Swasan:love of my life epi 6


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Let’s begin
Swara comes and goes towards kitchen
She enters kitchen and sees that ragini is preparing for dinner
Swara:should I help you ragini
Ragini:yes just go from here as soon as possible

Swara:ragini I’ve asked you a simple question why can’t you answer properly
Ragini:pls Swara don’t act I know you are here to separate me and Laksh
Swara:ragini I’m married now so you can keep your Laksh with u now I think Did I really love him or not well forget it
Sujata:Swara what are you doing here
Swara:mom I’m thinking of making soup for Sanskar
Sujata:yes yes very good now I think my old Sanskar will come back
She told and went whereas Swara started preparing soup for him
Suddenly her phone rang it was from nisha
Swara:hi nishu
Nisha:hi shona how is jiju
Swara:he’s better now ok did you give medicines to maa
Nisha:yes shona
Swara:ok now when papa comes give him his red color file which is kept in study and tell him Swara has told he’ll understand and tell arjun not to work till late
Nisha:hold on shona how much will you tell I don’t know how you take care of all of us and now when we’ve returned to our mansion I’m feeling so bored
Swara:aww don’t worry my dear sister I’ll come to meet you tomorrow bye tc
And she hung the call
Ragini was hearing Swara talk and felt sad and jealous of swasha bond
Ragini:Swara wo umm
wara:ragini maa is fine just bcuz after years her memory has regained she has to eat pills
Ragini was shocked knowing that Swara already knew what as he was going to als
Swara:I know it bcuz you’re my sis even now and the truth can’t change
And Swara went to her room with the soup she saw that Sanskar was awake and was sitting on teh bed
Swara went to him and quietly feed him food she was angry with him bcuz he ate mushroom even after knowing he has allergy
Sanskar:what happened shona why are you angry
Swara doesn’t say anything
Sanskar:shona tell something no
Swara:bcuz someone doesn’t care for his health
Sanskar got to her anger reason
Sanskar:sorry shona
Swara:you keep your sorry with you and eat it also
She went from there whereas Sanskar sits on the bed scratching his head and thinking how to reconcile with her

Precap:Swara ko manao mission

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