Swasan:love of my life epi 7

Let’s begin
At night swasan come down for dinner
Sanskar was thinking of ways to convince her
Sanskar sat while Swaragini and pari were serving food
Swara was serving she came near Laksh to serve chapati Laksh showed his hand
Laksh:I can take it
Swara didn’t say anything and continued serving everyone
Suddenly Sanskar started coughing
Swara rushed to him and gave water he drank it
Swara:badepapa I and Sanskar would love if you all would come to our house for dinner tomorrow
Sanskar gave her a you decided it alone look but she ignored him and sanky felt bad
Dp looked at everyone
Laksh:will we got in your home
Maheshwari doesn’t know that karma is Sanskar company
Sanskar:don’t worry you all will fit
Dp:OK we’ll come
Swara smiled
After dinner all went to their room
In swasan room Sanskar tried to talk with Swara but she didn’t respond
Sanskar:sorry Swara pls I’ll take care of myself from now talk to me plz
Swara without telling anything went and slept on the bed
Sanskar with sad face slept on the couch

Swara so this and asked
Swara:why r u sleeping there
Sanskar:till you don’t talk to me I’ll sleep on couch
Swara:then fine sleep there only
She slept on the bed and Sanskar on the couch but sleep was far from them bcoz they were
habitual to eo embrace

In the morning they Sanskar got up smiling but when he saw that Swara is not beside him he remembers that she is angry with him and gets sad
Swara comes out of the washroom with wet hair she was wearing a beautiful red and white
designer Saree and was looking beautiful Sanskar was staring at her lovingly
She was about to wear the mangalsutra but Sanskar came and made her wear the mangalsutra and applied vermilion
(sindoor)Swara didn’t say anything they had a eyelock it was broken but Uttara
Uttara:bhaiya it’s time for pooja old come fast
They get ready and go down
Sujata:come swara do the aarti
Ragini smirked bcoz she knew Swara didn’t K of to sing bhajan
Swara went and started singing a bhajan and performed the aarti with Sanskar the. She gave Prasad
Ragini was shocked to see swara singing bhajan
Then Swasan left after having breakfast after
reminding them to come for the dinner

In the car swara didn’t say anything so Sanskar tried to start a conversation
Sanskar:shona I
Swara:don’t call me shona
Sanskar got sad but still tried
Sanskar:OK Swara the mehra file where Is that
Swara:Sanskar we aren’t dealing with any mehra Company
Sanskar was cursing his fate
Sanskar:OK so what about mehta Co
Swara Gabe him a deadly glare so he kept quite
Swara:where r we going this isn’t the way to home
Sanskar:yes my dear this isn’t
Sanskar:no more questions
Sanskar takes her to her favriote ice-cream shop and gives her favorite flavor
Swara was surprised bcoz she never told him about her choice
Sanskar:stop thinking and have it
Swara was annoyed with him so didn’t have it
Sanskar:shona plz don’t do this to me I’ll die if you don’t talk to me
Swara keeps her hand on his mouth
Swara:never tell like this
They had a passionate eyelock
Then Swara took the ice cream and ate it all Sanskar looked at her in disbelief
Sanskar:you didn’t even ask me
Swara:it’s your punishment
And she started laughing

After sometime they went to home and started working in th study
Swara got a call from janki
Swara:haan maa your son in law is perfectly fine
Janki:he has to be after all my shona took care of him
Swara:maa I’ve invited sanskar’s family on dinner so if you all would also come then it’ll be a nice get to gather pls come maa
Janki:OK as you wish shona
Then after talking sometime they kept the phone
Swara gets ragini’s call
Swara:yes ragini tell
Ragini:Swara I and Laksh can’t come bcoz maa has invited us
Swara:don’t worry ragini badimaa already told me this and I’ve asked her to invite your family
also so relax
Bye I’ve to call nishu
And she cuts the call
Ragini talks to herself : Swara now it’s not your family it’s us in one week you forgot relations so easily now you have a sister nisha now I’m not your sis

Her mind says:you also did the same with her
Her heart:but you did it for your love
Her mind:you tried to kill your sister whom you love so much for a man who doesn’t love you
She shouted stop and looked at herself in mirror
She went to kitchen after making herself presentable

Precap:maheshwari’s and gadodias shocked seeing swasan house

Some family moments and???
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