also

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  7. I totally remember this, I should ask shafna to read this, oh god I can’t stop laughing, the way she narrated this drunk and blabbering piece, funniest moment ever, anyway u can upload during Ramazan ryt, btw tnx fr asking abt, u know shahul.. Keep writing, nyc story.. 😛 😉

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