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Hello guys i know that many people want swara to have a baby but im sorry having kid at such young age seems odd and i have not yet confirmed wether swara will have baby or not. So i want u guys to comment on this and vote pls. Wether she should have a kid or not and btw this episode is totally of raglak. It happens after ragini runs away. She reaches railway station. There she buys a train ticket to banglore and sits in the train. A guy comes whining in.
The guy- ohhhh what the f*** laksh maheshwari and travlling in train. All because of myself. I did to myself. I made myself come to this stage. He reminices the scene
Dp- lakshya from tomorrow u have to come to office ok! Learn sonething from adarsh. And ya if u touch that guitar again and say i will do a concert and all that guitar will be in pieces.
Laksh- but dad…. This is my passion how can i leave it?
Dp- u have to decide wether u ll leave this house or leave ur passion
Laksh- fine then i am leaving this house

Ap- laksh what r u saying
Laksh- u pls b quiet ma….i have to live my life. Already because of him one person in this house has lost his soul and is living like a dead person. He look towards sanskars pic. I dont wanna be like that. U decide ma….u want ur son to be a robot or a human…. Ap bends her head down. Lakshya takes his bags and his guitar and leaves. He says i will come back as successful person ma and i will do what this man says i cant. He leaves.
Laksh- huh but i should show that man. Heard there are lots of concert oppirtunities in bangalore. I will check.

He comes and sits opposite ragini. He sees ragini sitting teary eyed. He says hey miss beautiful. Ragini looks at him and keeps quiet.
Laksh- hmmm did u run away from ur wedding that ur looking so dull and scared.
Ragini becomes shocked and says how come u know. Did my parents send u here. Pls go away. I dont wanna marry. Laksh is surprised and says no no even i came away fom home. I just joked seeing u with mehendi and all. I hav not come to take u and all. Ragini looks relieved and smiles. Laksh says may i know ur name. Ragini says first tell me about urself. Howcan i trust u??laksh somewhat makes a face and says the story. Ragini says me too same. I want to be a singer. But my daadi fixed my marriage against my wishes. So i ran away……laksh says myself lucky….well it ll be my concert name in future im telling now only. Ragini tells myself ray….same my concert name tooo.

Laksh says it would not be a bad idea if we searched and did concerts together is nt it?? Well u can sing and me guitar. Ragini says i need to think about it and we met just now. How do expect me to trust u. Laksh says ok ur wish u can tell me ur desision before we reach bangalore. My friend srays there. He plays drums. We need a singer too for our band. So i asked u. Ragini says ok i will tell u later. She thinks how to trust him. I just met him now but heart says he is trustworthy. Ok whats wrong in trying. I will go with him. She says ok i will come and join ur band. Laksh says yipee we got a singer then… Ragini says im hungry. I will buy something before train leaves station. She gets down. While she goes to buy something…. Train starts leaving. She fails to see this. Laksh shouts for her but she cant hear a thing. She is drinking water. Laksh jumos down with his bag and her bag and his guitar. Ragini turns and sees the train gone…. She shouts shit **** what will i do now. And my bag!! Someone tapped her shoulder. She sees laksh with his and her belongings. She immediately hugs him and says thank you so much. She cries and says dont know what i would have done without my bags and stuff. Thank god u were there. Lucky sees this and reciorocates the hug. He says ok fine. What do we do now. Because of u even i had to get down. Ragini says we have a train tmrw morning until then we will stay somewhere

precap- raglak stay at some hut. Swasan…..masti and comedy……

Guys pls comment how is raglak…

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. No she shd nt have da baby let her complete her mbbs she & sanky will come more.close by then will.understand each other she’ll be 2 yung to be a mom & it ‘ll become boringg

  2. She have a baby but after reaching her goal..it will be good for baby too…because having baby in college life may be embarssing for her

  3. Sorry its,She should have

  4. Personally I think child at this age is not sound gud.

  5. interesting

  6. nice but swasan shud have the baby…

  7. Swara must have d baby plzzz and yaa d episode is nice

  8. Awesome want more of raglak

  9. Next update soon very niceplz swasan scenes nd plz no miscariage plz swara should complete her pragnency but with some difficulty plz plz plz

  10. I think u r right she is too young for a baby..

  11. Listen child at young age is not good.but if she is 4month pregnent she should not go for abortion.it will be illegal and dangerious for both mother and child.so she should have that baby.but it depends on how u give the twist.but just unite swasan and dont separate them

  12. Hey i personally feel she should not have baby now. Going around college will be embarrassing. Plus the college will not permit. Since she is medical student they would will be near deadbody or around chemical which is actually harmful kindda thing. I know this as mom had to stop her education (m.phl) for one year for me being born well she was 25yrs then.

  13. She should have the baby please no abortion

  14. Omg it is awesome…….no abortion…….she should have baby

  15. Tara princess

    have a baby it is good changing for the story please do that

  16. No she shudnt hv the baby.swasan shud spend time with each other

  17. Wowww awesome dr lucky boy

  18. Plz baby will get them closer..so I want baby..medical students too do marriage n have babies at a young age

  19. raglak part is awesome waiting for more raglak scenes

  20. According to my view she shld mot have baby bcoz r8 mow she is too young nd not mature enough to handle baby nd studies at a time ..nd also it doesn’t look good on cllge….let swasan’s bond bcome more strong then baby…r8 now I think miscarraige shld happen……

  21. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Pls don’t do that no miscarriage or abortion

  22. I think in this age she should not have a baby now

  23. Awesome no baby its too early for swara

  24. plzz she shud hav d baby

  25. super dear I love yarr

  26. Dear plz post swasan part today..n plz baby

  27. plz she should have baby …..

  28. Let her not hav bby coz i wnt swasan to grow more close n let be a doctor, sanky n swara scenes first, thn bby n all dat

  29. No she shouldn’t have the baby yaar bcuzz she is very young yaar and also she is a student yaar

  30. Raglak meet was cute . .

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