Swasan…d best epi 7


Hello guys ty for ur support. I know there were lot of mistakes n epi 6. It was because i typed on my phone. I ll nake sure its fine in this episode.
So………here it goes…..
Swasan at hospital. Swara says maa……yesi want to talk to ma. She calls sumi and says everything. Suni understands her pain and tries consoling her. Meanwhile dadi hears all this from outside and thinks haaa ab timhari zindagi barbaad karoongi mein bangaln. She immediately calls mm. Sujatha picks the phone.
Dadi- sujatha ji khush khabti hai aokeliye.

Suju- ji boliye. Kya hua. Kayi apki ragini toh nai milgayi(sarcastically)
Dadi gets bid angry and says na na ji ap toh dadi bangay yahi aapki khush khabri hai.
Suju- kya…..sachmein. she tries to hide her happiness from dadi and says theek hai batanekeliye shukriya. Waise woh kmdono kaha hai.
Dadi – woh toh city haspatal mein hai.
Suju- dhanyavad. And keeps the phone. She starts junping with joy. Ap comes and asks kya gua suju itni khush horaiho. Suju says didi we became dadi. Ao thinks for a while and says accha pari maa bangayi. Suju says bo jiji sanskar aur swara ka baccha hai. Ap gets little shocked because ahe knows what happened. She thinks may be they moved on and becomes happy. Suju says jiji lets go come.

Meanwhile sumi says to swara on phone beta reports abhi tak nai aayi hai. It will be negative u see. Swara cuts the call as she sees suju and ap. Sujatha comes and hugs them. She says mujhe itni badi khusi dene keliye thank you. Swara is amused and sees sankar as if asking how come they know. Suju says u should have called me. What was the need of informing ur dadi first. I ll tell u she will always have a bad eye on u. She takes a black thread and ties it to swara. The reports come. Swara opens them. It is positive. She gives it to sanskar. Sanskar sees them. He thinks happily he is going to be father but remembers swara and says no i should support her. He takes swara aside. Ap can here them but not suju. Swara says sanskar want my life my dream fulfilled before all this please. Sanskar says i know swara its all fault. We cant have this child. I mean we dont even hav a relation. All this is my carelessness..u can undergo abortion. Swara is still sad and says yes but being a doctor how can i kill a life growing in me. Sanskar says i leave it to u now swara if u want the baby i am very happy as i will be a father. If u dont want it also i will be happy with ur desicion. Swara with a heavy heart says ok i will undergo abortion. Sanskar has teary eyes he hold her shoulders and says i will get the forms and formalities done. They go to suju and ap. Ap has a shocked expression while suju keeps smiling. Swara is wondering why ap is like that. Sanskar comes and says maa swara and i have decided that we will abort the kid. We dont want baby now. Suju is shocked. She looks at both of them she says but sanskar y not ready see ur age beta ur 28 now.

Sanskar says i know mom but we are not ready. Sujatha understands its because of swara studies and her dreams. She calls swara aside. She says beta i know u r worried for ur future. Ur life and ur dreams. Dont worry. I want my son happy. Even he should have kids of his own no. Je is already old enough now. Pls understans and say no for abortion. I promise i will take care of ur kid. I will come and stay with u. Pls beta. Swara in her mind thinks i know sanskar is not happy. Even he wants to be a father. She keeps her hand on her tummy and says baby i love u a lot. It was wrong of ur mumma to think this way. U will also want to live right. Even u have a right to live. I promise i will get u into this world. She goes to asanskar and says i want this baby. Sanskar asks are u sure swara. Swara says when u all are there y should i worry. Maa will take care of the baby and i will study. So no worries. Sanskar get happy abd says im hapoy as long as u are.

Ap and suju says i will pack my bags and come to ur flat. U both do check up and come ok. Ao and suju leave. Sanskar says are u happy swara. I only want ur happiness. Swara says yes I am. I also want u to Be a father. After all u have helped me so much. Sanskar says now lets go for check up. Doctor says take care since u are very young ur body can’t take much stress. And ya don’t walk a lot. Swara and sanskar take prescription and leave. Sanskar says u think I should confess my feelings for swara. All these days I thought its only friendship but now I realize that she is my wife and she deserves only live from my side. He takes swara to a restaurant. swara says y here. Sanskae says come in u will kno . While entering they here violin music playing. Swara turns and finds out some men are playing it only for them. They come behind them all that way till their table. Sanskar says swara what do u wanna have. Swara says I don’t want anything. U say why u got me here. Sanskar says OK I will come to the point.

Swara thinks will he propose looks so. Its soon good all arrangements. All the while I thought its friendship but no its more than that. Im so lucky to have such a husband. He takes care of me more than my parents and I will accept if he proposes. Sanskar says swara I….I…think I….will have ice creams.swara says what!!! I should be gmhaving cravings not u. Sanskar says in mind oh shit I’m so nervous. No sanky comn u can do it. He says very fastly….I love u… Swara….heari g this swara gets up and says what even u feel the same. I love u too. Omg I’m so happy.she starts jumping with joy. Sanskar gets up and says swara calm down. U have a life in u. Swara says ohhh yea yea I should be careful. Saying this she sits down…..

Precap- will surely introduce raglak guys. Swara being pampered.

I’m so happy by seeing the comments. Love u all. Now u gotta decide if she will have a miscarriage or she will have her baby. Pls gimme raglak ideas. Love u guys…..

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. plz dont miscarriage…she want to give a baby…awesome episode today…soooon nice

  2. miscarriage and sanskar take care for swara

  3. Baby…?

  4. Yr I m confused over baby or not because at point I think she should have baby but at secnd point I think she should have miscarriage nd should have baby after swasan realize their love for each other

    Nd plz don’t add raglak let it be only swasan

  5. She should have a baby or else evn if not then swasan should get closer 🙂

  6. now i dont want miscarriage..i wanted in last epi bt now not in this..can i have a favour from u?? plz post 1 more epi 2day..or tommorow post 2 epi..plzz..i love ue ff so much

  7. According to my view do micarriage bcoz swara bcoming mom in fis small age ohhhh o can not see dat…n yaa I am not opposing anyone.

  8. Plzz keep d baby safe and let swasan b together and an awesome episode

  9. Miscarriage she is so young yr

  10. Dot want miscarriage .Awesome

  11. Let her have the baby. They’ve confessed their love already and the baby will also be a reminder of their hate turned love story. Its so cool growing with ur kids too

  12. Awesome epi but plzz don’t miscarriage yaar

  13. Nice episode …..I’m waiting for next part…

  14. Please don’t do miscrriage..it should be like during delivery of swara there will be some complications and doctor ask sanskaar to choose between swara and the baby ..and he will surely choose baby…and he cries a lot ..but at last both swara and child both are saved …:)

  15. Plz dont keep raglak track yr..bt decision is urs..its just my suggestion

  16. Nice story

  17. swara having kids at such young age,…………!! its not nice. moreover she is studying

  18. super dear I love yarrr

  19. I think u can decide much better of ur own as it’s ur ff but I will eagerly waiting for such an amazing episodes

  20. Tara princess

    wait for next part friend so super I like it so much

  21. Misscarage bt no one shud be against of dat
    Coz i want sme more swsan scenes 😉

  22. waiting for next part Yarr plz update soon

  23. Baby …. Swara should continue her studies also … Sujatha can look after baby…

  24. samanvitha murty

    i think miscarriage should happen and sanskaar taking care of her and feeling sad that he couldnot oppose her decision of keeping the pregnency becozzzzzz he knew that she kept the pregnency for his sake to see him happy

  25. samanvitha murty

    plzzzz update another ff today if possible i am enjoying ur ff very much

  26. Pls no miscarriage!! Just show some complications during delivery.. Ur story is good ya..

  27. Nooo plzzz dnt miscarriage there should be a baby

  28. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Pls don’t do miscarriage .. Is a babay between them, is this decrease their love, I don’t think so..Carrying a baby on studies….there are many doctors who get married on their studies..and got pregnant , I know one if my friends sister case..
    Plz don’t do that miscarriage.. If their love blossom with rhir baby its would be a different story.. Plz add stages of pregnancy..baby hitting wid his leg..baby’s first sonograghy,.. Sanskar pamparing towards swara..make her realize his love..

  29. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Loved ur Ff..plz don’t do that miscarriage plzzz..Let her enjoy her motherhood.
    About raglak..in my opinion ragini should realize her mistake.. Bz he spoiled her family respect. Bz of her swara forcefully married to sanskar..and she got pregnant in her younger age , she should realize her mistake..

  30. Yr plz don’t do miscarriage but some complications

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