Swasan…modern love and hate (episode 1)

Scene. .clg library.
A beautiful girl is sitting …she is wearing specs and a green chunidar. …she is our Rags
She looks and smiles at Sans.he also smiles and greets her silently. …All girls are staring at him..There is pin drop silence
Suddenly the door opens
Swara enters…..she screams at top of her lungs-Ladoo scholar .were are u….ur sissy is waiting!!Ladoos! !!!!
The door again opens….A cute guy enters….he is our Lucky
Without noticing Swara he starts screaming….Sanky were are u ???
Swara and laksh notice each other.

In the meantime rags and sanky hide under the table…she notices a boy hiding under the table…Laksh also notices a girl
Lucky_swara u find my bro I will find ur sissy
She sits on her fours and crawl towards Sanky
Sanky sees her…’first my car now wat???’
He hides his face with a book
Swara removes the book….’oh Mr deaf unscooled blind….wat r u doing here….first go to skull and then for clg…dumbo??
Sanky-shut up k…
Swara-and why should I? ?
Sanky-coz u r an idiot
Swara so rude
Sanky -wat are u doing here???
Swara- my bestie is searching for his brother. …and Mr idiot dea. …
Sanky -it’s Sanskar
SwRa-wat ever
Sanky-well miss
Sanky-wat ever
They look at each other angrily

In the meantime
Laksh goes towards rags
He falls in love
Lucky-can v be friends
Rag -no
Rags I don’t like idiot friends
Lucky who said I m idiot? ?
Rags-u only. ..by ur actions…whosays dis in this position? ?
Laksh. _me….he no rices the surrounding all are bending to look at them
Laksh sorry he get up and strikes the table
Rags laughs …BudHu! !

All four get up and notice each other
Laksh -bhai
At that time teacher enters
U both get detention
Rags and Sanky also start screaming
Hence all four get detention
Rags and Swara are together
They are cleaning the clg lab
Wat were u doing in lib
I thought you would be with my jiju. ..Ansh
Rags-swara he no more ur jiju. ..he broke up…she starts crying
Swara -wats the matter ladoo
Rag-he said I am not his type…he was with me as he wanted to break my heart…I hate him
Swara wipes her tears-don’t worry ladoo
He will pay for it..(with a devil smile)
They finish der work and spy on Ansh

Ansh is with his gf
Rags- wat will we do Shona
Swara-he broke ur heart…now his heart will be broken
Rags-Shona he doesn’t love me how will break his heart
Swara-wen did I say we??…that girl will
Pointing at his gf
Rags-but how ??
Swara-just wait and watch baby doll…

Precap-sister bonding. …bichara Ansh???

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  1. Guys pls comment ….I am writing ff for first time. …I really need ur support…I will try my best to entertain you
    In next episode swaragini bonding will be shown and there will be a dhammaka for Ansh…pls read it also
    With love

  2. Nice episode… Bichara Ansh… Liked the library scene…

  3. It is nice ashlon i m luving it nd wat r the pairs update soon

  4. Hey nice episode n plz tell me whether it is swasan & raglak ff or not.luv swasan a lot…

  5. I will reveal the pairs in next episode. ..

  6. guys have u lost ure minds omg just notice the name of this ff the pairs are already choosen as swasan as well as raglak

  7. swasan and raglak scenes are superb

  8. make it swasan and raglak story

  9. Awesome

  10. awesome…go on..

  11. Nice….

  12. Wowww…swara ka attitude.. Nice start . awesome

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