Swasan…d best epi 5

Thanks for ur comments. Im glad pls gimme more comments.. So lets start off.
Next day swara gets ready for her college. She sees that breakfast is already ready and kept for her. She sees a letter and a number on it. Its sanskars- call me if u need anything(guys its the rab ne bana di jidi scene) and then she eats breakfast and about to leave when sanskar comes in. Swara says u? Sanskar says ya me i had left my phone at home. Swara says ok and ya thanks for breakfast. Sanskar says no sorry and no thankyou in friendship. U only said we could be friends. Swara says so u heard me yeaterday?? Sanskar nods and leaves but turns back and says shall i drop u. Swara thinks but sanskar says as a friend. Swara says ok……

At swaras college-
Swara has many friends at college. She is not a nerd or geek though she always sits with books. Swara sees ganesh murthy in the car and touches it. There is sindoor on it. She takes it and fills her maang. He has her mangalsutra too. She gets down. All her friends come there and hug her. They say what swara why did not u come yesterday. We missed u a lot. Sanskars car is still there. Swara has a four people gang. Meera arjun aryan and herself. All of them come and have a group hug. Sanskar is still there. Swara says hello guys i was not well so i did nt come. Aryan says but u should hav called. We missed u so much. Hey by the way how was ur sisters wedding. Hearing this swara becomes teary eyed. Then meera says hey what the hell swara wait dis u get married? Dont tell me swara u really got married? I was wondering whts this sindoor mangalsootra and this marwadi suit. Swara says ya i got married. This is my husband sanskar. Sanskar they are my friends she says to sanskar without looking at him. All his friends see him. They wave hi and sanskar does the same. Her friends see him and swara still expecting an answer. Swara says bye sanskar ji. She tells lets go inside guys i will tell everything. Sanskar says what time does college leave?

Swara says at 3.
Sanskar leaves without a word. Swara tella everthing to her friends. Arjun leaves without a word. Meera says swara he is handsome and cute and hot but 8 yrs age difference is too much. Y did nt u object. Swara says i could not do anything. Now im married and thats it. U cant do anything now. So i should just be happy cause he supports me. Swara says where is arjun?? I need to talk to him.
Guys swara is arjun secret crush and evn swara knew this. They were also in relationship. Arjun just could not digest the fact that swara got married. So he just went away. Swara comes to arjun. She keeps her hand on his shoulder and says arjun. Arjun turns and hugs her and cries. Even swara cries. Arjun says what is this baby. All this happened and u did not say me one word. Im sorry arjun. From now on im swara sanskar maheshwari not arjuns baby. Im sorry for having given u hopes of being ur girlfriend and all. This was all a forced one. So pls forget that i was urs once. We hav to move on and im gonna b ur friend ok…..

In class the news of swaras marriage spread. She was being teased all over and cried a lot. Meera and aryan supoorted her. Arjun suddenly disappeared. Swara thought he would come soon.

After clg
Sanskar came to Pick her. Some guys said- hey guys see our clg toppers hubby has come to pick her up. Or should we say our uncle has come. Look at him yaar. Sanskar had come in benz. Another guy said- hey looks like uncles rich. Lets see. Sanskar got pissed off and came out. All were shocked seeing him. He was dashing and smooching hot. Girls were like omg!!!!!!

Swara came there and said lets leave sanskar ji. Some guys were still teasing her. They said ohhhh swara says ji and all. What do u call her uncle swara ji swara baccho hahaha…
Sanskar said shut up loudly and all were quiet. He said with attitude baby cmon lets go. Swara who was teary eyed became somewhat damn happy and remembered arjun. She just like a reflex said ok dear lets go and got in. She saw meera and aryan standing and said baby if u dont mind shall we drop my friends. Sanskar said anything for u baby. He then saw everyones shocked facea and got in. Even meera and arjun got in……….

Precap- swara and sanskar patch up…..they become friends and swara new look. Sanskar and swara have fun. Sanskar reveals swara that he too was amedical student and helps her in studies…….

Guys howz d episode i just typed something that came to mind. Im planning to make arhun as villian after sasan fall in love and pls suggest characters for arjun aryan and meera. The girls and guys reaction after seeing sanska was my own reaction guys.pla gimme raglak ideas because im out of ideas.and ya pls tell me if its not nice i will stoo writing. Comment ls comment

Credit to: Shreya


  1. Shanaya

    It’s tooooooooo good and whatever u will do to produce ur story will be AWESOME eagerly waiting for next part

  2. Lucky

    Hi really nice story.. Arjun rolr suit for Chirag from MATSH.. But a big request in any circumstance pls don’t separate swasan.. And u can write this story just for swasan i mean just using raglak as supporting role.. Sorry if i said anythin wrong..

  3. nice yrr a d pls make a scene where sanskar listens swara and arjun conservation where arjun acts like madly that swara u are only mine .its okkif u have ur own ideas

  4. Lucky

    And one more request shreya pls make swasan support and trust each other also plzzz.. I know i am asking to much from first part so sorry

  5. Ur ff was gud just my thought I dnt want tat uncle calling just make it someothr way teasing sry if I hurted I can’t imagine sanskar to b called uncle eventhough in reality varun and helly had 9 yrs gap they were awesome love swasan and loved it ff eager to knw nxt update soon

  6. Sasha

    Yay awesome epi. Plz no negative chatacters fr a while atleast. Thanks fr making it longer. Loved every bit of it.updt soon.swasan rock!!!!!!

  7. vb

    It’s super. Especially the last part didn’t expect it.anyways one request pls don’t make arjun villian pls.

  8. Meghs

    Superb 8 ur age gap between swasan omg…
    I like sanskar part today n ya arjun maybe villian dont make swasan seperate…
    Swasan should trust each other …. Trust is important in every relation..

  9. meesha

    suyash rai as arjun

    sanjeeda sheik meera
    Karan tracker as Aryan
    after swasan fall for each other plzz make sanskar aware of swara being arju’s crush so that he would b more protective
    just a suggestion if u like

  10. tara

    wow..awesome…gr8 job shreya…!!
    and abt the char i think meera can be kaanchi singh (avni in aur pyaar ho gaya),,aryan can be miskant verma (raj in aur pyaar ho gaya opp avni)..and arjun can be harsad arora(zain in beintehaa)…its just suggestion..decision is urs..and plzz star wid raglak..

  11. Rakshna

    Good to see u writng dis 1 shreya im ur classmate its superb yaar waiting….. for ur next update☺☺☺

  12. Nandini

    dear plzz plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz don’t stop writing…i just love ur ff…u should continue….u r fabulous…

  13. Aditi Singh

    for raglak it can be as rags left the house she will met him in foreign or any other state where lucky is n it will be love after hate means they will hate each other n then start loving each other…

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