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Hello all!!! And sorry for late update. Its because my brothers marriage is fixed i was busy with preprations and stuff……so here it goes
Raglak at station
Ragini- am so sorry lucky…..all because of me….even u had to get down from the train
Laksh- its ok ragini…..ur my friend. So i helped u.
Ragini- well lets go and look for a place to stay now. Its so late now that too. Where do we go?
Laksh- see ,there is a small house there. We shall ask them if any 5 star hotel is there nearby….
Ragini- huh? Keep dreaming. Do u even have money to stay in a 3 star. Laksh realizes he has very little money and so he says ok but lets ask them first. Laksh thinks who is she to me? Its not even been a day since i met her. And i jumped off a train just for her. Why??? My heart asked me not to leave her. And moreover this lucky has no mood to flirt with her but why?? Is it what they call crush and love at first sight… Well lets see.
At the hut

Ragini knocks the door and a man opens it. He looks lustfully at rags. Rags does not get to know it. She says- bhaiya hum aaj raat yahan par rukh sakte hai kya?
The man- yes u can. There is place for u in my hut. Ragini finds it awkward and says even my friend will stay. Lucky comes and says uff ragini u made me walk so long. He sees the man eyeing ragini at her neck…..he says ragini we ll go stay at some other place not here lets go. Ragini says no lucky we wont find any other place now. Lets stay here only some time. In the morning we will leave. Lucky disagress but rags remains stubborn. Finally they had to stay there. They go in. The man shows a single cot a nd asks ragini to sleep there and asks laksh to sleep in a corner. Laksh feels suspicious. He asks washroom.

The man tella him well in there outside. He can go and draw water and use washroom on the other side. Laksh goes. Ragini renoves her dupatta. She is about to sleep. The man comes wnd holds her. He misbehaves with her and tears her entire chudi. The sleeves get torn. Her inner in slightly seen. She immediately runs and screams lucky……. She shouts help…the man runs behind and says no one will hear u. Urine today. He moves forward. Soneone hits him on his head. She falls down. Its non other than our lucky. Ragini immediately gets up and runs to him she criea very badly and breaks down. Lucky sees her state with dress torn. She removes his jacket and wraps it around her. She feels comfy in his presence. She hugs him mote tight. Lucky takes her to the hut. They lock the door. The man is outside still unconsious. Ragini cries and says i should ve listened to u and not stayed here. Im sorry i din listen to u. Lucky says a bit angrily u think ur right always see this is why i said we will go somewhere else. Now sleep. We have to leave tmrw. They both go to sleep.

Swasan at flat. Sujatha has come to stay there. Swara is getting pampered a lot. She likes the feeling. Sanskar comes and says i hav a surprise for u and moves aside. Swara sees meera and aryan there. They see swara and all have a group hug. Meera says swara family planning and all…..huh??? Swara shies and says ya…but my mil and hubby support me a lot so no problem ok. But u take care ur mil is quiet strict and looks at aryan teasingly. Meera says i know ok. Swara says haa now u have come have lunch. I will prepare. Meera says no swara i already had lunch and moreover i dont wanna die soon. She looks at sanskar and says dunno how he ate. Sanskar and all laugh at swara. Sanskar laughs and says who said she made food first of all. I made it. They laugh again. They leave. Sanskar comes inside room as swara had angrily gone to room. She is sulking there. Sanskar comes in and says im sorry swara for teasing u. But he again laughs which makes swara angry. Swara turns and says oh yea i make really bad food no.

She starts throwing oillows at him. They run around. Suju comes in and says hey ram. Stop running. U are pregnant. Be careful. Swara suddenly stops and says oh yea mil i shd be careful. She slowly walks and sits on the bed. Suju leaves. Sanskar comes near swara belly. She has a small tummy now. Sanskar holds it and says i cant wait to see u my baby. I just cant. He sees swara and says drink milk swara with kesar that too. I want my princess to be fair and pretty. Swara says princess??? U want a girl? I want a boy but. Sanskar says no girl only. Swara says ok baba i will only tell which kid it is by seeing next month ultrasound. If i win u should give me what i ask ok?? Sanskar says ok.

But now i want something. Swara says what?? Sanskar moves closer to her lips. He touches it softly and then they have a deeo liplock. She hears suju calling and stops. Swara shies and goes out. Sanskar smiles to himself and thinks how he fell in love with her….

Precap- raglak reach bangalore. Lucky faals for rags. Swara has complications and sanskar worries.

Guys i have decided that swara will have a baby but it will die. Sanskar will love swara more. He will console her. And then arjun entry in later episodes……is this track fine?? Pls comment guys…..love u all

Credit to: Shreya

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