Swasan…modern love and hate (episode 2)

Hey….guys thanks for ur support
I must clear that the pairs are swasan and raglan
Sorry if I have hurt ragsan and swa lak fans
Here in ragsan and swalak are besties
I must introduce two ppl
Ansh ex bf of rags….he does not know swara and that swaragini are sisters
Tanaya. ..she is Ansh’s gf…she loves makeup and bfs. ..she is popular and very girly
In the scene…Ansh is in a meeting
Pls note he is in clg but he is studying management and his sir has asked him to crack this deal which is very important for clg and his future. …..

Ansh is busy in the meeting. ..They are in a restaurant. ..suddenly someone shouts ANSH…
Swara enters…
San lak are also der

Ansh yes? ?
Swara-wat yes….
She has tears in her eyes..
Ansh,how can u simply say ‘yas’?? Wat abt our love??? How can u leave me alone? ??
Ansh- are you mad I never loved u ….I don’t even know…
Swara-k ansh so u forgot me easily….its Ok but will u even forget the thing inside me….my…no…OUR baby??
Ansh-stop it u b****
Swara_how can u say that??
She turns towards the ladies. …’friends. ..I have his child…but how can he abandon me now??
U all know my pain pls convince him…
All are giving Ansh a disgusting look
Swara sit down and starts crying
Swara-u know wat ..he left me as he was going to make money from dis deal
That was it…
Person -sorry sir this deal is cancelled
All men start beating Ansh…..’u deserve this …’
Swara(crying)-don’t hit him pls….
Lady-u come with me…
The lady brings Swara out…Take care..
Swara-tq aunt. .
Ansh get up with a blackened eye he is hurt at many places
He notices Ragini standing outside the windows
Swara joins her…
Rags winks at him and Swara keep a hand on her stomach and gives him a flying kiss
They both leave
Rags- Shona thanks a lot yaar
Swara-hey wat thanks our revenge is not yet over
Rags-wat do u mean??
Swara-his face is broken…but his heart??
Follow me …
They go at a terrace Tanya is standing there…
A guy comes he always loved her and he was in the restaurant
He tells everything to her at that time Ansh enters..she gives him a tight slap
Tanaya -Ansh I hate u …We can’t be together. .u will spoil my reputation. …bye 4 ever
She goes away with the guy
Ansh cries …heart broken

Swara to rags bichara Ansh
They both smile evilly

Precap-san lak bonding. ..sister faces Ansh again

Hope u all e joyed
Luv u all

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