Swasan:my incomplete love story ( chap-7 )

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Sanskaar’s pov:
I suddenly applied brakes and… And… And thank god we weren’t hurt. I quickly checked on ragini and she was un hurt too but a little shaken.
“Why the hell did u scream?” I asked
“wo… wo…umm… wo Kya hai na…”she fumbled.
“Just say!” I practically yelled.
She looked at me teary eyed.
“You passed my college.” She said nervously.
I ran my hand through my hair. I was so frustrated.
“You could have just said that instead of screaming!!!” I yelled.
She said nothing.
I dropped her and went to work. Well I don’t like working but go for a part time job which I like.
I soon finished my work and went to pick ragini. I was still angry with her so I dint talk with her. Once we reached home we went to our respective rooms. After some time she came to my room.
“Bhai? Are you still angry with me.” She asked
“Just go away ragini.” I said
“Bhai please!!”
“I don’t want to talk about this anymore!!” I yelled.
“I said sorry na so y are you angry?” she asked.
“You almost got me killed and you expect me to forgive you?” I yelled
And thus an argument started. My mom came rushing to our room to see what was happening. Ragini immediately went to mom and started crying. My mom asked what happened. I said what ever happened.
“Ragini? Is it true? “Mom asked.
“Haan mamma par do you know y I yelled? He was going to collide with a person that’s y, ab bolo what mistake I did?” ragini asked.
“Look at your sister, she saved you and you scolded her, look how she is crying! “Mom said
And OH MY GOD! Mom started a lecture and I knew what this meant. I lost the bet. Now I understood ragini’s plan she purposely did this. Mom was about to take ragini with her but ragini sent mom first saying she will come.
“Nautanki, I wasn’t about to collide with anyone.” I said.
“ I know! You lost”she said smiling.
“ cheater I am not going to do anything coz u cheated!” I said.
“but you gave your word!” she said.
“ I don’t care about your stupid bet.” I said and was about to leave the room.
“ but ….but….” she spluttered.
“ just get out of here!” I said and pushed her out of the room.
She went to her room. I was peacefully working for about 2 hours and suddenly ragini bust into my room.
“ bhai you like films ryt?” she asked.
“yeah y?” I asked
“ I made aa film can you please see it?” she asked.
“ are you crazy I am busy!”I said.
“ pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeee” she made a cute face to which I couldn’t resist.
I sighed and followed.
“ ENJOY!!” she said. She kept her laptop infront of me.
. I was hell shocked while seeing it, I looked up at ragini,she had a smirk on her frace.
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! When did this happen.
“ actually I am going to show this to papa as you finished watching. Hope you enjoyed.” She said and took the lap.” She said
I am dead. Omg!! Please make this my dream. This cant be reality!!!!!!!
To be continued…………….
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