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Raglak decide to stay at a nearby hut. Laksh complains about it. He insists on going to a hotel while ragini argues if he has money for that……laksh keeps quiet. They go and knock the door. A guy opens the door.

The guy- what do u want at this hour?? His expressions change seeing ragini. He eyes her lustfully. Ragini does not observe it. She says- we want to stay here for the night could we please??? Laksh observes the man and smells liquor. He says ragini we need not stay here. Lets go find another place. Ragini insists. Laksh says ok fine im not staying then u could stay. He leaves while ragini goes in. She thinks….that guy overacts. What does he think of himself that im dependent on him. I can become a singer even without his help. The man in the hut comes in and slowly pulls ragini dupatta. Ragini did nt come to know of it as she was immersed in thoughts. She then turns and sees that the guy was about to unzip her dress. She shouts. She runs out. The guy tears her dress running behind her. Ragini screams. The guy hold her hard. He drags her to the hut. She gets hurt. Her bangles break. She shouts.

On the other side lucky walks and thinks that girl. . I helped her do much and she does not even care to listen to me. But why should i even care for her. But my heart says she is in trouble. That guy there was drunk and he could do anything to her. He then says omg lucky u left her there alone and he runs back. He runs really fast. He goes and opens the door. He sees that ragini was hurt and that man was harrasing her. He took a rod and hit him. The man fell down unconsious. Ragini slowly gets up. She runs to lucky and hugs him. She says u were right pls dont leave me. Im scared. Laksh realizes her state and sees her dresses torn. He turns the other side and tells her to change her dress and come. Ragini falls unconsious. Laksh sees this and says oh what now??!

Ragini gets up and sees laksh sleeping next to her. She sees that she was wearing an other dress not the one she had worn yesterday. She says to herself what happened yesterday?? She remembers everything and gets into trauma she starts shouting. Laksh gets up and calns her down. Laksh was only in his vest. Ragini saw him and said did u change my dress yesterday??? Laksh shyly says yes i did….. Ragini again starts crying saying what a person are u. I thought u saved me but u did the same to me. Laksh says yea dear what shall i do u were so tempting. Ragini starts crying vigoursly and shouts at him how dare u take my virginity. U…..i will go to police…..wait i will put u behind bars. A lady suddenly comes in asks are u fine ma?? Yesterday u were really in a bad state. Ragini says who are u and yes im still in a bad state and cries. The lady says dont cry u have such a good husband. Yesterday he brought me to u and i only changed ur dress. See being ur husband he did not take advantage of u. Such a nice man. The lady leaves. Laksh says dont think all guys are same. Abd smirks. Ragini realizes her mistake and says sorry……..she catches her ear and says im really sorry. They get ready and go to catch the train. Both tgink in their mind…..why do i feel so special when she/ he is around. Am i in love. No i cant . How can it be. We just met a day ago. The train comes and they leave.

Precap- swasan…….fully
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Credit to: Shreya

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