swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 29

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Swasan moments… ragini angry

Ragini was sitting in her room.. her concentration was disturbed by a tap on her shoulder. She looked in the direction. It was ap
Ap: beta..m sry …m sry from laksh side…
Ragini held her hand and made her sit on her bed..
Ragini: no badi ma… plz… don’t say sry to me.. u ve always loved me like ur daughter..
Ap looked at ragini.. there were big dark circles around her beautiful eyes. Her glowing face was pale now. Anyone can say she had gone through much. Ap placed her hand on ragini´s hair
Ap: beta.. always be happy..

Happiness..Hearing this word ragini felt tears in her eyes.. her happiness was with laksh.. how can she be happy without him… this painful one year was not able to erase his love from her heart…
Ragini: happy.. my happiness is dead badi ma..
Her eyes streamed with tears.. but she held them within her eyes.
@swara´s room
Sanskar was busy watching a peacefully sleeping swara. A flick was disturbing her eyes.. slowly sanskar placed that behind her ears. He held her hand slowly. He tried to kiss her but to his great disbelief she jerked her hand away.. she started to mumble some words.. her facial expressions changed. Her peaceful sleep was now converted in tensed state. She was having a nightmare. Sanskar was feeling tensed this time. He again tried to hold her but she again resisted.. she again mumbled..this time a little clear and louder.NO.. PLEASE NO.. PLEASE LEAVE ME..LET ME GO… I WANT TO GO TO SANSKAR… PLEASE… PLEASE DON’T DO THIS.. PLEASE DON’T RAPE ME…. PLEASE EEEE..SANSKARRRRRRR SAVE ME…

Sanskar felt his blood boiling in his veins.. he never felt this much helpless in his entire life. He held her face tightly.. Suddenly swara opened her eyes.
Swara: leave me… please… I don’t want to do it.. please…
Tears streamed down from her eyes.. she floded her hands infront of him
Swara: I want to go to sanskar… please leave me…
Sanskar wiped her tears.. he looked at her..

Sanskar: swara.. its me.. sanskar.. noone can do anything to u.. noone can touch u…. calm down..
Swara suddenly realised present.. she looked at him.. she hugged him tightly..
Swara: sanskar… they.. they…u.. please don’t go anywhere.
Sanskar hugged her tightly..

Sanskar: Don’t worry.. till I m here no one can do anything to you..

After making her sleep peacefully he rushed out of her ward… he started his car and drove directly to the headquarters.. without even glancing at anyone he rushed to the place where ashutosh was kept.. he opened the door violently.. ashutosh was being interrogated by junior officers..
Sanskar went towards him and. …SLAP… he slapped him right in his face..
Sanskar: u bustard… what was her fault haa…what did she do.. your enmity was with me.. then why …why you brought her in between..
He again punched him.. his rage was at it’s highest peak..
Ashutosh looked at sanskar… he chuckled
Ashutosh: so… she told you what happened with her.. by d way I must say..her body is beautiful.. it was a pleasure to rape her… and also to see her being raped by others…

Before he could complete his sentence sanskar punched him on his face… he took out his gun and was about to shoot him when he was held by someone.. it was laksh
Laksh: no sanskar…

Sanskar: leave me Bhai.. he ..this bustard.. u didn’t listen what he say…
Laksh took the gun from sanskar´s hand…
Laksh: Don’t take law in your hands.. and about him.. he ll meet the same fate what other criminals have…

Swara being discharged..

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