SwaSanLak TRUE LOVE os 2

hey guys its my second os……

There she was sitting in the middle of the room wearing a heavy pink and golden coloured dress with heavy jewellery.a woman named parvati barged in.
parvati(dadi):oh madam….all are waiting….come out….
the girl is at verge of crying
parvati:o swara….have u become deaf??come out soon
swara:yes dadi…
yes the girl is swara of age 23.

she goes outside in a huge hall where men are sitting making a circle with alcohol glasses in their hands and bundles of money right in front of them.
swara while wearing ghunghroos steps in hall and all eye her lustily.yes swara is a courtesan.
swara starts dancing and singing.
people throw money on her and she has tears in her eyes.she expresses her grief through her song.

a man was sitting who was hearing her keenly and was feeling sad for her.while at the end of song swara falls down with heavy breath.
all clap and praise her.a man fully drunken comes close to her and offers money to parvati for spending a night with swara.
parvati:sorry sir but this girl only dances here.she never shared her night with anybody.
man is enraged.

man:why not….she will go with me only….
he holds swara’s hand but she slaps him.
man:do u know who i am??i am laksh….laksh singhania…
swara:i dnt care who u r….all i know is that i am pure and cant be impure….just get lost

a girl of age 20 comes shouting..
swara turns shocked
the girl is ragini….
all men eye ragini who gets shit scared as swara never allowed her to come in front of men.
swara rushes to ragini
swara:what r u doing here?
ragini hides behind swara in order to save from the gazes of people but laksh goes towards them
laksh takes a round of swaragini
swara is holding ragini’s hand
laksh pulls swara and holds ragini
swara shouts:no…
laksh:time to break your ego…

swara:plz leave her
ragini:di help me
laksh:if u cant spend night with me then why not ur sister?
swara sits on his feet and pleads him
swara:no plz leave my sister….i will do whatever u say…i will spend the night with u….leave my sister plz……
she begs him and he throws ragini aside and gives money to parvati
parvati feels sad
laksh:i am buying her for a night,,,,get her ready by evening today……
swara cries miserably and ragini hugs her.the eyes who felt sad for swara were teary eyed.

parvati dresses swara in red lehnga.ragini comes in with a parcel.
parvati:what is this?
ragini:a man came and gave this
parvati opens to find a strapeless short dress above knees
parvati:disgusting….who sent this?
ragini reads the note and tells that laksh wants didi to wear this.swara is already sitting like a lifeless body.paravti asks ragini to go out.
swara stand sand wears the dress
swara:u have always treated me and ragini like daughters….i hate him for selling us to u…..
parvati:i know u dnt want to get impure so u r talking like this but i am helpless
swara:never get helpless for ragini…i know we cant fight with rich people….but u have to fight for ragini in future…
she hugs her

parvati:what r u upto swara?
swara shows her poison bottle….
swara:before entering in that room i will drink this…its better to die than to get impure….
parvati is shocked and cries
swara:promise me to take of ragini
parvati promises
swara reaches the hotel and before entering room she drinks the poison.laksh welsomes her.swara with teary determined eyes goes inside and stands in front of dressing table.laksh comes near her and opens kisses her neck.swara is unmoved.tears roll down her eyes.she turns and pushes him.
lalsh:how dare u?
he is about to slap her when someone barges in the room breaking the door and slaps laksh.swara wonders whats happening?

this is the same guy who was teary eyed for swara and he is the hero of story SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
sanskar beats laksh and brings police who arrests him.
laksh:u will pay
sanskar moves towards swara and covers her with his coat who eyes him thankfully
sanskar:swara….its me….sanskar….
swara in fading tone:sanskar…
and she faints in his arms and blood comes out of her mouth shocking sanskar….
he rushes to hospital.doc treats her with sanskar’s blood.swara gets conscious to find ragini and parvati with her who smile brightly at her.
ragini:didi…u r pure
swara smiles
parvati:thank God … that guy came on time

ragini:huh??sanskar??your childhood friend?oh my God…he is standing outside
ragini brings him in and swara hugs him startling sanskar
swara:where were u these years??plz tell me u r my buddy…my childhood friend sanskar…
sanskar smiles and nods

swara and sanskar are childhood friends and swara is attached to maheshwaris but due to business makeshwaris and to move to another city.swasan had always loved each other since childhood.swara had ragini and her mom in her family only.sanskar promised to meet swara soon.swara was 14 and sanskar was 17 when he left swara.

swara starts hitting me.
sanskar:i am sorry my champ.but as i promised to come back to my love…so here i am…..
swara is taken aback remembering sth and leaves his hands
swara:i am sorry….i betrayed u..,,.
sanskar:because u married someone else?
swara is shocked that he knows it
swara:how do u?
sanskar smiles:when we came back to this city last month…i went straight towards your home where i met sumi aunty and she told me how u guys were suffering from financial crises and took loan from a guy.when u were not able to return the loan he forced u to marry him and u did unwillingly for the sake of ur family and told sumi that u still love me.

the guy is sahil.

i went to ur new home where neighbors told me that the day after ur arraige some people came and forcefully took u somewhere.i took ur wedding pic from sumi aunty.i searched for sahil and got him who told about ur whereabouts when i beat him.and i found u….

swara is relieved.
swara:but i am married but plz trust me i didnt spend my wedding night i promise……my husbamd sold me the next day of our marriage.early in the mroning ragini came to meet me and she came to know everything bjut he also threw her in the van and took both of us away.i was 20 and ragini 17.

sanskar cups he face
sanskar:i trust u swara…dnt give explanations….by the way sahil punched me on cheek it was so hurting
swara smiles and kisses him on cheek and hugs him
ragini:this is called TRUE LOVE.
swara:i want to meet maa.
sanskar:yes come lets go to my house
swara:not now first maa
sanskar:do u think i would let sumi aunty stay alone?she is my family too and is at my house
swaragini become teary eyed
parvati:take them away from this disgusting world
sanskar:u r coming along madam
parvati:huh?no no
swaragini sanskar:yes……
paravati goes too and swaragini reach maheshwari mansion to see whole family waiting to welcome them.
swaragini hug sumi ap and sujata
dp:welcome to the family
sumi:u have no idea how i spent these 3 years without you both….thnx to sanskar…u are back
all thank parvati for taking care of their daughter

swaragini are to enter bjut sanksars tops swara
dp:what happened?
sanskar:from today good bye to swara’s old life and she is welcomed to new life which she will start with me.so her new life will began in my arms.
he picks her up leaving a smile on everyone’s lips and enters house with.swara is overjoyed.

swara rests in her room when she hears a knock and finds sanskar.he hugs her and swara thanks him for everything
sanskar:i hope i wasnt late at hotel.did laksh do sth to u?
swara:no…he just kissed my neck…i hate his touch……
sanskar moves his finger on her neck and she shivers
sanskar smiles naughtily:what about my touch?

swara shys
swara:its electrifying and peaceful
she winks and sanskar is impressed to see her confidence
she heads to move but sanskar holds her hands and pulls her back resulting in the collision of her back with his chest.swara smiles.he wrpas his hand around her waist and she keeps her palms on his hands.sanskar kisses her neck and romances it where laksh did.swara feels shiver in her body and breathes heavily.
sanskar turns her towards him.he leans to kiss her and swara shuts her eyes clenching his shirt bjut he kisses her forehead.
sanskar:i will never break ur trust swara
swara smiles and hugs him tight
sanskar:i hope laksh’s touch is gone
swara hits him playfully and plants a kiss on his cheek

next day sanskar gives divorce papers to swara
swara:what is this?
sanskar:ur and sahil’s divorce papers
sumi is overjoyed and swara is speechless and just casts him a thankful look
few days pass and swasan’s marriage preparations are on full swing….

on the day of marriage sanskar is mesmerized to see swara in bridal attire.
they step in mandap and are about to take pheras but a bullet sound is fired.
laksh is standing holding gun in his hand.all are shocked.
laksh:i am back for revenge.
sanskar:u escaped?
laksh:swara….this is all because of u….time to die…
he shoots at swara but sanskar comes in front and bullet hits his shoulder.
swara shouts:sanskar…
sanskar:i am ok….
laksh is about to shoot again when he receives a hard blow of solid material on his head.its ragini who had hit him with a vase.laksh falls and dies.
inspector comes there and he is ARNAV.(from is pyar ko kya naam dun)
he is sanskar’s friend
ragini is shit scared.sanskar explains the situation and insists to take blame on himself shocking everyone
arnav smiles:dnt worry i will report that i hit him in an encounter.
sanskar is surprised

arnav sits on his knees and proposes ragini telling her that he fell for her beauty and golden heart when he saw her at swasan’s engagement.
ragini smiles and accepts the proposal
swara:plz sanskar first lets go to hospital.
sanskar smiles and picks her in his arms
swara:what r u doing?
sanskar:i know u will rush to hospital without marrying so i am forcefully marrying u….stop me if u can
he winks and all smile
he takes pheras
sanskar touches the blood shedding from his arm with his thumb and fills swara’s maang filling everyone’s eyes with pride for him.he dorns mangalsutra around her neck.

swasan take blessings and go to room
sanskar hugs her from back
swara:thank u for everything….u proved ur love….u took care of maa.got me and ragini out from that disgusting world.then freed me from sahil.saved me from laksh.u even decided to take ragini’s blame on ur head.u r an ideal sanskar.thank u so much.i love u….u r my TRUE LOVE.

sanskar turns her and kisses her on lips.both kiss passionately and feel immense pleasure.
they depart
sanskar and swara join their heads breathing fastly
sanskar:u prove ur love by giving me sweet sweet babies
swara blushes and he takes her to bed.

he switches off lights and then…..{sshhh…..GANDI BAAT?


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and yeah i had also written an os with same title before which was more interesting.read that too.here z the link


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  8. but y should ragini be the pair of arnav yaar?? u had made her pair of atleast laskh ,..but anyways it was very immense true love only..as neha said..and it was a really grt time reading this

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