SwaSanLak TRUE LOVE os


Hey guys here is a one shot for swasanlak….

Swara is an innocent emotional sincere beautiful kind girl who believes in true love.
Laksh is a handsome charming guy.
Sanskar is a handsome girls’ wanted friend of laksh.

Swara and laksh met each other in college.he introduced her to his friend sanskar.
Sanskar liked swara’s innocence.swara didn’t know how to love.she didn’t understand the feeling of love.she never had any experience like love.laksh liked swara.they became very close friends.

Swara also liked his closeness.sanskar never interfered and wad happy for them.
In a party laksh kissed swara’s cheek and she felt happy but it wasn’t a love feeling.swara and laksh used to spend time with each other.

They were now in love.swara was mad after him and so was laksh after her.they took help from sanskar who asked laksh’s family to agree for marriage.they regarded sanskar as their son so agreed.

Laksh and swara were very happy and went to a pub to enjoy their happiness.swara felt little scared as she had never been out on a place like this.Tp ward off her fear laksh gave her drink which had alcohol.she liked it and drank a lot.laksh also got inebriated and they thought to stay at his farmhouse as it was inconvenient to go home in that state.

Both swara and laksh in their inebriated state made love with each other.when swara woke up next morning she was devastated to know what she has done.she was shattered whereas laksh cobsoled her that its nothing wrong as we will marry soon.swara was a bit relieved as he promised not to leave her alone.

Their engagement happened.days passed and laksh is continuously taunted by dp and rp for not being a responsible person.they advised him to handle business and stand on his feet.his marriage was foxed and he was fuming all days bearing the insult.

It was the marriage day and a tsunami entered swara’s life when she heard that laksh has met with an accident and his body is nowhere to be found.she was shattered and scattered.she fainted and sanskar held her in his arms and took her to room while others followed back.doc came who told that swara is pregnant shocking everyone.she was blasted with questions and imputations and she cried badly.

It was sanskar only who shut them off and she cried hugging him finding solace in his arms.
Dadi:u have spoiled ur life.no one will marry u now.
Shekhar:how could u do this?u didn’t care about our respect…
Dada:u r a disgrace to our family

Sanskar shouted:enough!!!not a word against her…
Sumi:how many mouths will u shut??do u have a solution to save her?
Sanskar:I do…uttara…bring vermillion and magalsutra
Swara left his embrace and looked at him
Uttara came back
Sanskar:I dnt know if its right or wrong but in order to save u I will have to do this…forgive me if possible swara…

He then fills swara’s hairline with vermillion and dorns mangalsutra in her neck shocking everyone.
Swara is numb
Dp:I know shekhar that u r worried for swara.but sanskar is like our son.though he has no parents but he calls us his ma and papa so from now on consider swara as permanent daughter in law of this house.

Ram:sanskar has a bug business.he is very successful.swara will remain happy.he has a large house.dont worry.

Sumi sits in sanskar’s feet
Sanskar:what r u doing??don’t plz…
Sumi:thnk u so much
Sanskar:u r like my mom.plz dnt embarrass me
AP:sanskar beta…we r proud of u…if I had lost my son today then I have got him back too….
Sanskar looks at swara who is still numb and holds her hand and picks her up.swara is now sanskar’s and he took her to their home.swara has become lifeless.
She does,t eat anything on her own and misses laksh badly.its been a week of swasan’s marriage.

Sanskar decided to confront swara
Sanskar sits on bed with food plate
Sanskar:swara…i know u miss him badly and u can never love me.i will never force u I promise but if u had ever loved laksh then for his sake don’t punish this child…u need to be happy…u have to be strong…u have to save urs and laksh’s love symbol…

Swara bursts out into tears and hugs him.she cries and screams loudly….
Sanskar:I will never ever leave u…
He kisses her forehead giving swara a current in her body.this feeling was never ever felt by her when laksh was close to him and she herself doesn’t know the reason.sanskat fed her with his own hands,

All of a sudden a friend of Sanskar enters his room surprising him.
Friend:oh my sanky…ur naid told me u r with ur wife,,.u married and u didn’t invite me…
Sanskar:everything happened so fast so…
Friend:how much time?
Sanskar thinks 1 week but he says: 1 month surprising swara
Friend meets swara and leaves.

Swara:1 month?
Sanskar:if anybody asks then tell this only
Swara is still confused

Few days later media came at his house as he is a big businessman and he didn’t announce his marriage
Reporter 1:sanskar sir who is the girl u r staying with??
Reporter 2:u r a kind and famous business man.r u in a live in relationship?how could u do this?
Reporter 3:we heard that the girl is pregnant with someone else’s child…is it true?
Reporter 4:is she a courtesan??

Swara is in tears and sanskar is enraged…
Maheshwaris and gododias are watching on tv and are shocked…

Sanskar:shut up…what kind of questions are these??I dnt believe that educated people like u r asking such vulgar questions…
He points to a reporter girl
Sanskar:u r a girl and how can u allege another girl like this?rnt u ashamed,
Reporters:sir u have always been nice to us and every person.we can’t hear anything against u…u have always helped us…plz tell the truth to shut everyone’s mouth…
Sanskar:fine the truth is that swara is my wife…we married 1 nd half month ago…it was a family marriage.i thought to tell everyone grandly as now my wife swara is 2 weeks pregnant with my child…is that enough???

Swara is emotionally overwhelmed by each word of Sanskar especially when he laid stress on MY CHILD.

Reporters congratulate him
Sanskar:announce in whole world that I m gonna become father soon…
Now kindly shut the cameras
Reporter 1(shanaya):thnk u sanskar bhaiyya…
Sanskar:its ok..
Shanaya:I m sorry if u got hurt with our questions…its because of u I got this job and I was asking questions from u
Sanskar keeps hand on her head:its fine choti,,,its ur Job…now tell me who spread these rumours?
Shanaya:ur business rival DEEPAK KHURRANA….
Sanskar gets angry and thanks her…
They leave.he goes in and sees swara who husg him tightly surprising him
Sanskar:r u ok?
Swara:thnk u…
She tightens her grip on his coat and sanskar feels strange.he keeps his hand on her bare back letting a current pass through swara’s body and she shuts her eyes.

Sanskar leaves her and makes her eat food bringing a smile on her face satisfying sanskar that swara is becoming normal and might accept this relation soon.

Maheshwaris and gododias are happy as well for what sanskar did.

Few days later swasan went to a business party of Sanskar where Deepak was also present,sanskar kept swara protected and didn’t leave het hand.she was happy at his concern.and placed her arm in his arm.
Sanskar smiled.

Swasan then dance romatically on JO TU MERA HUMDARD HAI….

Swara thinks:why didnt I have any feeling like this for laksh??

After sometime sanskar goes to fetch some water for swara when Deepak true to malign her respect alleging her for carrying someone else’s child…
He receives a punch from sanskar who asked him to shut up.
Sanskar:I think u didn’t hear my interview…its my child and dnt u dare talk to my wife like this…swara is relieved.The party people badmouth about Deepak for blaming sanskar and swara.deepak wants revenge….

Sanskar is sleeping and swara comes from washroom.she smiles at him and rests her head on his chest
Swara thinks: Thnk u for everything…
She hears mirror breaking sound and goes to check.she finds window broken and wonders what happened and thinks to wake up sanskar but someone shuts her mouth.
Its deepak
Deepak:because of u I got insulted…u r ur husband are such a problem…
Swara tries to shout and calls sanskar
Deepak makes her stand in front of him
Deepak:I will kill ur child

He pushes swara is about to kick her belly when sankaar holds his leg and beats him to a pop…he calls police and Deepak is arrested.
Sanskar hugs the crying swara who thank him again.

Swara is 5 months pregnant now and sanskar has always helped her everytime.he took care of her.she is happy with him but is still unaware about her feelings for him.sanskar never asked her anything.he never came close to her.she was happy for his sincerity.
It was 9 p.m.
Swara:where is sanskar…why did he get late
Just then door bell rings and she goes to open door in hope of finding sanskar but is shocked to find LAKSH in front of her…

Yes he is alive and laksh is shocked to find swara at sanskar’s home and that too in pregnant state.
Laksh hugs swara but she stays still
She has tears in her eyes and hugs him herself
Laksh:I missed u so much but what r u doing here and this state of urs?u r preg…

Swara:I m married to sanskar…
He is shocked…
Laksh is angry.just then sanskar comes in…
Sanskar is happy to find laksh and hugs him but laksh slaps him shocking swara
Swara:what the hell r u doing??
Laksh:how could u marry the girl I loved?
Sanskar:i was helpless…the situation…
Laksh:what situation??i just went out for sometime and u stole my wife…

Both are shocked
Laksh holds swara by shoulders
Laksh:i m sorry swara…i was angry at papa and Chachu as they called me irresponsible and thought that i cant do anything in my life…so i faked my death to earn some money and i did…i have established my own company…i have money too…i m sorry i left u on marriage day but…and how could u??how could u marry sanskar??this child??why did u betray me?
Swara was shocked to listen laksh
She thought that how could he betray her like this?how could he leave her like this?

She faints.
Sanskar shouts her name and goes to pick her up but laksh pushes him and warns him to stay away.laksh takes her to room and sanskar calls family
They come and are shocked to find laksh

Laksh is caressing swara’s head
AP:laksh beta
He meets his family and apologize to them
Swara gains consciousness
Laksh holds her hand
Swara takes sanskar’s name and laksh gets sad

Sujata:laksh beta…now sanskar is swara’s husband…plz leave her…
Laksh breaks the galss and shouts no…
He tells about his gake death shocking everyone and gets slapped by sumi

Sumi:u left my daughter with ur child…u left her alone on her marriage day without thinking about her respect…aren’t u ashamed of urself….

AP:she is right…i m ashamed to call u mu son
Dp:proving urself doesn’t mean to destroy a girl’s life
Ram:ur way wasn’t right
Shekhar:I m happy for my daughter that she got sanskar…leave her alone
Sanskar:stop it all of u…laksh has full right on swara as he is her father’s child…
Laksh:stop lying…this is yr child I know it.
Sanskar tries to explain him but he doesn’t listen to him

Laksh:swara I know this is urs and sanskar’s child…ok fine whatever the situatwwas just forget it.i know u love me still…just come back to…this child,,.no no I cant even think that u and sanskar….no…kill this child

Swara is shocked
Sanskar:r u mad?
Laksh:fine dnt kill it but after giving birth give it to sanskar…its his baby…u and me will be together
AP:laksh stop this nonense
Swara looks at sanskar
Sanskar is teary eyed and gives a sad smile
Sanskar:I have no problem if swara wants to go with laksh…he is his love…
Laksh apologizes to sanskar for being rude
Sanskar:laksh this child is urs plz accept it
Laksh:stop it…what proof u have?
Swara:u want proof for ur own child?
Laksh:yes…ask sanskar for a DNA test….

Sujata:u r continuously insulting sanskar…dnt do this…
Sanskar:I m ready
Swara is just looking at him
Next day test is done and its proved that the child is not sanskar’s

Laksh apologizes to him and thanks him for supporting swara
Media questions them outside hospital where laksh tells him the truth
Some rival media pack cameras on sanskar and insult him for stealing someone’s love…for being cheap…etc…

Swara is unable to bear all this but laksh holds her hand and takes her from there
Laksh:its his matter…
Sanskar bears whole insult and takes whole blame on himself but doesn’t let anybody speak against swara

Shekhar calls him home
Shekhar:thnk u….u had always been with swara…u supported her and today also…why??
Sumi:why so much favour??
Sanskar:because I love her a lot and love is all about ur partner’s happiness and care…
Swara hears all those and is teary eyed….

Sanskar goes home and all go to him
Swara:sanskar….laksh wants me to marry him
Sanskar is hurt
Sanskar:I wish ur happiness…if ur happiness lies in laksh then go
AP:beta no
Ram:what r u saying?
Dp:its not right.
Swara:sanskar is right….i will marry u laksh…after 3 days…
Laksh us happy and hugs swara annd swara sees sanskar’s tears…
Swara:we never had husband wife relationship so what’s the need of divorce??

Next day

Swara goes for shopping with pari but meets an accident.
Sanskar was passing by and took her to hospital
Swara was in pain lying on stretcher….
Doc:we need ur sign first to proceed…r u her child ‘s father??
Sanskar is silent and tries calling laksh but pa tells he is busy in meeting
Sanskar:yes I m he child’s father…
He signs and swara is taken to OT but loses her child….

Family comes and are teary eyed to see swara crying in sanskar’s arms
Laksh comes too
Laksh:sorry I m late
Dp:ur child is dead
Laksh:hmm I came to know
Swara:how the hell can u be so lifeless??u lost ur child
Laksh holds her hand
Laksh:it was God’s will…we will get more children
Swara is disgusted
Nurse comes
Nurse:sir…u had a son…plz come with me
Laksh:I m coming.
Nurse:not u I m talking about him(sanskar)
Nurse:plz come
Sanskar:actually I signed…
Laksh again blames him for coming in his life and sanskar apologizes to him.

Laksh:we will marry tomorrow only
Next day he is sitting in mandap and swara comes but all are shocked to see her in red saree red bangles with vermilion and mangalsutra
Laksh:what is this go get ready…its our marriage
Swara’:I dnt wanna marry u
Laksh:what??I love u
Swara:u dnt…even I dnt…i never did…
Laksh:its not true
Swara:it was childishness….we made a mistake….it was infatuation….we were friends we thought we love each other and our marriage was fixed…we drank and made love unwillingly we were not in senses….u left me on marriage day with ur child…u maligned my respecet and ur best friend saved….he accepted me with ur child…he always supported my and lied about our marriage truth…he never came close to me and always cared for me…when I wasn’t able to forget u he consolded me and I realized that he misses u more than me as u r like his brother…he saved our child from getting killed…he never left me alone…this feeling of protection,care,happiness,kindness was never felt by me when I was with u…i wanted to start my relation with him…i wanted to be happy again but then u cane back,.,u came to meet sanskar first as he was ur buddy but what u did??u insulted him…u beat him…u raised hand on ur bro who did so much for u…u insulted him and then that dna test…how could u?u left him alone in front if media to be anwerable on our behalf…why??how could u forget ur childhood with him?how could u do this to him??u taught me how to love but ge taught me what is love..,what is TRUE LOVE…yes laksh I love him…i love sanskar and I cant even think of leaving him…i was quiet till now just for today…i wanted to make u realize ur fault…u r having the same feeling as I had when u left me…ur friend sanskar loves me but he left his happiness for u…u should realise this…i cant leave him…marriage is not a joke…i love him

All are happy
Laksh:swara….go…go to him
She gets happy and runs from there…
A tear of guilt escapes laksh’s eyes…

Sanskar is sitting in his room seeing swara’s pic with tears in his eyes.
Swara comes:why r u crying now?
Sanskar is shocked to find her

She slaps him
Swara:u always think about others…have u ever thought about urself??and u say u care for me…wrong u dnt…if u would have cared for me u would have know what I wanted…u would have stopped me from going away from u…u would have known that I wanna stay with u….
She cries
Swara:u would have known that my feelings for laksh were not love…u would have known that I can’t stay without u…u would have known that I…i….
Sanskar: I???
Swara:I love u…I love u sanskar…

Sanskar smiles:I love u too…
Both share hug.a tight passionate hug
Swara:never leave me alone
Sanskar:nver slap me again…it really hurts
Swara laughs and kisses him on cheek
He holds her chin and both look at each other
Their lips meet gently and they kiss.swara cups his face and he holds her waist and soon the kiss becomes hard.he tightens his grip and she caresses his hair.both apart at the short of breath

Sanskar smiles naughtily
Sanskar:lest waste some energy
Swara smiles
He picks her up in his arms and take her to bed
He kisses her forehead , eyes ,nose and cheeks.he then carsses her neck.
Swara is breathing heavily and hugs him tight as he tries to take off her clothes.he does so and kisses her everywhere.she too unbuttons his shirt and kisses him everywhere….both mingle into each other and become ONE forever…..

Lalsh is forgiven by sanskar and he marries a girl.

A year later swara and sanskar are blessed with a daughter whom they name SARA…
swara kisses sanskar’s cheek and thank him for everything
Sanskar hugs her and kisses her forehead
Sanskar:Ur true love will always remain with u….

Happy ending??

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