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Last episode swasan and uttara went to the flat. Swara dozed off. She was looking like a baby. Sanskar eyed her with guilt in his eyes for whatever he did and had tears in his eyes. Uttara saw this and siad- bhai i know whatever happened with u is very wrong but what is swara mistake in it? She is very innocent bhai. She does not know anything except studies. She got married at a younf age. U think bhai. We both are same age. Will u people marry me off at this age? U only think and answer me bhai. Its for our family respect she married u. Try to understand her please.
Someone comes near swara. Its pitch dark. She is shouting. He does not leave her. She screams and gets up. It was all a dream. Swara remembers the night and cries. Sanskar comes in after hearing her scream. He sees her sweating badly. He asks swara what happened are u fine. Swara says pls go away sanskar ji. Sanskar understands her problem and goes away. He says swara let me talk for 10 minutes.pls swara i will clear all misunderstandings. Swara turns and says what misundetstanding ji that u r**ed me? Was that the misunderstanding? Sanskar says no swara i promise u i wont trouble u. I am very very sorry for yesterday.

When i get drunk i dont know what i do. This is my weakness. Everything is happening in my life like this i dont know what to do. So i drank. Pls forgive me. I promise i will take care of. I dont want u to be my wife. We can be friends. I will help in ur studies. Pls forgive me for my mistake. Swara says ok sankar ji i will think about it but dont get happy i want to go to my college everyday and i wont study correspondence as ur family said. I will do what i want and u cannot order me. One more thing we cant sleep together u will sleep on the couch. Sanskar says ok swara it will be however u want. I wont order u. Swara goes out glaring at him. She says in mind i know ur sorry sanskar but this is not a mistake which can be forgiven easily. I am sorry but i need some time. She cries and goes to kitchen. Uttara ia making food and says bhabi dont worry i will make food u take rest. Swara helps her and goes. She sees sanskar is not there but she does not care. She goes to take a shower. After coming out she sees huge boxes filled with books. She sees that her entire book shelf is here. She sees sanskar arranging the books and asks u got them? Sanskar nods and says i promised to supoort u in studies and i never break promises. Swara hesitated but then quickly says thanks and goes to the shelf and starts arranging her books. She also arranges the house and even sanskars clothes. Sankar sees this and says u go and study i will see a maid or do it myself. Swara remembers her dad saying the same and smiles unknowingly and goes to study. She sees her college timetable and her exams start from next week. She studies late night. Sanskar gets coffee for her.

She refuses and tries to make own coffee but she does nt know. So she silently takes the cup and leaves. Sanskar smiles at her and sits on the couch seeing her study. Swara thinks to forgive him she says sanskar ji i know u are doing all this for me. Thank you. We can be fiends now but not so close and all. We can just talk with each other. She turns to him but sees that he has fallen asleep. She smiles seeing him and puts blanket for him. She studies and goea to sleep on her books…….

Precap-guess guys……swara and sanskar patch up or fight again.

Guys raglak entry will be a funny track as swasan is a seious one i want sone humour too…..so pls comment and i want more and more comments please encourage me and thanks for making me realize that im a vood writer love u all

Credit to: Shreya

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  1. Awesome make it long yaar

  2. Pls patch up but like frds and then start to feel for other.. Frd to best frd then lover Like discussing abt their likes, dislikes, problems.. Its really nice

  3. Don’t make swara fall for sanskar so easily i mean take some time and show some love love triangle BTW swara sanskar and some other boy ..

  4. Yes i agree wid angel don’t make swara fall for sanskar ,and show some love triangle also btw swasan and another boy

  5. Patch up…..swara helping sanskar to overcome his darkness….

  6. Let them patch up as lucky said . But only as frnds … First they should understand each other n then fall in love but not so early … Let both be support for each other i mean helping each other …

  7. Ohhhh so sad for swasan

  8. Mmmmmmm……patch up and it’s really nice

  9. wow..sweet bonding…patch them up..bt i think lil fighting will be cool..it adds to the richness of a relationship..and start with raglak soon..

  10. Superb like swasan alot

  11. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Superb dr

  12. Let them patch up but no soon forgiveness.

  13. mind blowing episodes yaar but plz alittle longer

  14. Guys i want more comments please……..

  15. i don’t like ragini’s character.mtlb tejaswi is good but her ragini wala character is not good.

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